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Robert Fernandez
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Barcelona [technical director]

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Robert Fernandez is aware that building bridges with Neymar may be difficult after he pushed for a switch to France in 2017] You can understand Neymar coming back because of the quality he has, but with the way he acted at that moment, in the summer of 2017, it would be difficult

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Former Barcelona technical director Robert Fernandez says it would be a mistake for Arthur Melo to leave the club amid links to Juventus] I don’t think Arthur is leaving. We are going through a particular moment where a lot of news is not checked well enough. I sincerely think it would be a mistake if he is sold because he is a young player. When we signed him we paid a large amount due to his qualities, age and projection. We thought he was going to have big growth at Barca and now I think he deserves a better status. His first season was good but, after that, he hasn’t been driven towards favourable situations. In addition, he suffered some small injuries which probably made it harder to have continuity in the starting line-up but we are still speaking about a player with huge individual skill, with Barcelona DNA even if he didn’t grow in La Masia. He is a player who has everything to become an important player

[Fernandez says that the midfielder is in need of more continuity] He must find the coach able to bring out the football he has inside. He did great with Valverde in his first season, the coach found the ideal role for him next to Busquets but he hasn’t had continuity in this season. The first season is used to be the adaptation one and he did great. He played very well at a high level and we were all delighted with him. I can’t understand discussing a player who not long ago made you happy. I think when something was working and is now not at his best, it is important to keep the same perception and style. If he played well in the first season, why didn’t he reach that level in the second one? I’ve seen he doesn’t finish the games and this is a big mistake, it brings you to an uncomfortable situation. You can think about a player that he is not in a good physical rhythm but to increase it, you must make him suffer and to play 90 minutes. I hope he gets brought in more in the next season and he can become the important player he must be because he has an extraordinary quality and pure FCB DNA

[Fernandez hopes that the midfielder looks to Ivan Rakitic as an example on how to deal with exit reports] I hope it doesn’t affect Arthur. The people around him should help him to remember the important things in life, as Rakitic did last season. Ivan is a player with a great personality and is used to playing in very difficult situations but nobody likes to read in the newspapers the club is thinking of selling you. It is not easy at all for a player in such a situation and such an experience. Players must be protected so it would be good if these things could be quickly denied because it is not good for them. It can only make the player angry and to lower his concentration and performances

2020 04 29b Retrieve

[former club technical director Robert Fernandez says I think Coutinho should never leave] Watching this Barcelona team, you need fast forward players, able to unbalance the opponents; passing and passing the ball is good but you need the capacity to unbalance because it’s impossible to win games by only passing the ball. I think Busquets, Arthur, De Jong, Rakitic are important - and Coutinho, I think he should never leave. Barcelona is different to the rest, possession and good treatment of the ball are required and Coutinho has an extraordinary quality. He scores often, so I never understood why he was loaned, it is only about finding his position on the pitch. Maybe something could be done better with him or perhaps the player found himself in a bad situation. I think some players need patience because they are the ones who win games. We can’t discuss a player like him, able to unbalance, who works harder, who scores often and he never complains. Barcelona can’t be allowing these players to leave because these are the ones who make Camp Nou fans jump out of their seats. I can’t speak about financial reasons but on the pitch Coutinho is a great professional, he loves to work, but for players at this level when they are on the bench they can lose their course and this is not good for the club nor the player. He is such a very special player. If it was my decision, Coutinho would never had left