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Rick Parry
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job CEO of Liverpool [ex]
Job CEO of Premier League [ex]
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Liverpool [Owner]

2005 07 05 Retrieve

[England midfielder finally confirms departure intent. Gerrard admits: ‘I want to leave’] We desperately want to keep Stevie and we’ve told him we don’t want him to leave. However, in rejecting our offer of a new contract he has indicated he wants to go

2005 07 06 Retrieve

[On paper, the deal will keep the Huyton-born star at Anfield until 2009, but for Rick Parry it is an acceptance he will stay for life] I am sure he is going to stay for good. Steven’s commitment is complete. Last night, I admit it looked as if it was going the other way but when it came down to it, I just think he couldn’t leave

2007 02 02
American tycoons George Gillett and Tom Hicks offer £435 million for the ownership of Liverpool. This includes £215m for the building of a proposed new stadium on Stanley Park. The club’s board, led by chairman David Moores and chief executive Rick Parry, unanimously recommend that this offer be accepted. David Moores sold his 51% majority shares in the club to the current owners - American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks
2008 04
It emerges that Gillett and Hicks are barely on speaking terms, throwing the club into turmoil. Rick Parry, it transpires, was present when Gillett and Hicks met with Klinsmann the previous November, further souring his relationship with Benitez. Days later, Hicks rounds on Parry, accusing the chief executive of failing in his commercial and professional duties, and advising the termination of his contract. Parry would leave his role at the end of the following season.
2009 03
Rumours surface ahead of the Reds’ Champions League clash with Real Madrid that Benitez has quit. They prove to be unfounded, and days later it is announced that Parry will be leaving the club at the end of the season. Liverpool finish the campaign second, just four points short of Manchester United.
2009 06 18
Former Liverpool Chairman David Moores quits Anfield Board Of Directors. Moores confessed that he was left heartbroken and let down by the new owners, and he follows in the footsteps of chief executive Rick Parry in his decision to step down this summer after twelve years at the club.

2011 03 25 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry admits that George Gillett and Tom Hicks were not the first choice when he helped sell the club to the pair in 2007] It wasn’t a case of us rejecting Dubai, they were the preferred bidder but they walked away. I think one of the fundamental [problems] was that they actually didn’t get on terribly well with each other. Don’t forget and certainly until I left - which was 2009 - we were second in the league. The business plan was a net spend of £20m on players and they’d over-delivered on that. They took us pretty close to winning the Premier League in 2008-2009, within four points of Manchester United with a huge points total

[Parry remained in his role until 2009 to oversee the transition between owners and he feels that by the time he left his role the owners had already decided to sell the club] So it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Then, in 2009, for whatever reason, there didn’t appear to be any net spend at all on the players. By which time they clearly realised that they probably needed to sell completely.

[Despite the Spaniard’s reported hostile relationship with the Liverpool hierarchy, Parry insists that he shares a good relationship with the former Valencia boss] You don’t get into the business if you want people who are easy. You want people who are winners. He’s very demanding and he’s a perfectionist, but I’m still friendly with Rafael

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Rick Parry outlines plans for games to be played behind closed doors and broadcast on TV/online] To give you an honest assessment of the current situation; the point at which you will be able to attend games again remains unclear. Please be assured, however, that we are going to welcome you back to stadiums as soon as it is safe to do so. Your contribution to the matchday experience and atmospheres created in stadia up and down the country is something we should never take for granted. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you today when football will resume, though whenever we do return, matches are likely to be played without crowds. And whilst we are unfortunately without the presence of the hundreds of thousands of supporters who pass through EFL turnstiles each week, we will endeavour to bring live football direct into your homes once it returns. Plans are continuing to be worked up for all games to be broadcast either via our broadcast partners, iFollow or equivalent Club streaming services. We will update you on this once we know when matches will recommence

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[After the Taylor report and its financial implications, minds began to focus on the idea of a breakaway league] I think uppermost in many of the clubs’ minds was how are we going to generate the revenue? It wasn’t a question of ‘This is a massive opportunity to change the way we market the game’, it was more a question of ‘How are we going to pay for this?’

2020 05 05b Retrieve

[Premier League threatened with legal action over relegation decision] The Premier League is aware of our position on that. Lawyers are going to get wealthy [if the Premier League opted not to relegate three teams]. There would be a degree of outrage from a number of clubs in the Championship and it would be a breach of the tripartite agreement. Our end date realistically is July 31 because of the situation with contracts. We can’t go beyond July. Players and staff have been furloughed and to expect clubs to bring them back in now, to forgo the furlough, only to then find in a month they can’t play would be a complete mess. We need to be taking decisions within days. We have a great deal of uncertainty around next season and the undetermined matter of when we’ll be able to return with crowds, which for the EFL is absolutely critical. We’re much more dependent upon the revenue and atmosphere generated by crowds than the Premier League. If we were starting behind closed doors it would be finely balanced economically. It’s almost neutral, but for many clubs it would actually cost them to play

2020 05 31 Retrieve

[EFL confirm plans for Championship to return on June 20] With Championship clubs set to return to full contact training later this week and following Saturday’s Government announcement, we are edging closer towards resuming the 2019/20 EFL season. We have therefore today consulted with the board’s Championship directors and agreed to fixtures restarting behind closed doors on 20 June. Whilst matches will unfortunately have to take place without supporters, we are working with our broadcast partners, EFL Championship clubs and all relevant stakeholders to broadcast the remaining 108 games plus Championship Play-Offs either live on Sky Sports, iFollow or a club’s equivalent streaming service. We must stress that at this stage the date is only provisional and will only be confirmed once we have met all the requirements, as the health, safety and well-being of all participants, staff and supporters remains our top priority. Clearly completing the season in a safe manner is going to require a significant effort by all concerned and, whilst not unprecedented, it will need clubs to play a significant number of matches over a relatively short period of time

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[EFL chairman Rick Parry on EFL teams to wear ‘NHS Rainbow - Thank You’ on shirts] As all eyes turn to the return of football on the pitch, it is important that the League pays fitting tribute to the thousands of NHS key workers that continue to work on the frontline, supporting the country throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We know that many fans of EFL clubs are also NHS key workers and we’re proud of the commitment they, and our clubs, have shown to help the service over the past few months. By coming together across all remaining fixtures taking place, we hope we are able to show our gratitude and appreciation for their continued work, and I’d like to ask all fans to join us in doing so