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Name Predrag Mijatovic
Gender Male
Ethnic Serbian
Job Serbian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Serbia National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid

2019 02 06 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid player Predrag Mijatovic feels Gareth Bale is a source of frustration at the Santiago Bernabeu] Vinicius is playing really well, and Bale is still to find a rhythm. If Bale does play, it could be one of the last opportunities he has to impress. I feel we’re all annoyed with the Welsh player just as Vinicius is starting to win over the fans at the Bernabeu

2019 05 01 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid player Predrag Mijatovic said Luka Modric is committed to the club and will continue there beyond the summer] He will continue. I have spoken with him and it was one of the worst games he has played. He is a committed chap and the problem won’t be Modric. It won’t be easy to recover what he had with the players that are going to arrive. The market has changed. All of the club know they need to sign and the prices increase. He’s a professional and he is happy. He suffers like everyone

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Predrag Mijatovic talks about Eden Hazard’s move to Real Madrid] Hazard is a very good player, for sure. He is one of the best players in Europe. But, in my opinion, we can’t expect him to do what Cristiano Ronaldo did. In my opinion, it’s impossible – there is no player who can play like Ronaldo. The pressure at Madrid is different to the pressure at Chelsea and you need some time to handle that

[Barca have won four of the last five domestic titles] [Madrid] is still a big team, with big players,’ added Mijatovic, who won the league in playing and non-playing roles at Madrid and scored the winner in a Champions League final. The new players who came in, they have to adapt – that’s normal at such a big club. This season probably won’t be easy – it’s never easy at Madrid with the pressure. But I’m very optimistic that they’ll compete for titles, this won’t change

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Former Real striker Predrag Mijatovic believes Gareth Bale prioritizes Wales and golf above Los Blancos] The first thing he thinks about is Wales, then golf and after that, Real Madrid. I haven’t spoken to him but that’s how he comes across. You never know whether you will be able to count on him - if he is motivated or not or if he’s injured… but we’ll see how he improves once the international break approaches

I’d rather have a player who is happy than one who’s unhappy and not know what to do with them. Looking at the figures, I think Bale has been a profitable signing. If a player who is on the kind of salary he is on isn’t motivated, it’s better to let them leave on a free and save on their wages

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[Predrag Mijatovic, scorer of 44 goals for Madrid in the late 1990s, fuelled negative fan opinion against the 30-year-old winger when he questioned Bale’s priorities in an October interview] Predrag Mijatovic, scorer of 44 goals for Madrid in the late 1990s, fuelled negative fan opinion against the 30-year-old winger when he questioned Bale’s priorities in an October interview

[He was met with jeers every time he touched the ball on his next appearance at the Santiago Bernabeu, a 3-1 La Liga win against Real Sociedad] My intention was not this, I have already said that Bale has great qualities as a footballer and I have always liked him

It is true that he makes mistakes on some occasions and we have to comment on him as former players and former directors, but I don’t want any more controversies, nor the flag to play a leading role. What I want is for Madrid to play well and win all the possible titles. I’d rather not say anything else [about Bale] because we’re going to bring it all up again.

The most important thing is that Bale is back, he’s playing and that’s what we all want