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Richard Buckley
Gender Male
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Job FIFA esports commentary
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2019 06 12 Retrieve

[How do FIFA players become professionals?] So for me personally the term professional is when someone is doing something as a full-time job or earning money from playing a sport or game. How you become a professional player when it comes to FIFA esports is a difficult one. I think the keys things are to qualify for events, be hitting more than 27 wins each week on FUT Champions and using your social’s medias in the correct way. Why is this? When football clubs or esports organisations are looking to sign a player they will look at a mixture of things. They will need to see that you’re a top quality player who will be qualifying for events, that you can compete against the best players in the world on Weekend League and that you have a good ‘brand’ or personal image that will fit their organisation

2019 06 12b Retrieve

[What is the yearly format for FIFA 19 esports?] The points help you on the FIFA.GG rankings, which kicked off in October 2018. Everyone is trying to ensure they finish in the Top 60 of their console’s rankings come the end of May as the Top 64 players will travel to the Playoffs in June/July (TBC). There, the players will battle it out once again for more points/money and to earn a top 16 spot which will take you into the FIFA eWorld Cup grand finals. The FIFA eWorld Cup is the most important tournament of the year, where last year Saudi Arabian FIFA Pro MSDossary won $250k and became world champion

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[What separates professional FIFA players from others?] And there’s even a large difference in skill between some pro players. I think when you look at the domination that Tekkz has had this year its the minor details. For example, Tekkz can defend, attack, work set pieces, use a handful of skill moves, he can do it all. At every event he is so unpredictable and has never failed to get past the Swiss rounds. There’s also the difference between keeping your calm in the final third and missing a penalty. Players like Tekkz and MSDossary are ice cold when they get into match-winning situations hence why one is a world champion and one has been so dominant this year

2019 06 12d Retrieve

[How much money do professional FIFA players earn?] FIFA players get paid different amounts for a number of reasons, one being how much social reach they have as an individual and also how good their performances have been on the virtual pitch can all warrant a different amount of money

2019 06 12e Retrieve

[Why are football clubs and leagues getting involved with FIFA esports?] I’ve recently been writing my university dissertation on this subject. It’s certainly an interesting one, but the answer is simple. Esports provide an opportunity for any clubs to connect with a new demographic of football fan that are maybe slighter younger than your average season ticket holder. More and more people are playing video games now and are choosing to watch Twitch/YouTube over mainstream television.

As technology is changing, so are people’s interests. For a club like Manchester City, they’ve seen great success in the last 18 months in the way they’ve been able to connect new fans to the club after following their pro players around the world in competitions - especially with the recent ePremier league which saw a Manchester Derby take place. Though it may be on the virtual pitch it still replicated the same thing. I believe more and more football clubs will continue to enter the space, as the FIFA Esports industry grows and more virtual leagues become activated!