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Philipp Lahm
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
  Bayern Munich Captain
  Germany Captain
Desc Philipp Lahm was 11 years old when he joined Bayern Munich. He arrived at Säbener Strasse full of enthusiasm and with the diminutive attacking midfielder Mehmet Scholl as his hero. The only problem was that Lahm soon found himself playing at full-back


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  VfB Stuttgart [Loan]
  Bayern Munich


Mother Daniela Lahm

2010 06 05 Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm counter Franz Beckenbauer’s pessimistic about Germany’s chances of success at the World Cup] ur generation is now ready. I had a good feeling before the 2006 World Cup finals, but I have an even better feeling now

2014 05 26 Retrieve

[Arsenal need to find the right striker to get the best out of ‘devastating’ Ozil] Anybody who has played with Mesut will tell you how intelligent he is as a player. His vision is probably the best I have ever seen and that is why it is so important to have the right striker ahead of him.

He is a dream for strikers and you saw that with [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Karim] Benzema when he was at Madrid. If Arsenal can find the right striker who is fast and makes intelligent runs - then Mesut will be devastating next season.

2014 07 12 Retrieve

[Daniela Lahm talks about her son] Philipp Lahm was very calm and quiet as a boy. It was perhaps telling that he didn’t get any roles where he had to speak in school plays at his nursery. He was always a tree. Or the moon or the sun

2014 07 12b Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm talks about adaptation as full-back] I quickly realised that I couldn’t have Mehmet Scholl as my role model any more. So I changed it to Paolo Maldini instead

[When he turned down Barcelona in 2008 the most important thing to Lahm was not his salary but his standing in the Bayern hierarchy. Not long after declining the Catalans’ offer, against the advice of his adviser, he said] It could be that my personality had been underrated. For me it was important to know how Bayern see me. And there were times when I had the impression that my opinion wasn’t 100% appreciated all the time. Now, after several good discussions, I have the feeling of being an important part of the Bayern puzzle. And that was very important to me

[After the defeat against Croatia in the group stage of Euro 2008 he was asked whether he spoke at the team meeting following the game] Of course I said something. And when you get the feeling that you are listened to by the team you notice that you slowly grow into the role of a leader. And as luck would have it we improved

[He was asked whether a player grows into the role of the leader or if he suddenly decides he wants to be captain] Both. I came into the national team when I was 19 and I didn’t have the experience to be able to be part of the discussions then. Now I am still quite young but am quite an experienced footballer and when you always perform then you have to somehow look after your own interests as well. I am ambitious and I want to achieve things and I want to do that with the team. I want to contribute more

[Lahm is fiercely protective of his leadership style, batting away comparisons with the notion that a captain has to be a certain kind of Führungsspieler (leader), in the way that Ballack, Stefan Effenberg and even Roy Keane were. Outspoken players with big personalities] What is a Führungsspieler? I don’t like the term. For me there is not a clear definition of the term. Why was Stefan Effenberg a leader, because he was outspoken? Or because he had a certain presence on the pitch? When that’s the criteria, OK, then maybe I have a different definition of what a leader is. Was Effenberg a leader because he projected presence or because he had a presence? There is a difference. Today there aren’t any players that single-handedly lead their teams. Today you share this responsibility. Every single player has to take responsibility for what they do. Look at the Manchester United team that won the Champions League in 2008, they didn’t have a ‘leader’ like Roy Keane any more

2014 10 18 Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm on delivering a half-time chat, with Germany 5-0 up, en route to a 7-1 win over hosts Brazil in their FIFA World Cup™ semi-final] We talked about continuing to play properly and showing respect. Everybody in the team took that attitude for the second half. We didn’t want to showboat or take the mickey out of the opposition. If it ended in a bigger margin of victory, then that wasn’t all we wanted. We aimed to show respect to the opposition and the fans

2017 02 08 Retrieve

Football as a whole has changed. Look at the top teams and you see a lot of midfielders on the pitch. You don’t really have traditional full-backs any more. I have played as a right winger at times but this season (2015-16) I’ve also played more in the middle of midfield and right back. It depends on the tactics used against the different opponents

[Philipp Lahm talks about flexibility and creativity] I’ve always placed great value on tactics. Secondly, I was always smaller and more slightly built so I had to adapt my approach and I learnt a lot through that. Pep then added ideas that made it more fun and put me in midfield and that gave me a different perspective

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm announces that he will retire from football at the end of the season] I can continue with my leadership style, giving my best every day, in every training, until the end of the season. I can keep doing it this season, but not beyond

2017 04 01 Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm talks about his club’s dominant form in the Bundesliga] I don’t think Bayern Munich alone is responsible for how good we are doing. If we are 13 points clear after 25 games, it means that other well-positioned clubs like Schalke or Wolfsburg haven’t performed consistently well. Borussia Dortmund are an unbelievably talented team who could have made the Bundesliga title race a lot closer. Although you have to say the rest of the Bundesliga lacks quality

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[Philipp Lahm admitted to experiencing mixed feelings after his final match for Bayern Munich on Saturday] Mixed feelings. When you’re celebrating for the last time with the guys there. It’s emotional. What I’ve experienced with the fans, the team and my friends here was for the last time. Being on this pitch with the team and the coaches was my life. The club is like one great community. I will miss that. I have experienced so many wonderful moments with everyone here. My team-mates, the fans, everyone. All the best to everyone.

: 2019 07 08 Lucas Hernandez is taking Bayern great Philipp Lahm’s number 21 shirt and acknowledges the need for him to subsequently deliver

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Forget the World Cup: The Ballon d’Or is becoming football’s most coveted trophy] How about selecting the candidates for next year’s Ballon d’Or via Facebook? That would be a modern way of doing it. And the result would probably be the same!