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Name Piers Morgan
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Broadcaster
Desc xxxx

2014 09 20 Retrieve

[Piers Morgan on an evening with the Rooneys] I had a great dinner with Wayne and Colleen in LA, with my wife. It was just the four of us and it was about two summers ago. Wayne’s absolutely hilarious and he likes a drink. So we had a few drinks and we had a few more drinks and we get to about 11:30pm, and he gets to go up to leave, and he trips backwards into a large Olive tree pot. And he’s lying, trapped in this pot, and Colleen just looked down and said, ‘For God’s sake Wayne, let’s get you home.’ So I assumed he was going home. But I woke up in the morning and checked my Twitter feed, and there was one from Colleen at 5am, from a nightclub in Hollywood, saying, ‘Having a great time with Wayne! (laughs). So they party those two!

2019 06 20 Tweet

[Jesse Lingard says he wants to PUNCH Piers Morgan] Mate @JesseLingard – you’re a 5ft 7in, 128lb stick insect with the muscle power of a neutered Poodle. So maybe cut the Mike Tyson chat, yeah?

2019 07 02 Tweet

[Alex Morgan sparks England outrage with tea-sipping celebration] It’s bordering on a declaration of war

2019 09 21 Tweet

[VAR slammed yet again as Tottenham see Aurier goal controversially ruled out] VAR once again proving to be a game wrecker not enhancer. But as it’s wrecking Tottenham’s afternoon, I’ll give it a pass today

2019 12 03 Tweet

[When Van Dijk poked fun at Ronaldo in Paris on Monday, stating that he didn’t realise the Juventus man was in the running to win because he was not at the awards ceremony] No. Cristiano is a far greater player. You’re not in his league

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Piers Morgan has slammed Mesut Ozil for refusing a 12.5 per cent pay cut] Shame on you Mesut Ozil, shame on you. Let me get this straight, some of the younger players, on far less money than you, are taking a 12.5% pay cut, a minuscule drop in the ocean for you and you don’t want to do it because you want ‘to see how the financial situation plays out’ whilst you’re sitting on your backside on your PlayStation every night, rather than playing football

Really? I’ve reserved my condemnation for football clubs who have been furloughing using taxpayers’ money when they have plenty themselves. Liverpool, Newcastle, Tottenham, they all got shamed into doing u-turns on this kind of thing.

The players, I felt, were getting a bad rap. This is why some of them deserve a bad rap. People like Mesut Ozil that have said ‘no. ‘No, sorry, I might be one of the highest-paid players at Arsenal, I may be one of the highest-paid players in the world. I might be worth gazillions and I might be sat on my backside doing nothing at the moment but no, I’m not going to take a pay cut

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[the Dutch football association announced they have abandoned their top flight, the Eredivisie, with no champion, no relegation and no promotion. TV presenter Morgan called on the Premier League to adopt the same approach, saying] This has always been the only fair way to resolve the season.

I honestly think it is. Every other solution I have seen is less fair than simply accepting the season cannot be finished & voiding it. Holland has realised that, but we’re still desperately trying to save a season that can’t be saved

I would think Liverpool fans are a lot more concerned about how many of them were infected with #Coronavirus during the Atletico Madrid game at Anfield on March 11, on the very same day the @WHO declared this a global pandemic…