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Name Peter Crouch
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Stoke City FC
  Liverpool FC

2017 02 04 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch talks about bringing back his famous robot dance to celebrate his 100th Premier League goal] I was under a lot of pressure to pull that out, I don’t think I’ve actually done it in club football. It was a bit rusty but it was a nice feeling to score and bring it back for nostalgia purposes

2017 10 26 Tweet

[Peter Crouch reacts after England’s 3-1 win over Brazil in the FIFA U-17 World Cup semi-finals] Youngsters these days have no regard for tradition . We don’t get to Finals of world cups . How dare they #BRAvENG

2018 03 03 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch on Robert Prosinecki] Playing with him was amazing. He was a real character, but what a player. He didn’t really move very much, although he didn’t need to. I think I scored about 19 goals that season and he put pretty much every single one on a plate for me. He didn’t speak much, but you knew he understood far more than he was letting on. You could speak to him one-on-one and he’d answer in perfect English, but as soon as you told him to track back, he would reply: ‘I don’t understand’. He’d smoke before the game, at half-time in the showers, and after the game as well. Red Marlboros, too. The real heavy stuff

2018 09 08 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch reveals how an encounter with Roy Keane at a set of traffic lights made him sell his Aston Martin] I was playing for Liverpool and England, so I’m thinking, ‘I’ve arrived’, so the Megane can go for an Aston Martin. But I knew it wasn’t me. Getting in it was a struggle, and I never felt right in it. But I pulled up alongside Roy Keane, with a bit of speed garage playing, the sunglasses on, window down, arm out. Then I looked at Roy and he looked at me, and you’ve seen Roy look at people in that way. He looked at me, and it’s the smallest I’ve ever felt. It was a look of sheer disgust. I have to thank Roy, I don’t even know if he knew it was me or some idiot stopped at the lights, but after he took off and left me in his wake, I looked at myself in the mirror … and sold the car that week, and took a big hit on it. It wasn’t me

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch on Mauricio Pochettino] Pochettino is the best thing that has happened to Tottenham in 20 years. I say that as someone who was at the club in the late 1990s and, again, 10 years later when Harry Redknapp took charge: I’ve seen good and bad times first hand and I know what I’m seeing now. This is a blip, nothing more. I was at Leicester seven days ago and I didn’t see too much wrong with their performance. They should, really, have won that game and I will argue with anyone who thinks VAR was brought in to decide offside calls like the one which went against Son Heung-min. If Serge Aurier’s goal had stood, Tottenham would have gone into today’s game with Southampton in third place. As it stands, they are seventh. Not ideal, of course, but not any reason for people to believe the relationship between club and manager has run its course

Tottenham will finish in the top four again and I have absolutely no doubt about that. Pochettino might not be happy with certain aspects of his squad but not to the point that he has lost faith in them. If anything, it looks to me that he is frustrated that they are not getting the ‘glory’ they deserve. If they need some change to the personnel, they don’t need it in the dugout. Pochettino is one of the best managers in the world and has many admirers - the work he has done to make Tottenham Champions League regulars should not be taken for granted. He is the man to lead them through this gloom and, most importantly, the man to keep taking Tottenham forward

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch says Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah will be fuming despite his side easily coming out on top against Everton in the Merseyside derby] I think he will be fuming to be on the bench. He will want to be part of that team – he has aspirations for the Golden Boot, we know what he’s like. He has gone from a winger to a selfish striker. He won’t be sat on the bench enjoying that performance. He’ll have been sat there thinking he could have got two or three goals. If there’s one man who is probably walking away not so pleased, it’s probably him. I remember when England were playing Andorra and I was like ‘get me on that pitch’.

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch talks about Mohamed Salah’s omission from the Liverpool starting line-up in their Merseyside derby against Everton] I remember when England were playing Andorra and I was like ‘get me on that pitch’

2020 01 01 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch claims he felt degraded during his final season at Burnley, after being reduced to a head on a stick] I felt physically fit whereas a lot of players just can’t go any more. I felt like I could do another season fitness-wise. [But] I felt like I was becoming the stereotype I always tried to avoid. In the last 10-15 minutes, we are launching it up to me. I am flicking it on, nicking a goal here and there. I knew I could have done it for possibly two more seasons, but I felt degraded by it. I literally became a head on a stick. I felt I was a little better than that

[Crouch did, however, reserve praise for Dyche, with whom he has kept in regular contact with since hanging up his boots] [Dyche] has a tough exterior, but I’ve found him to be such a top man. I still speak to him now because I shared something with him. I was going through a tough time with the retirement and he was first class with me. I can’t thank him enough

[He has kept himself busy since calling time on his playing career] There’s definitely a problem - there isn’t enough help for players. I am fortunate. I had offers to go straight into TV. But even then, I had no training or anything. All of a sudden I’m sitting there and someone gave me an earpiece and an autocue. I didn’t have a clue what I was about to do. Nobody had ever put anything in my ear other than a cotton bud. I know some friends of mine [who have retired from professional football] got in a really, really dark place - waking up and not having any real goal, splitting up with their wives, not having a job, not having any real money coming in and going from a hero to basically a nobody. It happens like that. I can see why people lose it to drink and gambling because there’s no release. It can be difficult. I know how fortunate I am to have these things to keep me busy, otherwise, I’d be losing it as well

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch agress Liverpool can only be considered a great side if they keep winning trophies after trophies] They have to dominate, don’t they? They’ve won the Champions League, it’s the first title in 30 years this one. If they go on and dominate for a few years we can then talk about them being a great side, and they’re well on their way

2020 01 24b Retrieve

[Peter Crouch believes that Raul Jimenez would be a shrewd addition for Jose Mourinho in north London] If I’m one of those big teams I’d be coming in for someone like that. He’s an all-round centre-forward. He’s scoring goals, he’s making goals, his link-up play is good, he’s good in the air. I’m surprised he hasn’t been linked with some big, big moves because he’s been doing this for a couple of years now

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch says Jurgen Klopp’s decision to keep senior players and coaching staff away from an FA Cup fourth round replay with Shrewsbury is disrespectful] I had an audience with Jurgen Klopp before Christmas and know how much the nature of the fixture calendar has driven him to distraction.

So I can understand why he is so determined that none of Liverpool’s top players will feature in the FA Cup replay with Shrewsbury. If I was in his squad and he had promised me a week off, I can tell you right now that nothing would stop me jumping on a plane!

Players need to be looked after and Klopp is right to make a point of highlighting the problem of having replays scheduled during the winter break. The planners have made a mistake and they need to work together to correct it. But, at the same time, Klopp has unfortunately caused himself an unwanted distraction at the wrong time by saying that he will not be at Anfield for Shrewsbury’s visit. If I am honest, it is a little bit disrespectful to the League One team.

This might be the only time Sam Ricketts manages at Anfield. It could be the only occasion some of his players step out in the stadium. By all means, play a youthful team and allow Neil Critchley to do the coaching. It just would have been better for Klopp to be there too

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch says Mourinho has rediscovered mojo lost at Man Utd] I think that the Mourinho we are seeing now is back to his old self. I’m sure you have seen the clip of him howling with laughter one second then leaping out of his seat to remonstrate with the fourth official the next [in a 2-0 win over Manchester City]. That is Mourinho in a nutshell, all theatrics and combat. I know he is not to everyone’s taste, but I believe he has rediscovered his mojo.

When Mourinho was appointed, I wrote here about his unveiling press conference and how it looked like he had a glint in his eye. Things have not gone smoothly since he replaced Mauricio Pochettino, with injuries and transfer sagas, but it struck me in the City game that he was so full of life.

Think about the man you saw at Manchester United. When did he ever do something that was so off the cuff to get you talking? He looked weary at Old Trafford, almost from the start, but that did not stop him winning two of the club’s three trophies since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho wins things. There might still be some Tottenham fans who are uncomfortable cheering for him, so soon after the departure of the man who was universally adored, but what will those fans think if he gives them a big day out in May?

I’ve had enough of saying that Tottenham play great football, that they develop players and they are a team to be enjoyed. I want to see Tottenham win a trophy. I want the supporters to have lasting memories and there is no one better at providing an instant fix than Mourinho

2020 02 11 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch’s Euro Fest 2020] I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with the BBC and can’t quite believe this is happening. All I did was dance like a robot 13 years ago and now I’ve got my own actual TV show! I can’t wait for Euro 2020 and for football fever to grip the nation!

[What charity work does Peter Crouch do?] It really hit home, growing up so close. Mum drove past the next day and called me, she just could not believe it. You feel helpless, you want to do something. I was told about some dark things, firemen being so close but not being able to save people. The loss of life, the effect on families and the emergency services who responded, it’s devastating

Football has the power to help. We’ve got two legends as captains, Les Ferdinand and Alan Shearer. I can play because it’s during the international break - and I’m a washed-up international now. Going back to QPR as well, where it all began, will be special, so this means a lot to me

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch gives insight into what Wayne Rooney would do during downtime at the World Cup] Do you remember Gazza at Italia 90 when they were saying he was playing tennis the day before a game, sweating, playing five sets? Rooney in a way was a bit like that. It’s hard to keep him off the training pitch, he just wants to play. He just enjoys it, he loves it, he’s like a kid, but in a man’s body, with a world class talent, playing at a World Cup. He was always sort of jovial. He was great around the place, Rooney. I suppose there’s a perception of him, but he was the life and soul of our dressing room

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch says Man City won’t win Champions League with current defence] Manchester City are a wonderful team. I could happily sit and watch them play all day every day, and those feelings were reinforced on Wednesday. Winning in the Bernabeu was a magnificent achievement but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that this Real Madrid team are comparable with any of the giants that went before. However, it is still huge to beat them in their backyard - City are only the third English side to do it, remember. City gave the Premier League its best European result of the season in Madrid but they didn’t convince me that they are going to go all the way to the final in Istanbul

The reason is simple. They may have Kevin De Bruyne - who, I believe will go on to surpass David Silva’s impact at City if he remains at the club for a few more years - and Sergio Aguero and Ederson, who is such a wonderful goalkeeper, but they do not have a defence to match

There comes a point in Europe when you win because of the goals you prevent rather than the goals you score and City are always susceptible to conceding. Watching the Madrid game made me wonder what would have happened had they, rather than Liverpool, signed Virgil van Dijk two years ago. They would have been so far ahead of the rest and I’m sure they would have conquered Europe by now. This, it must be stressed, is not a criticism of Laporte. He is terrific but he cannot do it all on his own. When he is not around, City look vulnerable and his absence, which Pep Guardiola has put down to hamstring damage, will be felt over the next month. Guardiola must hope that does not prove to be the case, particularly when Madrid arrive for the second leg in the middle of March. Keeping clean sheets in knockout games has been an issue since Guardiola has been at the club

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah reaches goals landmark] Salah has scored 70 goals in 100 games for @LFC. That’s more than Suarez, Torres, Fowler, Owen and Crouch after 100. Impressive

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch has had podcast listeners guessing about the identity of a mystery teammate known only as Parched] There’s a couple of instances (where a player will constantly talk to a manager). There’s one player that will remain nameless – I’m not saying the club, when I say remain nameless they always try to get it out me – we decided to call him Parched.

When we were doing pre-season training it was intense, really intense, and after you’ve done your running or training everyone would go over for a drink, knackered, and drink loads of water. It was roasting hot, you’d done a load of work. We’d look over and Parched would be sitting with the coaching staff. He’s not had a drink. Every drinks break we’ve had he’d be around the manager, chatting to him about tactics or just getting him on side.

So the nickname Parched really suited him. Everyone knows it. I think Parched knows who Parched is. You could trust him. He was a great lad, a top man and the only real reason he got away with it was because he was a good lad and everyone liked him

[Jermaine Jenas and Jon Walters ruled themselves out and Crouch has previously confirmed it is not Joe Allen, James Milner, Glenn Whelan nor Steve Sidwell. He added this week] I’ve had voicemail after voicemail from people constantly asking me who Parched is and having a guess – and this is footballers included. There are a select few who know, probably three, four or five players – and the rest of the Premier League has just been all over it, it’s like Who Shot Phil? I just need to get it off my chest now

[Special guests making guesses included Sean Dyche, Pepe Reina, Lucy Benjamin – who shot Phil Mitchell in an EastEnders whodunnit – and Rio Ferdinand] Darren Fletcher is a strong shout and Rio has been in the dressing room with him at Old Trafford and thinks he has Parched-like tendencies. I completely get the guess … but it’s just not right

I know people in various dressing rooms and I’m at the age where I know various managers too. People talk in the Premier League – and 100 per cent, Parched is a marmite character. He’s happy with that. He would tell you straight, now, if he was here, he’d say, ‘You either love me or you don’t’

Jack Butland is Parched in the making. There’s potential

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Former England international Peter Crouch will never forget his meeting with Brazil legend Ronaldo] My ideal forward partner? My overwhelming choice would be the original Ronaldo. I’m not sure our styles would have matched each other, but 90 minutes with him would have made my life. I met him once, actually. I was on holiday in Ibiza and I saw him on the beach. He was busy getting through bottles of beer and had an ashtray balanced on his stomach. Every time he finished his drink, the supermodel who was with him brought him another. The chance to have a picture with him was too good to turn down, so I went over. I hoped he was going to say: ‘Oh, you’re Crouch!’ but he didn’t have a clue who I was. The picture was taken and off I went with him oblivious to the fact I was footballer

2020 04 04 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch says his children have made a special tool to respect social distancing during the coronavirus crisis] My kids have made a paddle to measure out two metres. They have stuck a mop and a brush together and then put a picture of my face on it. The motto is now: Stay a Crouch away

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Crouch admits he regrets leaving Liverpool] The one thing that niggles away at me is leaving Liverpool in 2008. Rafa Benitez was happy to let me go and I was only ever going to be a Plan B. One of the reasons I went to Portsmouth was because Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres were such a dynamic partnership but, 18 months later, when I saw Andriy Voronin and David Ngog getting opportunities, it made me wish I had stayed. You don’t leave a club like Liverpool easily

[When asked to rank the best goals he ever scored] It’s hard to pick one, so I will select three and in no particular order. The first would be the goal that completed my hat-trick for Liverpool against Arsenal in March 2007; the technique, the move that led to it and putting it away in front of The Kop was special. For emotion and an adrenaline rush, scoring against Manchester City to put Tottenham into the Champions League was incredible. If I think about it now, I can still see the away end going mental. Last but not least, I’ll pick my first goal for England, at Anfield, against Uruguay in March 2006

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch has admitted that he just wanted to hide during his first few months at Liverpool, after failing to find the net in 18 successive appearances] I went 18 games before scoring for Liverpool back in 2005 and I’ve been asked if I ever worried I’d never get a goal and if my team-mates were giving me stick. Frankly, it was the worst time in my football career. I remember my dad saying ‘you’re going to a massive club, European champions at the time, just get your first goal and your confidence and you’ll be fine’. I thought ‘yeah I’ll get in there, get one early, get the monkey off my back and then bang’. But it just wasn’t happening. In my defence, I felt like I was trying to do too much. But not too many clubs would have stuck by me. I went 18 games without scoring. Everywhere I went people knew, it was on the back of the papers. I think the total time without a goal had clocked up to 24 hours, and on the front page one of them had Jack Bauer from 24 mocked up with different pictures of my face looking in anguish, and I thought it just couldn’t get any worse. I stopped watching TV and just wanted to hide in my house. It was horrible. My dad had to keep dragging me out after games and have a few beers with me because I just didn’t want to leave the house. Then thankfully the first goal went in – which in truth probably wasn’t even my goal – against Wigan. It went about 40 yards in the air and the keeper Mike Pollitt inadvertently helped me out by trying to tip it over the bar but instead it went in. At that moment, the whole ground was shaking. It was an electric atmosphere at Anfield for that first goal. I got a load of stick. Loads and loads. But you know what, the Liverpool fans stuck with me and I’ll always remember that to this day.

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch would love to see the Kevin De Bruyne at Anfield but feels N’Golo Kante and Philippe Coutinho are more realistic targets] What a joy that would be! If Liverpool signed De Bruyne, they would win the Premier League, the Champions League and the Grand National next year. Maybe if we all throw £10 in, we will raise enough money to make it happen! The thing with Liverpool is that they really don’t need much. Michael Edwards, their sporting director who I knew from my time at Portsmouth, has overseen an incredible recruitment drive. Liverpool don’t just have good players - they have good characters too and the training ground is harmonious. They won’t stand still this summer and they will keep evolving. The front three is good enough to be left alone but maybe they need something in midfield. If it was me, maybe N’Golo Kante would fit right in. I’d even bring Philippe Coutinho back, so long as he knew he would be a squad player.

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Peter Crouch has criticised Arsenal for not tying star youngster Bakary Saka down to a new contract] I would be concerned (his contract). It’s happened time and time again at Arsenal – I don’t know who is in charge of contracts at Arsenal but he needs to be sorted

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah is a talent on a completely different level] It’s got to be a Liverpool player. I love Kevin De Bruyne, but how could someone from Liverpool not win it after the season they have had? Jordan Henderson would have an outstanding chance and if he ended up being chosen, I wouldn’t argue. I remember when he signed for Liverpool, it felt as if he was lucky to be there. But now, really, they are lucky to have him. He took over the captaincy from a legend, did things his own way and now has the trophies to go with it. But my pick would be Mohamed Salah. It might sound boring but I look at it this way - he has now outstripped Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, he scores in all the big games and he has been integral for Klopp. We shouldn’t be immune to his greatness. He is on a completely different level

There were some managers during my career who knew how to play the press. They would have a persona off camera that was nothing like the one they tried to portray in the media. But Jurgen looks to be the best manager you could play for - truthful and straight. I know Jamie Carragher once said Sir Alex Ferguson was worth 10-15 points a year to his Manchester United teams, but I couldn’t put a figure on what Klopp has given Liverpool. The best way to phrase it is that they have 86 points from a possible 93 and those numbers don’t flatter them