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Ralph Hasenhuttl
Gender Male
Ethnic Austrian
Job Austrian Fottball Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Southampton [Head Coach]
  RB Leipzig [Head Coach]

2017 08 30 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl talks about Naby Keita] Leaving a man like Keita out is not easy as a coach. He is an extraordinary player [so] there must be a place there [in the side for him]. If he is fully fit and if he can sprint and run, then his class is just insane; he makes all the right calls

2017 10 26 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl believes Naby Keita is treated unfairly after the midfielder was sent off for the third time in seven games for club and country] I think Naby Keita got two yellow cards for two fouls. In my opinion, Naby got a yellow card for every first foul. Before he gets the first yellow he was fouled dozens of times. In these situations I miss the equality of rights, but that was not the decisive scene of the game

[Hasenhuttl was left upset by a first-half incident, when the referee changed his mind and awarded Leipzig a free-kick after initially pointing to the penalty spot] The decisive moment was when the referee decided for a penalty from the distance of three metres and took it back because his assistant had the better view from a distance of 40 metres

Sorry, but it is very difficult to accept what’s going on with a referee in such a situation. He was so confident as he blows the whistle and he didn’t hesitate for a second so I can’t understand why he took the penalty back because of a note from such a distance, but we can’t change it

2018 02 10 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl speaking after new loan signing Ademola Lookman scored on his debut with the German Bundesliga club] He was lucky I didn’t take him off again, he only brought one pair of boots with him from England and he was sliding around all over the pitch!

2018 12 27 Retrieve

[The Saints, meanwhile, remain just three points above the relegation zone, and boss Ralph Hasenhuttl was frustrated at how easily his side capitulated] The way we lost it was too easy, we didn’t play such a good game. If you give it away like we did then you don’t deserve to win. [Their goals] were too easy

: 2019 06 13 Following a disappointing last season in the Premier League where Southampton were in danger of relegation and only managed to finish in 16th place, Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side will want to get preparations underway to get the new season started on a high note

2019 06 13b Retrieve

[Moussa Djenepo has become Southampton’s first signing under manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. The winger joins from Belgian club Standard Liege, where he scored eight league goals last term, for a reported £14 million Fee] We are very happy to welcome Moussa as the first new player to join our team ahead of the upcoming season. He is an exciting player, with tremendous pace and good finishing abilities, who we have watched closely for some time. We have been impressed with how he has adapted to football in Europe and the impact he has had in many games, and we had an interest in him as recently as January, so I am pleased we are able to bring him into the club. He combines his quality with a good mentality and he is the right profile of player that we want to sign - still in the early part of his career, already with a lot of talent, but also with a great amount of potential that I believe we can help him to fulfil.

I think he will be an excellent fit for our style of play and shape, and these are the important characteristics we must look for. It is about getting this right sort of quality, not quantity - we must maximise the use of this window by spending our money in the right way and on the right type of player, and this is a very strong start.

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Southampton have signed striker Che Adams from Birmingham City and allowed Matt Targett to join Aston Villa] Che fits the profile of player we want to bring to Southampton and is very driven to show what he can do at the highest level. We have been monitoring his progress for some time now. He has shown a desire to join us above all other clubs, which shows the positive reputation Southampton has built for developing young players.

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Nathan Redmond, who will be harbouring ambitions of forcing his way into England’s Euro 2020 plans, has signed a new four-year contract at Southampton] It is very good news for the club. He’s a player who showed in the last season that he is very important for Southampton and I think it’s a massive signal for the club, and for us all, that he wants to follow our way. It’s a very positive day for us

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Southampton have announced the season-long loan signing of Augsburg centre-back Kevin Danso after securing international clearance] I am very pleased we have been able to bring Kevin into the club. He fits the profile of player that we want to bring here to Southampton. He is in the early part of his career, but he has good experience already, with a lot of existing qualities and the potential to develop even further. We have made some good additions in our attack during the transfer window, with Ché Adams and Moussa Djenepo, and, like them, Kevin is another signing that fits our model of being a talented, young player who adds quality to our first-team squad. He will improve our defensive options, so this is an excellent way for us to finish our business

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Southampton vs Liverpool. Ralph Hasenhuttl would have been delighted to see the match go to extra-time due to the extra fatigue factor] I heard the message from Jurgen that he thought we would celebrate, I was happy that they were playing longer - I was happy, but mostly because of the reason I have more pictures to show my players!

[the former Schalke coach does not believe that the midweek match will have left too much of an impact upon their guests] I expect the best possible Liverpool team you can imagine, and we are preparing for this. We want to show a reaction. My players have to show up and show that they can be a more difficult opponent than they were last week. This is the goal we have

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Southampton coach Hasenhuttl apologises and takes ‘100 per cent’ responsibility for 9-0 Leicester City thrashing] That was one of the tough ones tonight. The performance was a disaster and I have to apologise and take 100% responsibility. I’ve never seen a team act like this, there was no fight for anything. It was horrible to watch and everyone who stayed to watch is really a fan of this football club. I’m a proud man, but the way we play today is not the way I want to see my team play. I said we must play to the last minute, but I can understand why the fans left. We all must to do everything to pull this back

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[Southampton’s players and coaching staff have agreed to donate a day’s wages to charity following their humiliating 9-0 Premier League defeat to Leicester City] After this, no more from us, no more messages - the time for that is over. Our only focus is working towards Manchester City. This is where we must direct our entire energy, and this is what we owe to our fans

2019 12 26 Retrieve

[Southampton started the day just outside of the bottom three, but boss Ralph Hasenhuttl was encouraged by West Ham and Bournemouth’s recent wins at Stamford Bridge] When you see that two teams win here then why shouldn’t you also. This is more of losing the fear, don’t be afraid. Come here, be brave. I spoke before about how we want to win here

2019 12 26b Retrieve

[Southampton boss Hasenhuttl reveals admiration for Man City and Liverpool managers] Guardiola and Klopp set the benchmark. It took Jurgen time to change the team. Time and the necessary money. Obviously he knew exactly where the squad had its weak points. He fixed them

[Hasenhuttl insists that a move to Bayern did not make sense at the time as that job demands a lot from any coach willing to step in] Bayern is something of a knighthood for every coach in Germany. But that only makes sense if it is probably the last stage of your own development because, after that, nothing much bigger can actually come. That being said, the question is whether Bayern is really a desirable goal for a coach. What does a Bayern coach have to win before he gets the recognition he deserves? The double? Niko Kovac has just experienced that this is not enough. The Champions League? Is that enough for people to say: ‘But he’s doing a good job’? And does he get the time to develop things?

[Hasenhuttl’s Saints have had to come back from a stunning 9-0 defeat to Leicester in October] We all failed. But as a coach you have to be the first to find the direction. It was impressive how the club got together afterwards. We have a belief that we will be relegated this season. Anyone who survives a 9-0 loss loses all fears. Joking aside, the previous support has shown me that the club correctly assesses our situation

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Could 2020 be the year Liverpool see the real Naby Keita?] He could make it at any club in the world. The lad’s just that good

2020 02 05 Retrieve

[Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl agree that Spurs was outplayed by a far fresher Southampton] In the FA Cup it is not about being the better team. It is a game of results and he got the result and we didn’t

[Hasenhuttl shruggs off declarations his side were better on the night] In the FA Cup it is not about being the better team, it is a game of results and he [Jose Mourinho] got the result and we didn’t. The last 15 minutes we didn’t defend like we had to. It doesn’t count, we had 30 minutes of the second half perfect. After a very busy period, we now have time to recover

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[The 21-year-old Moussa Djenepo returned to Mali last month for his mother’s funeral, and has understandably now come back to England with a heavy heart] We are all helping him to get back to the Moussa we know because he was always the most positive guy in the squad

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Southampton boss Hasenhuttl reveals Sir Alex encouragement after humiliating 9-0 Leicester defeat] I received an SMS from Alex Ferguson - I didn’t know him. If I had never lost 9-0 I would have never had contact with him. That was the positive thing from the result. It really helped me. It gave me a lift as I was down and was looking for something to hold onto. I will have to live with this result my whole life. But when we won 2-1 in the rematch, the story is a good one. It’s helped me become a more experienced manager

[Hasenhuttl has paid tribute to Southampton chief executive Martin Semmens] If I was in his [Semmens] place, I would have sacked me. We were hopeless, an absolute disaster. But Martin said that he knew how much I’d invested in the club. He was 100 per cent sure we’d get back to successful days. We had lost some of our direction, especially myself. The reaction from the team was fantastic. We made the right decisions, changed the shape. I was getting back to what made my teams strong and this gave us the belief we could turn this around. The last answer for what we did was the second league game against Leicester. Normally as a coach you don’t have a chance to turnaround, normally it’s the next manager that gets the chance, not you. I did get that chance and was very thankful

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl on how he dealt with the 9-0 defeat by Leicester City and a special text he received after the match] If I was the club, I would have sacked me. I received an SMS from Sir Alex Ferguson. I’ve never met him before but maybe if I had never lost 9-0, I would have never had contact with him, so it was a positive thing from this result

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl on Moussa Djenepo] Moussa is back now from the funeral of his mum. He seems to be getting into a better mode again. It was not easy for him. We tried to help him as much as we can. It always helps if you are on the pitch and doing what you like to do the most. That helps you not to forget, but to get a little bit of deflection from what is around you at the moment. It has shown every day since he is here that he is getting his laughter back again. I like to see him laughing and don’t like to see him when he is sad. He was not really in a good moment when he came back, but now it is getting better and better. We are all helping him to get back to the Moussa we know because he was always the most positive guy in the squad. This gives the whole squad a lift sometimes because he enjoys his job so much and was always positive for the team. Now we try to bring him back in this mode

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[Southampton head coach Ralph Hasenhuttl has backed Timo Werner to be a big hit in the Premier League as he hailed the natural goalscoring abilities of the RB Leipzig striker] Football is very intense and fast [in England]. That, in turn, suits Timo: with his speed he’s a brutal weapon in the right team. He sometimes needs a shoulder to lean on, or a little more encouragement but what I’ve always liked about him is that he scores goals that nobody else scores. Give him a bit of space and it’s hard to stop him. He has so many qualities that will always put him above others

[Saints boss Hasenhuttl, meanwhile, signed a new four-year contract to remain at St Mary’s on June 2] This, for me, was a simple decision. Simple because of the relationship that I have built with the club, the players and the fans, and also because of the relationship they have built with me too. I said when I arrived at the club that we were at the beginning of a long journey, and also a journey that would bring emotion and hopefully enjoyment. We have already had some moments where we could celebrate together, and some that have been emotional and also challenging. The way we have handled this together as a group of people has been incredible for me, and I believe we now have strong foundations here that can allow us to take the next steps in our progress as a team. For me, this is an important step in the journey. My players, our staff, and of course the supporters must understand my commitment to this club and to what we are trying to build together. We value the same philosophies, and this is a big part of why I want to stay here, and I hope we can share in some very successful moments moving forward.

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl believes Southampton will show a reaction from the disappointing showing against Arsenal when his side head to relegation-threatened Watford] When you compare it to the Norwich game, for example, then we had half the sprint distance (as) against Norwich. You can argue that it was a little bit hotter, but this cannot be the reason why. When you know our game and how intense we want to take it, then it is quite important for us to have high-speed running. This is why we didn’t have so many ball wins in the opposition half and it takes too long to win possession in the opponents’ half. Then you had some chances, but the chances are not so good in the transition situation.

We stayed in possession for too long and didn’t have chances of quality and that’s not because the opponent was so strong, we must be self-critical and accept at the moment that at home we don’t show the same habits as we show in away games. We have to be motivated and this is not a question of how many points we have. We know every win gives us the chance to climb the table and the chance will be there until the end of the season. There is no reason to be not motivated. If we have a game for three points in the Premier League then it must be enough to be motivated. I can tell you this defeat we had was absolutely something that will make us show a reaction at the weekend.

We are 10 points ahead (of the relegation zone) I think, but as long as we have looked at 40 we know that we are not 100 per cent sure. We don’t think too much about whether we are safe or not because it gives us the feeling maybe of leaning back. We don’t want to lean back. I think we were disappointed about the game because there were more possibilities for us, especially in the second half where we played a little bit better, but overall we invested not enough. We were pushing for the goal enough and gave the goals away, conceding too easily, and it wasn’t quite like the performance in the first round (at Norwich)

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Danny Ings scored twice as Southampton piled the pressure on struggling Watford with a 3-1 victory at Vicarage Road on Sunday] Nobody will deny how important a player he is for us. Everything is possible. We will play with him in the last six games, and if he gets a chance, you see how fantastic his finishing is. He seems to be fitter than ever, he was hard working in shutdown [lockdown] and that gives him now fantastic physical options. It’s definitely a sort of outrageous quality he has and when we scores it is fantastic

I think we did quite well from the first minute, we were very disciplined, (had) good organisation and (were) a hard-working team and we deserved to win

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Danny Ings: Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl admits club were lucky to pull off signing] For us, it would maybe not even be possible for us to get such a striker. As with every transfer, there is always a risk if you spend a lot of money, especially for a club like us. We know the bullets we have must find a target because we don’t have so much. It was important for him that he stays fit. This was always the biggest question we had about him. He had a long history of injuries, he was never as fit as he is at the moment. Hopefully it stays like this and then we will have the future with Danny Ings as a striker who is definitely finding the goal and also working hard for the team

I think Danny has this hunting and working against the ball that he learned from Liverpool. They are also a pressing team and work very much on winning balls in the opposition half. He knows that this is necessary for him to work like he did there. It is a bit different to Che (Adams) or to Shane (Long).

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl hails ‘best ever’ Southampton home display in win over Manchester City] You have to be brave and have a bit of luck. We showed a lot of passion and we got what we deserved. The goal means a lot to Che and also to us. He has really deserved this goal and he worked hard throughout. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get something and I don’t just want to talk about one player as there were a lot of good performances

You could always feel the belief and the game plan of allowing them possession and breaking on the counter-attack worked well. Every win is important - we were last in the home rankings and this was by far the best performance we’ve had here since I was a manager and it had to be in order for us to win

We had a very good week and we wanted the players to be brave in possession. I was sometimes shouting ‘more possession’ but we had a few chances for the second goal while the opponent had a lot of chances. It’s a fantastic result for us. The drinks breaks gave us a breather so they were fantastic for us.

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[Manchester City crashed to a third successive away Premier League defeat as Che Adams’ first Southampton goal secured a hard-fought 1-0 win at St Mary’s] You have to be brave and have a bit of luck. We showed a lot of passion and we got what we deserved. The goal means a lot to Che and also to us. He has really deserved this goal and he worked hard throughout. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get something and I don’t just want to talk about one player as there were a lot of good performances. You could always feel the belief and the game plan of allowing them possession and breaking on the counter-attack worked well. Every win is important - we were last in the home rankings and this was by far the best performance we’ve had here since I was a manager and it had to be in order for us to win

2020 07 06b Retrieve

[Che Adams has had to wait almost as long to break his Premier League duck since his £15m move from Birmingham last summer, but the striker’s opportunistic goal was all part of Southampton’s carefully-structured game plan] We knew that when you play against such an opponent, you have to run more, fight more, sprint more, be brave and also have a bit of luck. Normally, it’s not possible, but when you believe in what you’re doing and fight with everything you have, it can happen

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?] Fantastic because (against Manchester City) we handled drinking break to drinking break and give us a few moments to have a breather. I think especially when you play in the afternoon or at noon when it’s very hot, it’s absolutely necessary. We want to see intense games and this is not possible when you must run in 30 degrees. This is why we decided to have this drinks break.

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Danny Ings scored his 19th goal of the season but Southampton could not make their early dominance count in a 1-1 draw with Everton] I think we can kill the game in the first half with a little bit more clinical finishing. The post, penalty and everything. The last game we have given 26 chances or shots away. This time today I think it was two or three and you concede a goal. But I think we didn’t play like an away team. I think we played also in possession quite a grown-up game and this is for me a good thing.

2020 07 10b Retrieve

[Manchester United trip ideal for Southampton] They have at the moment an unbelievable run and this is exactly what we like the most because then we can see how good we are and we can go into this challenge and be competitive against such an opponent. This is exactly the challenge we need. If we want to get better, we need to challenges against such teams. We can learn a lot. I think against Manchester City we learned a lot about how good they are in possession and what they can do - we need these games. I once said that if you want to be lion then you have to fight with lions, and I think this is exactly what we are looking for

In some moments we calmed the game down too much and this is why today we showed the guys how much opportunity we had yesterday to win. Finally we didn’t take it and this must be the next step in our development, and we score three or four times against such an opponent because they gave us the opportunities to do it.

[Danny Ings netted his 19th league goal of the season at Goodison Park and he is on the verge of becoming only Southampton’s third player to reach the 20-goal mark in the Premier League after Matt Le Tissier and James Beattie.] I think it is not that big for him, I think it would be bigger for him if the team comes in the top-10 or even higher if it is possible. He is an absolute team player and all the things he does on the pitch are to make the team win.

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl felt his side deserved to take a point from the game, after securing a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford with a stoppage-time equaliser] When you put aside 10 minutes in the first half, you could say we passed the test. If you stop being brave and if you stop being organised, if you’re not closing from the front, you are immediately in trouble. But I’m pleased with the overall job we did

We gifted two chances and they scored both, but we found our game again 10 minutes before the break. We then had good possession, good balance and good game management. Reddy [Nathan Redmond] had a big chance which drew a good save from De Gea, and in the end I think it’s deserved

2020 07 17 Retrieve

[Ralph Hasenhuttl says Southampton will not allow Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg to leave cheaply] I am not surprised that this [question] comes. What can I say? I can say that we have a player here that has one more year contract and he’s our player, we’d like him to stay as long as he has a contract. If somebody else wants to get him, then they must make a make a good offer. And even then, we have to decide, we as a club, the player has to decide, so we have to find a win-win situation and then everybody is happy. As long as we don’t have this, he is our player and he will stay with us. He wants to give everything as long as he is with us. This is what I expect because he is our player, he gets money from us, he’s paid by us. This is what he should do. About his future, he knows that there is some interest and hopefully, yeah, a club that wants him really shows that they want him. If not, he stays with us.

I think it’s clear that we go there in this derby with all we have to win this game. We can still well remember the last game we played against them, where we lost. I think after this game they were on position three in the table and we were far behind them. You can see how quick things can change in football