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Name Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Gender Male
Ethnic Gabonese
Job Gabonese Footballer
  Arsenal FC Footballer


Org Gabon National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  Borussia Dortmund
  AS Monaco [Loan]
  LOSC Lille [Loan]
  Dijon FCO [Loan]
  AC Milan


Father Pierre-François Aubameyang
Brother Willy Aubameyang
  Catilina Aubameyang
Agent Yvan Le Mee [ex]

2016 12 03 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang challenges the fastest man in history Usain Bolt to a race] I’m waiting for you man. I hope to see you one day, and let’s do this challenge!

2017 06 04 Retrieve

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talks about his family] In the family, we have football in our blood. I was already conditioned by watching my father play. I remember at half-time in Le Havre, with my friends we made a ball out of paper and played our own game

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talks about his former mentor Christophe Galtier] When I arrived at Saint-Etienne, Christophe Galtier asked one thing of me: get my shots on target. He told me to hit the target come what may, because the ball can go in because of a bad bounce, for example. Since that day, I have kept in mind the idea of trying my luck, but getting it on target

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang adores all the trappings of a prima donna without being one] I have always dreamed of being famous, so I make the most of it. I’m often asked if it’s annoying to do so many photos and sign so many autographs. No, it’s not. I’ve always dreamed of that, so I’m not going to grumble! I put myself in the shoes of the other people. When I was little, I would have loved to have taken a photo with a star. So, today, I don’t count

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang talks about his unremarkable hometown of Laval] I feel at home, far from the noise in Dortmund. Once, I decided to spend my holidays somewhere other than Laval. I cracked. Impossible! Each time I leave Laval and its healthy environment, I really feel good, my body is rested. I go back to Dortmund full of energy

2017 09 23 Retrieve

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang tells that he’s relishing the prospect of challenging Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski to be the Bundesliga’s top goalscorer] The race is on. When Lewy moves ahead, I am used to catching him up. It’s enough for me to overtake him shortly before the season finishes

2018 03 24 Retrieve

[Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang speaks about why he chose to play for Gabon over France and Spain] I was very young when I decided. Players often take their time to consider their options and make the right choice, but for me the choice was clear. I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. He was captain of the national side in the past. I could well have chosen to play for Spain or France. I played for the French under-21 team, but I realised very quickly that in my heart I wanted to emulate my father