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Name Rivaldo
Spelling Rivaldo Barbosa Ferreira
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc Rivaldo’s lasting legacy is that of a player who was the driving force behind Barcelona’s consecutive La Liga titles between 1997 and 1999, scoring an abundance of goals along the way. The crowing glory of his individual career came in 1999 as he was awarded the Ballon d’Or for his performances at Barca - though his best goal scoring season came two years later as he netted 35 goals in all competitions


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Barcelona


World Cup 1994 Rivaldo was one of the member of Brazil National Team


Teammate Aldair
  Roberto Carlos
1998 07 12
World Cup 1998 final where France defeat Brazil 3-0. Zinedine Zidane score 2 goals with assist from Emmanuel Petit and Youri Djorkaeff. also final goal came from Emmanuel Petit with assist by Patrick Vieira

2015 03 22 Retrieve

[Why can’t Cristiano Ronaldo score free kicks any more?] When you are in a difficult time, you sometimes go back to your training and make technical changes to get through it. The best players, like Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi, have amazing skills, but they train hard too. With free kicks you can work on improving the movement of the ball or on fooling the goalkeeper, but the focus is on scoring goals. And when you are already successful at that you might want to modify things but you don’t want to change it too much

2015 08 01 Retrieve

[Rivaldo on his generation] If my era was today, I would bet anybody that I would be the best in the world two or three times. The way football is overseas, I would definitely have over 50 goals per season. Easily. Especially in Spain

2017 12 23 Retrieve

[Rivaldo on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo] I would like to play with Messi, it would be amazing. He is the best in the world, the one who makes more differences. Ronaldo? He is the most dangerous player at Real. It is hard to stop him, like Messi, because both score a lot of goals and you never know what is going to be the next thing they will invent for scoring. In my time there were more players than today challenging for being the best in the world. I remember Luis Figo, Alexsandro Del Piero or Francesco Totti, now you always hear about the same players and I am pretty sure I could challenge with Messi and Ronaldo because football was harder in my times. I am not here for controversy, I’ll just say that both are very good players. However, in my time you could find more quality players than today, in which you only hear about Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar

2019 04 20 Retrieve

[Rivaldo tells that he believes Lionel Messi is worthy of the ultimate triumph on the world stage] It’s impossible to describe Messi. I like him so much and I always say I feel so sad because he never won the World Cup with Argentina. It is an award he deserves because a world-class player like him must be a world champion

2019 06 26 Retrieve

[The Brazil legend has defended the forwards after his former boss Louis van Gaal accused the pair of not being team players] Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are difference-making players and neither the team nor the coach knows how they do those otherworldly things. But there are many coaches who do not like these players because they detract from the coach himself, so they prefer to talk about these players as if they do not know how to play as a team and they are good only individually

I played football for more than 24 years and I know very well that many coaches were very average when they played and others were not players. Today, as coaches, they want their team to play as a team for them to have the merit of a great coach. If you have a player like Pele, Johan Cruyff, Rivellino, Garrincha, Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Fenomeno, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Romario, Kaka, Maradona, Zico, Mbappe, Figo, Stoichkov, Hagi, etc, it is easier. But it does not mean you are going to be champions. If you also have a team that does not play well tactically, it can mean that you are not going to be a champion

I prefer difference-making players because football is joy and everyone likes something different. The team is always important, but you need to have different players who can do something more on the pitch

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Rivaldo remembers his incredible Barcelona hat-trick in 2001] I remember having to really focus on controlling the ball properly to set up the bicycle kick. You may well plan something in football but it is not always easy to make it real, so thank god that it happened on that occasion. It wasn’t easy as I was stood outside of the box, far away from the goal, so really it was a perfect strike

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Rivaldo admitts he was’very sa’ to see AC Milan midfielder Lucas Paqueta don the infamous number 10 shirt that has been worn by legends of the past] I watched the match between Brazil v Argentina and was very sad to see what happened with the number 10 shirt. They gave the shirt to Paqueta against Argentina. A shirt that is respected worldwide. This shirt is not meant to be on the bench, let alone go off at half-time, because it is the shirt the world knows and respects because it was worn and honoured by Pele, Rivelino, Zico, Rivaldo, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Neymar<br>
The player is not to blame. But the coaching staff is, because they know the weight of this shirt and also that it could burn the 22-year-old, who can have a great future with the Brazilian team. Just as the coach wanted to protect Rodrygo, who is playing very well at Real Madrid, for this match, he could have protected Paqueta from playing with that shirt. We all know that Brazil and Argentina will never be a friendly match

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Iniesta’s comments echoed those of Rivaldo, who also believes Griezmann deserves time to shine at Camp Nou] There are growing rumours about a potential Antoine Griezmann transfer to Internazionale in exchange for Lautaro Martinez or even a deal that could see the Frenchman go to PSG and Neymar come the other way. But I believe that Barca’s board will give Griezmann more time to make an impression at the club. In Italy, Griezmann would have more difficulties and I think his future is in La Liga where he is well-adapted and ready to show his best game regularly. Barcelona just needs to be a little more patient before he builds more confidence and starts playing with more personality

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Barcelona continue to lean heavily on the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique, with Rivaldo adamant that an ageing squad is not a major concern for the Liga giants] These guys are important to the team, and have a bright future, but I don’t think they are the ones to make the difference. The responsibility should lie with the veterans, those with more experience and they are the players who must give more. I read in the press that they have many players over 30, but I don’t believe that’s a problem

It’s obvious that Barcelona have to improve their football, and that’s up to the coach, Setien has to find a formula to do something new. He needs to find a way to take advantage of the quality of the players he has at his disposal. Of course, recent matches make everyone doubt the progress because we’re used to seeing a different kind of Barcelona

I want to believe that the mediocre recent performances are the result of these strange times that we’re living in. I hope that in the next two or three matches they improve their level of playing

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Ex-Barcelona and Brazil star Rivaldo fears Griezmann’s place at the club may be under threat and feels it is up to captain Lionel Messi to help boost his confidence] Barca have won both their games since the restart, with Antoine Griezmann as a starter, but he continues to be far from the player he was at Atletico Madrid and some are wondering if he may become a ‘new Coutinho’ at Barcelona. It’s harsh to start making those comparisons, but it’s up to the player to prove it on the pitch. The lack of goals is demotivating and damages Griezmann’s confidence, so I believe it’s important for Lionel Messi to help him. Messi could, for example, let Griezmann take penalties when Barcelona are winning comfortably - just to get the Frenchman scoring - just like he did with Luis Suarez in the past