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Name Phil Jones
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Is Phil Jones really good or really bad?! Tipped to be England’s next great centre-back by Sir Alex Ferguson upon his arrival from Blackburn Rovers, after a tough few years Jones looked to be finally fulfilling his potential with some fine peformances in the first half of the season. All that has now been forgotten after a series of laughable displays, though a more reliable partner may help him in progressing further.


Club as Player Manchester United

2016 06 23 Retrieve

[on Nemanja Vidic of Manchester United] You learn off him every day in training, even if he doesn’t say anything, you just watch and learn. He’s been a huge influence on my career at United and has really helped me along the way. I owe him a lot and I am grateful for everything he’s done

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Phil Jones claims to have had no fear lining up against Cristiano Ronaldo] Yeah, it’s Ronaldo, and he’s such an iconic figure and he’s done so much for the sport, but you’re that young, you don’t care. You don’t care who he is and what he’s done. You just go out to win a game of football, no matter who you’re up against. That’s always how I’ve looked at football. I don’t care who I’m up against. We’re just human beings and it’s just a game of football

[A man with 27 England caps to his name added on a meeting with Real from eight years ago] It was a really big game for me. Playing against Madrid, in the Bernabeu. I played centre-midfield alongside Michael Carrick. There was a lot of hype about Ronaldo in that game, but we limited him to a few chances and we got a good 1-1 result at the Bernabeu, before we lost in the home leg. It was incredible: the stadium, the atmosphere. It was a mad game and one that flashes by at the time. You only really take note of it a few years down the line. I think I got back the day after and the next night I had a catch up with my mates and they’re saying ‘you played in the Bernabeu last night, against Ronaldo’. But when you’re that young, you just take it all in your stride and take it all for granted. It’s only when you look back and think ‘wow, what an occasion’

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Phil Jones has revealed that he snubbed advances from Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal in order to join Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in 2011] He was there for my first two years and he was the one who brought me from Blackburn – I’m forever grateful to him for doing that. I had offers from other clubs. I could have gone to a host of clubs: [Manchester] City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Everton. He was the last person I’d spoke to and I remember walking back out with my agent and saying: ‘I want to sign for Man Utd.’ That was it. We hadn’t even discussed any personal terms, but I knew that was the club I wanted to sign for

His understanding of every player [set him apart]. His understanding and level of communications with those players was the best I’ve ever been involved with. He understood everyone in terms of: ‘Do I need to give them a rest? Do I need to play him? Give him an arm around the shoulder? Do I need to go full hairdryer treatment? Do I need to give him some time off?’ He knew exactly how to handle every situation. For me, that’s what’s made him the best. People know he was a wonderful manager – he’s one of the greatest managers ever – but people don’t know what he was like away from the pitch with players’ families. It was very important.

2020 04 11b Retrieve

[Phil Jones says Man Utd great Rooney didn’t get recognition he deserves] He’s a sporting great, not just for Manchester United, but for football itself. I think his achievements were overshadowed and under-appreciated a bit. I don’t think he got the recognition he should have got considering he was England’s record goalscorer, all the goals he scored for United, and the trophies he won. He was unbelievable and when he was doing this for England and United people still questioned him. But I think now people really do appreciate what he did for United and football

I had a really good relationship with Wayne. When I first signed he helped me a lot and we became good friends. Now, if I’ve got something to speak about, he’s someone who I’d like to think I could pick up the phone and speak to. I’m sure he’s going to go into management as well. He’s a great guy and he’s just a normal, hard-working family guy