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Prajak Kongkirati
Gender Male
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai Political Scientist
Desc Prajak Kongkirati is a political science lecturer at Bangkok’s Thammasat University


Teaching Thammasat University


Thammasat University Prajak Kongkirati is the head of the politics department at Thammasat University

2019 03 21 Retrieve

[Prayuth Chan-ocha became prime minister in a very Thai way: He led a military coup] He knows he can’t be a dictator like this forever. He wants to gain more legitimacy and that’s why he’s holding the elections. He wants to return as a prime minister under normal politics

2019 03 23 Retrieve

It will be unstable. Whatever party wins, Prayuth or Thaksin’s side, both governments will be weak and unstable. The government can collapse within a year or a year and a half and we might have a new election quite soon

2019 06 05 Retrieve

[After two coups in a decade, this year’s election was the military’s attempt to rid politics once and for all of the influence of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra] This coup is unlike previous coups when the military intervened, then stepped back. This time, they came in to reorganize things and stay for the long haul. So what they needed to do is to have elections and manipulate the results

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[A high level of money politics: pledges of spending on policies and other priorities championed by parties or individual lawmakers] Money politics will be more prevalent because it needs to make sure the coalition parties stick together. Every vote counts in this slim majority government

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Social media anger from Chinese nationalists over a Thai model’s coronavirus comments sparked a war of words on social media, uniting pro-democracy campaigners against pro-Beijing cyber-warriors] This is the first transnational geopolitical Twitter war Thais have engaged in. We see people questioning China’s actions and influence … The celebrity issue is the tip of the iceberg