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Prawit Wongsuwan
Spelling Gen Prawit Wongsuwan
  General Prawit Wongsuwan
  Prawit Wongsuwon
Gender Male
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai General
  Thai Deputy Prime Minister
  Thai Soldier
  Thai Minister of Defence
Desc xxxx


Political Party Palang Pracha Rath
Org Thai Royal Army


Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha


Corruption Public outrage over the expensive watches worn by Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan

2016 08 24 Retrieve

[The entertainment district hit by the car bomb is one of only a handful in the restive south, offering bars, a disco and prostitution. Prawit Wongsuwan said any negotiations with the rebels would be shelved until violence subsides] All violence must first stop before we can set the terms of reference for talks. They need to show their sincerity

[Double Tap Tactic: While the first blast at a nearby bar did not cause any injuries, a second 90-kilogram bomb was hidden inside a stolen hospital vehicle and detonated shortly after] I am sure that the incident in Pattani last night has nothing to do with the seven provinces attacks. All violence must first stop before we can set the terms of reference for talks. They need to show their sincerity

2019 10 19 Retrive

[Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon also declined to comment when critics stepped up calls for Gen Apirat Kongsompong to be sacked as army chief over the issue. Gen Prawit would only say] Everyone has good intentions for the country

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[When asked about Future Forward Party’s ongoing campaigns, such as the call for the abolition of military conscription, and push for constitutional amendment] Let them campaign as long as it is not against the law

2019 11 26 Retrive

[Prawit Wongsuwon talks about thai military conscription] If conscription is abolished and something untoward were to happen to Thailand, there won’t be enough soldiers to defend the country. Who would be responsible for that occurring?

Public opinion would also have to be factored in if conscription were to be abolished. A new method of recruitment will have to be put in place, too, as the conscription system has been in place for decades

[Gen Prawit insist the military has no plans to mount a campaign to counter the growing anti-conscription movement] People recognise the duty of Thai men, which is to serve their country