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Name Robbie Fowler
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc One of the most ruthless goalscorers the Premier League has ever seen. 120 goals in just 236 league appearances in his first stint at Liverpool, before more troubled spells Leeds, Manchester City and Blackburn. No matter. You do not earn the only semi-ironic nickname ‘God’ for no reason


Club as Coach Brisbane Roar
Club as Player Blackburn Rovers
  Manchester City
  Leeds United
  Liverpool FC


Coach Gerard Houllier
Teammate Michael Owen

2016 12 05 Retrieve

[The Reds face Los Blancos in a charity match on March 25 at Anfield] We’re really looking forward to playing Real Madrid next spring. We hope to put on a really good show for our fans in the first legends game held at Anfield, while raising funds for the Liverpool FC Foundation

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Robbie Fowler speaks about waking up in the early hours to watch his beloved Liverpool] I’m not a great sleeper anyway so I actually stayed up and watched it. It’s what you do with football isn’t it?

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Sir Alex Ferguson once talked of knocking the Liver bird off its perch as he plotted Manchester United’s domination of the title race for two decades] It’s not just a question of reclaiming its place on the perch Fergie talked about – the Liver bird is soaring. For the generation of fans who have never seen Liverpool win the title, there is a sense that Jurgen Klopp is giving the club its pride back

To reach the Champions League final two years running is not down to luck. You don’t come back from a three-goal deficit against Barcelona in a semi-final by just hoping the noise of Anfield will frighten them and the cards will fall your way

He knows what he is doing. He understands the touchstone for success is straight from Bill Shankly’s philosophy: He wants to make the people happy. That means playing the right way – whether it’s called rock and roll football, heavy metal football or whatever – with a work ethic that gives his team a realistic chance of winning. He recognises that success on the pitch has to be earned and is not a God-given right

Liverpool have always won stuff, or been in contention for trophies, but when you think of the Klopp era – and how close they came to the title last season – all of a sudden it makes you realise that when I played, we never really came close. Now they have a genuine chance of being champions for the first time in 30 years. It’s not over by a long chalk – there are 26 games to go – but eight points is a big gap. This is Liverpool’s time

[He does not regard his assignment Down Under as a stepping stone to bigger things back home, but why shouldn’t he aim to become Liverpool manager one day?] I was always a confident lad on the football field, I always believed I was better than everyone else. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and between them, my family and the Liverpool coaching staff would never have allowed me to walk the wrong side of the line. But I have the same passion for the game now that I had as a striker – and that passion makes me want to be the best at whatever I do

If I’m going to be successful as a coach or manager, I’m aiming for the top – and right now, the top means Liverpool … but I don’t think Jurgen has any plans to go somewhere else any time soon