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Name Reinaldo Rueda
Gender Male
Ethnic Colombian
Job Colombian Football Coach
  Chile National Coach
Desc xxxx


Org Chile National Team
Club as Player Flamengo
  Atletico Nacional

2017 08 24 Retrieve

[Ruedaon his former protege] Davinson Sanchez has been a revelation, and he has a great future ahead of him. During his first season at Ajax, he demonstrated his character and ability. He is extraordinary, and I know his conviction

2018 03 20 Retrieve

[New Chile National Coach Reinaldo Rueda on Chile national team in state of flux after missing 2018 World Cup] The players have a challenge ahead of them. They have to replace and aim to equal the feats of a historic generation for the national team

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Chile national team manager Reinaldo Rueda on Arturo Vidal] He will always want to be the protagonist. He remains very anxious when he does not have continuous participation. He has always been used to being a leading actor

I think he is very satisfied at Barcelona. The fans have welcomed him very well and I hope that wherever he goes he will be the protagonist he has always been, and when he comes to the ‘Roja’ he will arrive in perfect condition

Barca has its DNA, a philosophy deeply embedded in the squad. That oxygenation that came with the new coach has come in handy and I think Arturo has benefited him

As far as I know there is a chance of [Vidal] going back to Italy. Dortmund was recently very very interested in him. But there is nothing concrete and you must have patience to reach a decision

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Current Chile coach Reinaldo Rueda recently expressed his belief that Sanchez still has the ability to perform at the highest level] It has been a traumatic, very tortuous year for him. Ever since his departure from Arsenal and his first year at Manchester United. He came to the Copa America in Brazil and then had that bad luck with the injury in the friendly against Colombia in Alicante. That loan to Inter was almost thwarted and when he recovered the pandemic came. I expect all this to pass quickly because he’s a great professional, has a great attitude in training and will maintain a high standing for any club that gives him a chance. He’s got a lot of football yet to show at the top level.

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Reinaldo Rueda on Chilean players] Chilean players usually have long careers. They’re like wine; they get better with age and as the years go by they settle down