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Peter Krawietz
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Liverpool FC [Jurgen Klopp’s Assistant Coach]

2019 05 29 Retrieve

[Liverpool assistant coach Peter Krawietz has insisted that the spending power of rival Premier League teams means that the Reds’ hopes of winning the title remain ‘insanely ambitious’] Much more important [to Liverpool and the coaching staff] is always the entire work. We do not just focus on the championship, we want to initiate long-term development and improvement. Against this background, the championship is undoubtedly a goal and our maximum desire. We know, however, that Liverpool will probably not be the financially strongest force in England in the next few seasons. Therefore, this remains an insanely ambitious goal. We will keep trying. However, the fact that squad quality and depth are a major factor in this cannot be ignored.

Put it this way, it did not surprise me that this player against our player, in a duel, tries to act with all the means he can. Whether he wanted to [hurt Salah] or not, he has done his team a great favour

[Following the match in Barcelona, Klopp said it was one of his side’s best performances of the year] We played a really great game there and put Barcelona in a game situation that they neither expected nor are used to. As an away team, we dominated the ball possession and pressed them so hard that they had to resort to completely different means than usual in home games. It was almost inexplicable that we did not score with our good chances. With this feeling, we then went to the return leg. We always knew we could play a style that Barca does not like again. And we always knew that it can be a relatively fun evening when we combine our pressure with successful finishes in front of goal

[The winning strike that night came from Divock Origi, but was set-up by the quick thinking of Trent Alexander-Arnold , who picked out his Belgian team-mate from a corner before Barcelona players were in position to respond] We rehearsed that for weeks! No, that was actually due to Trent’s responsiveness. The fact is that we repeatedly address fast-paced set pieces, we consider different scenarios around a corner or free-kick and continuously practice them. But we encourage and demand variability from our players in every case. In this case, long-term training and constant repetitions resulted in a wonderfully spontaneous action

2019 10 08 Retrieve

[Peter Krawietz says Jurgen Klopp’s biggest challenge at Liverpool four years on from taking over as manager is to keep setting new standards] It’s always like this - teams who are successful will always be something like a role model. It’s an honour. And a challenge as well, because the standards are set and in order to improve you have to go on, you have to keep the level high and always look at the little details.

For example, this season there are new rules about goal-kicks. With this, we have to think anew about the details and that keeps it interesting. We’ll try to get better and keep the high level and standards. The game is developing; we try to be inventive. Our philosophy, our style of play won’t change too much but the details are always interesting. It never gets boring! With the energy and the fuel, you need to go on, try to proceed and try to stay successful

[Klopp has struck up a big affinity with Reds fans and the city of Liverpool during his reign, a factor Krawietz says is vital to their methods] We always felt something like an identity with the club we were working for. In Mainz, it was our hometown where we grew up - so obviously it was easy because it was natural. We found this in Dortmund pretty quickly. And it is, and was, the same here in Liverpool. The more you learn about this city, of course adapting a little bit, and learn how people think and what they expect … of course, it helps if you have a little bit of success!

Then people can see from the outside things are going forward. This is what we always wanted. We thought the things we want to invent take a bit of time - a long-term idea - and we’d come somewhere where we’d try to make an impact for the whole club, something that stays for longer even if you are not here anymore. Something which stays - not only trophies and a good time - and that it can go on. It worked in Mainz, it worked in Dortmund and I hope we are in a good way to do it as well in Liverpool

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Peter Krawietz has offered an insight into the recruitment process at Liverpool] If a coach gears his team to a certain style, he will certainly have to pay attention to a certain requirement profile. If, for example, he decides on a high level of attacking pressure, this requires a certain degree of organisation. This is defined by the compactness of your team. This means, firstly, that these defenders have to be tactically skilful and courageous and, secondly, that they have to have a certain amount of speed because they naturally give up space. So that would be a prerequisite for defenders, and others are the attitude and tenacity of the whole team

Basically, in the end, it should not be a question of condition. It should be: how organised am I? With how much willingness do I really want to carry out this approach over 90 minutes? This is also a question of your own assertiveness. Now it all comes down to this: how impressed is a team at the moment when this method doesn’t work? Large space for the opponent, he might get a big scoring chance. Are you now ready to press as a team, do you stay convinced and draw energy from the moments when your plan is working out? There is a high demand on concentration and stamina of the inner attitude, less on the stamina of physical strength