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Ray Clemence
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc Ray Clemence, playing behind him for Liverpool and England, was just incredible. He may have been unemployed for 89 minutes, 30 seconds in a match, probably freezing cold in the process, but he would pull off the most incredible saves. It was his positional play - he was a sweeper keeper before people invented the name. He was always, for me and my defenders, our eyes and ears at most points, making sure we were alert and on our toes. He was the most incredible goalkeeper


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s three-time European Cup-winning goalkeeper Ray Clemence has called on Virgil van Dijk to be considered as a serious contender to win the Ballon d’Or] Who had the biggest influence for Liverpool over the full year? I would say it was Van Dijk. There’s an obsession with attacking and creative players winning it. It is more difficult to create and score goals but when you have an influence over a side like Van Dijk had last season, it wasn’t just what he did, it was what he gave. I think he should be a very strong contender for it. Alisson and Van Dijk have been massive. I like to put the two of them together because I think the two of them have been a massive influence at Liverpool defensively and on the whole team as well.

A year ago, if Liverpool went 1-0 up, you thought they are probably going to need to score another goal because they could concede one somewhere. Van Dijk and Alisson being alongside young, talented players has meant they can win with a single goal. The main two help with their experience. They are very difficult to beat and that’s what happened in the final. Alisson Becker made a few excellent saves in the second half. I think Tottenham would have gone on to win the game had they got that equaliser.

[Clemence believes that Alisson Becker played a huge part in helping his side beat Tottenham in the Champions League final] For me, the great goalkeepers have a presence about them. Even before they do anything, they look like they are difficult to beat. They stand in that penalty area with size and agility. If they say something to a defender then they do it. He has all of that. He is capable of great saves, but many are - he does it in tight games. He has a massive influence on the game. In the Champions League final, it was his saves as much as anything that won it

[Liverpool will now aim to go one step further in the Premier League and win the title in 2019-20] It is difficult for a team to stick with what they have got in the modern game. If you stay still, people go past you. Man City won it last year and they will make a couple of signings. Liverpool will have to be competing with them. In the last two years, Liverpool has had a good first XI, but the bench isn’t as good as Man City. Last season it got better with Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri there. I think Liverpool only need a couple, one or two. It might disappoint the one or two who get replaced but you have to keep the competition high amongst the squad. The most important thing was making sure that they won something. That’s got the monkey off the back of not winning anything for so many years. Hopefully, that will give them the motivation and the confidence to take it forward next year. It is the first time Liverpool have won something for many years

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Ray Clemence feels Alisson Becker will go down in Reds history if he remains loyal to the club over the next five years] He’s proved this year he’s a great goalkeeper. Truly great ones, the legends, continue to do that for the next five, 10 years. The word legend is thrown out without thinking, some of the players I was lucky to play with did it for six, seven, eight, 10 years - and that’s why they are so revered at Liverpool. But he’s had a great start. With foreign players, it’s partly down to how long they and their families want to stay at a club. Hopefully yes, but only they can make that call.

He deserves all the accolades because of what he did last year. I’ve not met him yet, hopefully, I will at some stage, but he seems a very level-headed goalkeeper, not over-confident, but he’s got a good balance. He never seems to get flustered, the great goalkeepers always look in control of every situation. He has that ability to make saves other goalkeepers can’t make. But the great goalkeepers make the saves when the game’s tight, to keep them in it

2019 07 10 Retrieve

[Maybe Alisson Becker was just being modest. Or maybe he genuinely was surprised to learn he had been voted the world’s No.1 goalkeeper] He’s proved this year he’s a great goalkeeper. He deserves all the accolades.

2019 07 19 Retrieve

[Liverpool legend Ray Clemence says Liverpool will have a better chance of winning the Premier League this season, having ‘come so close’ last time around] It helps, having got so close. If you look back three or four years, they were finishing 20 points off the league champions. Now they’ve got 97 points, lost one game all year, and it still hasn’t been good enough. In any other league, that would win you the title. But they’ve got the confidence from knowing they can compete with Manchester City, and next year they need to make sure some of the points they dropped in draws, which they shouldn’t have, they win. That’s been the difference. There will be games where you’re going to struggle, and it’s finding a way to avoid losing that game, or nicking a tight win. That’s what Liverpool have started to do; that’s what they did in the Champions League final; they didn’t play particularly well after the penalty, but they found a way to win

[Clemence went on to warn Liverpool that they will have a target on their backs across all competitions after their Champions League success back in June] It does one of two things - from the team’s point of view, you feel more confident because you’ve won a trophy and you know how to win a trophy. But also you have to realise that in the following season, everyone is after your head. You are the European champions. Whether that’s in the Premier League or Europe, every other team will want to beat you. It’s been a long time without a trophy for Liverpool. The Premier League is still eluding them at the moment, but winning the Champions League will give everyone belief around the club, be it players, fans, coaches. Having that monkey off their back of winning something, that should give them a big belief for next year. You have to expect the challenges will be greater next year, but at the back of your mind you’ve proved to yourselves you can win things and you just need to maintain that strong belief in how you won it, and continue to do it knowing that winning anything back-to-back is even more difficult