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Club as Player Lyon FC
  Manchester United

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Former Red Devils full-back Rafael says Wan-Bissaka plays for the badge at Man Utd] I really like him [Wan-Bissaka]. I really like him - the way he plays, and his mentality. I think United now, we need to think about mentality, and I think Aaron is like this. He wants to win; he wants to win every ball, and that’s good. He plays for the badge; that’s important

I’ve been very impressed, because, at the beginning, I heard a lot of comments about him: ‘Ah, he’s no good’ or things like that. I like what he did, because it’s about mentality as well. He’s just turned everything around. Maybe he can be our best player at Manchester this season. We can see he’s a great player.

[Rafael, who spent seven years at Old Trafford between 2008 and 2015, is currently on the books of Ligue 1 giants Lyon] I’m 30 now, so I have years left to play. So, of course, I fancy to play at Old Trafford. It would be amazing. I never did, but who knows? Maybe, one day, we can play at Old Trafford again

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Former Man Utd right-back Rafael on Liverpool possibly not being awarded Premier League title] I always say that when you get to 20 [Premier League titles] and you pass Liverpool was the best feeling. Everybody’s talking about how they’ve stopped the competition now [and they may not] go to 20 now. It will be hard for them, great for us! But that was my best moment

I have good memories [of Solskjaer]. I really like Ole. He helped my brother a lot. It was Ole who took my brother to Cardiff when he was at United. He helped my brother more than me because at the time my brother played more for the reserves. Him (Solskjaer) and Warren [Joyce, former co-manager of United’s reserves] were very helpful for him. I really like the way he does his job and the way he deals with the players

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United and Brazil defender Rafael has called on Neymar to improve how he handles matters off the pitch] We need Neymar, that’s for sure. We need him a lot. He needs to improve a lot of things outside the pitch. It’s important for a footballer. He needs to improve a lot outside the pitch to come inside the pitch and do his best. I hope he can do that and if he does we have a big chance to win. Neymar is not a leader. I don’t think he’s a leader. It’s not him. He can do the things he does because if he is good, if he’s focused and concentrated, he is the best player in the world

Football has to the first option of your life. He has so many things around him. He thinks in his mind ‘I don’t need to do that’ to play well but you need to. There are a lot of things you need to do. If he does that and someone can put this in his mind - I know him and I’ve played with him - I know he’s a hard guy to listen to orders. It’s not good with him. I say the truth but sometimes people don’t want to listen to the truth. They want you to say ‘you are good, you are magic’ they want you to say all the good stuff but life is not like that. I think he needs to listen more and if he does that it will be hard to stop Brazil

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Rafael believes that Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement from management left the club in a state of shock from which they have been unable to recover] When he left it was a shock to everyone. For him it was good because he left having passed Liverpool for the most titles, but I would have loved for him to stay for three or four more years. It was definitely a shock, not just for me but for all of the players. Many things happened [after that]. He stayed for a long, long time with the same structure and the same people. Then a new manager comes and what is he going to do? How many people does he bring with him? What’s he going to change after 27 years of victory? It’s hard when a guy comes and it’s like that

Everyone knows about his winning mentality but he’s a person who helps everyone. But not just help like doing kind stuff all the time, also telling them the way to do things. He did that with me and my brother [Fabio] many times. He didn’t speak with us a lot because we were quiet guys. We didn’t do a lot of silly stuff but when we did he would tell us. I remember one time, I started to like horse racing. We went to the horse racing in Liverpool. The next day he finds out we went there and he called me and my brother to his office and he said: ‘Look, I know you went to the horse racing, you know where you went?’ We said: ‘It was in Liverpool’ and he just said: ‘Be careful where you go.’ We didn’t do a lot of silly stuff but he wanted to tell us to be careful what we do and where you go

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United player Rafael says Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has been tipped to surpass Gary Neville] Today I would pick Gary Neville but if Alexander-Arnold keeps doing what he’s doing he will pass Gary Neville by far. At the moment he’s just destroying the Premier League with assists, with everything. I have to be honest. So if he keeps going like that he’s going to pass Gary Neville as a footballer. When Gary Neville was young he maybe didn’t have the same qualities, wasn’t doing the same things that Alexander-Arnold was doing but he kept doing what he did for 12-13 years in Manchester and England. I hope Alexander-Arnold keeps playing well, not against Manchester United for sure, but if he keeps doing that he will for sure pass Gary Neville

[Rafael was asked to choose a favourite between another old Old Trafford team-mate - Patrice Evra - and current Liverpool team-mate Andrew Robertson] Patrice Evra played so well for so long. He played for United for almost 10 years. If Robertson keeps doing what he’s doing, in eight or nine years he can be better than Patrice

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Former Red Devils full-back Rafael has tipped Alexander-Arnold to surpass Neville] Today I would pick Gary Neville but if Alexander-Arnold keeps doing what he’s doing he will pass Gary Neville by far. At the moment he’s just destroying the Premier League with assists, with everything. I have to be honest. So if he keeps going like that he’s going to pass Gary Neville as a footballer

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Former United defender Rafael is among those who feel the Red Devils should be stepping up efforts to land Tolisso] One of the best midfielders I’ve played with. I think Corentin Tolisso will be perfect for Manchester United. Hope he goes there