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Name Perry Groves
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Groves’ unbelievable work rate made him a cult hero among the Arsenal fans. The song ‘We All Live in a Perry Groves World’ is still sung to this day


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2017 08 01 Retrieve

[Perry Groves believes that Mesut Ozil will commit his future to the Gunners despite entering the final year of his contract at the Emirates] I wouldn’t sell either player. If Alexis wants £350k a week, then give it to him. I would keep them both until January and see where the club is then. If we’re challenging for the title, then risk keeping them. You don’t need to worry about Alexis’ attitude on pitch, he doesn’t know any other way than to fight. Arsene’s comments on players playing for new contracts is right in a way, as players will be thinking about making their respective national teams ahead of the World Cup next summer

I have a gut feeling Mesut is signing a new deal. He loves London, he likes being one of the main players and I don’t think he’ll be indulged as much at other clubs as he is at Arsenal. He needs to turn up in the big games more, like he did against Chelsea in the FA Cup final. When he’s on form, there is no more graceful player in the Premier League than Mesut Ozil

I think it comes down to what other clubs are looking for. Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Spurs probably don’t need Ozil as he doesn’t suit their style of play. It’s nothing to do with Ozil’s quality, it’s more to do with the other teams style of play. When Arsenal lose the ball, he doesn’t contribute as much as other players would. He’s not a luxury player if he’s providing assists, scoring goals and creating chances, especially in the big games. If you’re contributing and having an effect on the game, you’re not a luxury player. If you’re not, then you become a luxury player. Ozil has created more chances than any other player in Europe over the last five seasons, but he needs to up his consistency. I draw comparisons with Anders Limpar, he was the X-factor that could turn a game on its head and then had an off season

[when pressed on which of the duo he would retain] Alexis Sanchez. He works so hard that he’s not really a luxury player. The quality is very similar between the two players, but the difference is that when Alexis has a bad game, he’s still fighting and trying to win possession back. When Ozil has a bad game, he can disappear completely. Alexis’ enthusiasm rubs off on every player, he transcends your team and makes other players fight harder

2018 11 09 Retrieve

[Arsenal club hero Perry Groves calls for new Welbeck contract as ‘significant ankle injury’ is confirmed] Danny Welbeck has suffered a horrendous injury, it looks like a suspected broken ankle and he could be out for the rest of the season, plus his contract is up as well. So I think they should come out now and say you’re going to give him another year. It would just take all the uncertainly away and that would help his rehab on the mental side of it. He’s wealthy boy now, it’s nothing to do with that, but for his mental well-being. I think it would be magnificent gesture from my old club if they offered him a new contract

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Mikel Arteta has been warned by Arsenal cult hero Perry Groves that handing a contract extension to David Luiz will see him come under unnecessary pressure] He’s 33 now and keeps making the same mistakes. He can play one brilliant game in six where you think what a player he is, pinging it 60, 70 yards, getting in front of the centre-forward and nicking it. But then another three or four of those games, he’ll make a ricket or he won’t concentrate. If Arteta signs David Luiz, Arteta will come under pressure from Arsenal fans. They will lose faith in Arteta because it’s blatantly obvious that he [Luiz] is always going to cause you problems. Arteta wants to play a back four, he wants to play a high line, he wants to play a pressing game and David Luiz can’t do that

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Perry Groves says Matteo Guendouzi is not good enough to go around giving people stick] Guendouzi is playing in centre midfield, he hasn’t got the awareness to play that role – getting on the ball, getting on the half turn, bringing people into games. He’s about energy, he’s a dog chasing a tyre. His enthusiasm, that’s what he’s about. But I’ve heard a few things that haven’t been great about Guendouzi’s attitude, about having a bit of humility. You want your players to be confident and a little bit arrogant on the pitch, but he’s not good enough to go around giving people stick and giving people verbals. The team isn’t good enough. If Maupay has been getting it in his ear all game from Guendouzi and then scores the winner, he’s absolutely within his rights to go ‘really, what have you got to say now? For Guendouzi to then grab him around the throat, someone needs – whether it’s Arteta or a member of the coaching staff or senior players – to tell Guendouzi to wind his neck in and concentrate on playing