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2018 03 18 Retrieve

[Real Sociedad dismiss head coach Sacristan] Sociedad has decided to rescind the contract of first-team coach Eusebio Sacristan. The blue and white want to thank Eusebio Sacristan for all the contribution, professionalism and dedication he has shown during the exercise of his duties in the management of the first team, while wishing him the best for his professional and personal future

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Odegaard loaned to Man City? Real Sociedad ‘confirm deal’ on Holy Innocents Day] Real Sociedad have reached an agreement with Manchester City over the loan of Martin Odegaard. The player is set to stay at Manchester City until the end of the season. The txuri urdin club wants to thank and offer recognition for the job done by Martin. He has shown great professionalism, dedication and loyalty to this club and we wish him well for the future. We are forced to take this difficult decision in order to avoid possible media comments for the next six months

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Real Sociedad set to become first La Liga side back in training as Spain eases Covid-19 restrictions] Since the beginning of the current situation caused by Covid-19, all first-team players and those in other categories at Real Sociedad have been training from home due to the protocol established by the Football Direction and those responsible for the Zubieta facilities

For the last four weeks our first-team players have been in their homes carrying out the individual fitness programs given to each footballer. The individual fitness programs have been based principally on cardiovascular and metabolic work, which is why the decision was made to take the Zubieta exercise bikes to footballers’ homes and give them treadmills thanks to the loan from GO fit.

Additionally, the Real players have received other types of help (sanitary, medical, nutritional and emotional) which have aided them in complementing the individual plans.

Once the government decides that non-essential activities can restart their work, first-team players will have the choice of continuing their individual workouts in Zubieta from Tuesday of next week. In no way will this work in Zubieta be group-based.

Training will remain obligatory, as it is now. Every player will be able to decide to continue at home or in Zubieta.

If they do decide for Zubieta, we will continue to follow the existing protocols, which will scrupulously respect the security measures agreed by health services, which means those players who do opt for Zubieta will do so in an individual, gradual manner

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Real Sociedad abandon training plans as Spain’s coronavirus crisis continues] After discussions held with the Consejo Superior de Deportes [CSD] today and in accordance with the will of Real Sociedad, we have decided that our players will continue to train at home. The club is fully aware of its responsibility during the current pandemic.

Real Sociedad recalls that our decision was to allow players to return to training at Zubieta from Tuesday 14. In no case was this training at Zubieta going to be done in groups. Moreover, it was up to each player to decide whether they wanted to do it at home or at Zubieta. If they wanted to do it at Zubieta, it would be done following the protocols established, which scrupulously respect the security measures put in place by the health authorities.

We are fully aware of our responsibility and we are working on a plan for getting both our athletes and employees back to work following the protocols established by the authorities. Health is an absolute priority that would take precedence over all other considerations. We believe that we must start working on the transition back to work and we are available to all institutions in order to help in this direction.

Last but not least, we want to thank the CSD for their friendly attitude during our conversations. We are fully committed to work to overcome this challenge and return to normality as soon as possible

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad ask to play Copa del Rey final with fans in the stadium] The desire and the will of both clubs has always been, now and before, to play the final with the presence of our fans. It is what we would most like. A cup final with our fans in the stands