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Punchada Sirivunnabood
Nationality Thailand
Ethnic Thai
Job Thai Political Scientist
Desc Punchada Sirivunnabood is an associate professor in politics at Mahidol University


Teaching Mahidol University
  Yusof Ishak Institute


Expert Thai politics
Yusof Ishak Institute Punchada Sirivunnabood is a visiting fellow at Singapore’s ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

2019 03 24 Retrieve

This will leave the pro-military government with a large, strong opposition that’s led by Pheu Thai and Future Forward – both staunch critics of the junta. It’ll be difficult for them to pass legislation, and Prayuth might not be able to handle that pressure

2019 03 26 Retrieve

I don’t think the coalition will last more than two years. It’s the same dividing lines taking a new form

2019 05 03 Retrieve

[On the eve of the election, King Vajiralongkorn released a statement that in effect asked citizens to back good people to govern the nation] Some people may view the king’s statements as legitimising one particular group

2019 06 14 Retrieve

[Thitinan Pongsudhirak talks about more trouble and turmoil ahead for Thailand] Instead of trying to make reconciliation, make people negotiate among the … different groups, the military [is] trying to maintain their power by revising a lot of laws. So if you really want to maintain power as the anti-democratic regime, under the anti-democratic parties, I don’t think the reconciliation [will] happen anytime soon

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[The 2020 budget will be crucial] The main task for the government is to manage its own coalition and stick together. The opposition will try to delay the passing of the Bill but it would likely pass with flying colours because the ruling coalition still has the majority … If they somehow manage to survive the first two years, they could end up completing their term. That’d surprise everyone