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Name Rio Ferdinand
Gender Male
Born 1978 11 07
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The prototype defender of the modern age Ferdinand was the trailblazer for, and best example of, what is now a staple of every backline: the ball-playing centre-half. At his elegant peak Ferdinand made defending look easy and while others were perhaps more effective few did it so effortlessly. His partnership with Nemanja Vidic was the standard all others aspired to for years and still do to this day


Org English National Team
Club as Player Queens Park Rangers
  Manchester United
  Leeds United
  Bournemouth [Loan]
  West Ham United


Wife Rebecca Ferdinand [passed away]
  Kate Wright
Son Lorenz Ferdinand
  Tate Ferdinand
Daughter Tia Ferdinand
Coach Harry Redknapp
Boxing Coach Richie Woodhall

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand on Paul Scholes] For me, it’s Paul Scholes. He’ll do ridiculous things in training like say, “You see that tree over there?” – it’ll be 40 yards away – “I’m going to hit it”. And he’ll do it. Everyone at the club considers him the best

2015 05 02
Rebecca Ferdinand passed away after a battle with breast cancer, aged just 34

2015 05 02 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand announce his wife death] My soul mate slipped away last night. Rebecca, my wonderful wife, passed away peacefully after a short battle with cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. She was a fantastic loving mother to our three beautiful children. She will be missed as a wife, sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter. She will live on in our memory, as a guide and inspiration

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Paul Pogba] Paul Pogba is a huge talent and someone with the personality to handle that price tag. He can do everything. He is still working out the best way to use all of his weapons but, once he does, he will be an absolute monster of a player

2017 09 19 Retrieve

[Ferdinand confirms move into boxing] When Betfair approached me about the Defender to Contender challenge, the chance to prove myself in a new sport was a real draw. Boxing is an amazing sport for the mind and the body. I have always had a passion for it and this challenge is the perfect opportunity to show people what’s possible. It’s a challenge I’m not taking lightly, clearly not everyone can become a professional boxer, but with the team of experts Betfair are putting together and the drive I have to succeed, anything is possible

2017 09 30 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand remembers former team-mate Park Jisung’s performance against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League] I remember we played against Milan in Milan and Andrea Pirlo was at the centre of everything that they had done. And the manager played Jisung Park on him as a man-marking job, I’m sure Pirlo woke up the next morning, he looked at the bottom of his bed and expected to see Jisung Park there. He was that good. Whatever the manager set out for him to do, whether it was to defend against somebody, stop someone playing, or go in there and make a difference in the opposing team’s box, he’d carry that out

2017 10 02 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand reveales his aim in boxing stretches little further than having one fight] I want to see if I can get a licence and become a professional and have one fight. I am not looking to have a career here. I am looking to have a professional fight and I will see where I go then

This is not a joke. Hopefully, I will get a license, go on to become a professional and fight someone. Boxing can’t be a gimmick. If I take it lightly, I will get hurt

2017 11 27 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand reveals the much spoken about ‘golden generation’ of English football did not achieve success in proportion to their quality because of their intense club rivalries] It was down to, from my perspective, the obsession with winning. I didn’t want to see Frank Lampard have an edge on me. It was the same with Steven Gerrard and England, when we were battling them Liverpool for the Premier League. I didn’t want to sit around and have a beer with him, because I didn’t want to hear what Liverpool were doing. I think that’s what held us back

2017 12 28 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand comments on Virgil van Dijk] When you find someone like Virgil Van Dijk, who is very good with the ball but is also very good in defence, you start to jump and go crazy

2018 03 15 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand on Roberto Baggio] We used to call him Badge. He had the skills man! The ponytail, Madonna fancied him, the lot. He was brilliant, living the dream

2018 05 13
Rio Ferdinand won a Bafta TV award for his documentary called ‘Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad’ and he made an emotional thank you to Kate Wright

2018 05 23 Retrieve

[On BT Sport, Jake Humphrey asked Rio Ferdinand if Nemanja Vidic ‘made him cry’] No, it was Sir Bobby Charlton. He came down and started speaking to me about the history of the club, and what it meant to be the captain to go up the steps and pick up the trophy. He said a few nice, kind words and then I saw my family on the other side and it just hit me - my lip started going and I started to well up a little bit. I remember Vida just stood there and said, ‘Rio, not here’… And I went, ‘Sorry Vida, yeah’ and we went up [to collect the trophy]

2018 10
Rio Ferdinand got engaged to his girlfriend Kate Wright in October 2018 while on holiday in Dubai
2018 11 02
The Sun exclusively revealed Rio and Kate are planning to try for a baby ‘immediately after their wedding’. And after being hit with thousands of congratulatory messages, Rio, 39, took to Instagram today to pay tribute to his fans and their unwavering support

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand claims he has spoken to Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward about the sporting director position] I’ve always spoken to Ed since I left, anyway. I had that type of relationship with him. I’ve not seen him at a game, so all the chats I’ve had with him have been on the phone or I go and see him when I’m in London

I’m not the type to dilly-dally around. I’ve seen the stuff in the papers. ‘What’s that role about?’ I’ve asked that question – so yes, I have spoken to him. I’m very honest and Ed’s open and honest with me. Manchester United and the powers that be will decide as and when they are going to put someone into that role

If I am the person on that list and the person they are going to talk to, then that time will come. It’s nice to be on a list in such a responsible role at such a prestigious club. If the call comes I will say, ‘thank you very much for that’, but if that call doesn’t come, I’ll not lose sleep over it

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[David Moyes was too keen to impress his authority on the club and over-stretched himself] David Moyes’ hands were on everything. He was involved in the scouting, he was involved in the analysis of opposing teams, the physiotherapy, the doctors. He was involved in taking every training session. He was involved in every team meeting, every video that was being done. You can do that at a club like Everton, where the demands are not as big, but at Manchester United, you’ve got to delegate

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[Rio Ferdinand advises Harry Kane to leave Tottenham] If you look at it as if you’re an individual, put yourself in like Harry Kane’s shoes, you’re saying ‘I’m off’. I’ve got to be honest with you, I’d be gone because I’ve not got time to hang around. I could get injured next season, I could lose form etc. I want to win now. I’ve given most of my career to this club and they haven’t [won anything]

Yeah, you go very close, you can keep going very close, they’ve been close a few times of winning the league and then obviously the Champions League. It’s not enough. I can understand Eriksen, you can understand Eriksen’s frustrations and wanting to leave and saying ‘I want to go somewhere and potentially win something’, not be a maybe