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Name Roberto Carlos
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Descs When you think of Roberto Carlos, it’s hard not to immediately think of that goal against France in 1997, a physics-defying effort that defined everything the left-back was about. Raw power. The former ​Real Madrid man was the best left-back in world football during his ten year stay at Real Madrid, acting as one of the core ‘Galacticos’ during Los Blancos attempts to form the world’s most formidable club side. He secured plenty of titles during his decorated career, including a World Cup, three Champions Leagues and four La Liga trophies


Org Brazilian National Team
Club as Coach Delhi Dynamos
  Akhisar Belediyespor
  Anzhi Makhachkala
Club as Player Delhi Dynamos
  Real Madrid
1998 07 12
World Cup 1998 final where France defeat Brazil 3-0. Zinedine Zidane score 2 goals with assist from Emmanuel Petit and Youri Djorkaeff. also final goal came from Emmanuel Petit with assist by Patrick Vieira

2005 06 25 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos has had his car attacked at gunpoint during a radio interview which he gave while stopped in traffic] They just robbed my car, they just robbed my car [He told his interviewer]

[In the wake of the attack, the radio interviewer asked Carlos to comment on the high crime and murder rates that afflict Brazilian cities] It happens everywhere. It is a problem in our country because many people are out of work. But anyhow, I miss my country a lot and will keep coming [back]

2009 04 12 Retrieve

[Adriano has recently declared that he wants to take a break from football to deal with his personal issues that have been severely affecting him both on and off the field this season] Come and play with me at Fenerbahce

2009 10 07 Retrieve

It’s my third season there [in Turkey], but I have decided I will leave in December. I would like to return to Brazil and play for a team there. I would be willing to play for Madrid for six months from January to June, for free. I would like this. In Madrid I spent many wonderful years, I’ve won everything and I consider it my home. It is very important for me to return to Real Madrid, of course I would like as a player, but if possible I would like to work here with children, young people and teach them everything I know

2014 03 01 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos on coaching Real Madrid] To coach Real Madrid within about ten years is a dream that I have

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos says Del Bosque put training in the afternoon, he knew we wouldn’t go in the morning] [Del Bosque] was more a friend. You don’t need rules, the player knows what he has to do. He understood us perfectly. Monday workouts and sometimes Tuesday workouts were at 17:00. He didn’t put them at 11:00 in the morning because almost nobody came.

[The Brazilian went on to indicate that Antonio Camacho tried to be stricter with the players] At the time of Galacticos there were seven and it was a danger in the locker room. We always controlled it well and we had a good relationship, except with Camacho who lasted 10 days. He came to the dressing room and greeted everyone, very seriously and with history at Real Madrid. I just watched to see what he was going to say and he said ‘I want everyone tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning’. Normally we trained at 10.30. We talked to him to try to change the schedule, as we had our habits

[Vanderlei Luxemburgo didn’t manage to deal with the dressing room and their special habits either] The same happened with Luxemburgo, as we had the habit of arriving at the base, leaving our bags in the room and before dinner we had our beer and our wine. There were always two bottles of wine on the table.

Ronaldo and I told him ‘coach, the people here have their habits so try not to change them and don’t remove the bottles of wine and beer from the table before dinner because we are going to have problems.’. What did he do? He removed the beers first and then the wine bottles. He lasted three months. The world of football is small, the news arrived to the board and ‘ciao’

2016 01 12 Retrieve

I had a meeting with Real Madrid about my future with the club. Soon I will know how I can collaborate with Zidane’s Madrid. Zidane is a leader in the dressing room. His personality is going to make him very successful. A coach has to befriend his players and Benítez struggled to form a bond with them

[Roberto Carlos made the bold suggestion Neymar’s move to Real Madrid] I can take him to Real Madrid. He’s very young. I am sure next year he will finish even higher in the Ballon d’Or

2016 06 09 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos believes Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Ballon d’Or] Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Ballon D’Or, even if he doesn’t win the Euros. Messi is a good player, but winning the Champions League counts for a lot. The best player in the world decided the competition. I think he’ll be the best in the world again

2016 10 13 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos talks about Real Madrid’s response of him become Coach] I have already spoken to the club but they don’t want me. They’ve said that my image is more suited to an ambassadorial role. When I have the opportunity to return to coaching, I will take it. At the moment, I’m happy as an ambassador

The last four games haven’t gone as well as hoped, but there’s time to recover. There’s a terrific atmosphere, great team, and let’s see if we can win the league again

2016 10 14 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos jokes about Cristiano Ronaldo winning the Ballon d’Or. The 31-year-old hasn’t actually won the Ballon d’Or yet as the ceremony isn’t until January, but if it was judged by popular opinion, he’d have already walked away with the trophy months ago] I think Cristiano Ronaldo already has the Ballon d’Or at home but he just has not told anyone yet. He has taken time to get back to being himself after the knee injury, but from now on he will show us all the Cristiano we all know, just like he played for Portugal. I wish him all the luck in the world

2016 11 16 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos says Marcelo is the best left-back in the world] Together with Cafu, I invented a different way of attacking in football. Today Brazil has Marcelo and Filipe. Marcelo is the best in the world, making football more real, but that is not to disparage Filipe. I hope Marcelo is not better than me, but he is doing very well. It is necessary to see, but now he is the best left-sided defender that there is in the world. Technically he is better; I was more power and punch

[In a wide-ranging interview, the ex-Real Madrid star heaped praise on Cristiano Ronaldo’s footballing brain] He is a very intelligent player. He knows that sometimes he has to help Karim [Benzema] and others to score. Nowadays he is the best in the world, there are games that he doesn’t score, but he is looking for space because he’s a reference point. I hope people realise how good Cristiano is, because of the intelligence he has, but he is to blame for having scored so many goals. It’s complicated, it’s going to be a great game. If I was playing the game I’d say we’re going to win, but now I’m inside the club I’ve got another image. Let it be a great show, without violence. I think [Zinedine] Zidane has had time to study Atlético’s weak points

2016 12 03 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos reveals who is ‘still’ the best player in the world] Talking about Cristiano is very easy. He is the best in the world. A truly great player, and everyone keeps saying he continues scoring the most important goals of his career. Cristiano is the best in the world, still! Cristiano for last season and everything he has done this season, already deserves to have won the Ballon d’Or. I think that Cristiano over the last few years has been considered, not just by ex-players, managers and people generally across the world, to be one of the best players of all time

2016 12 05 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos talks about a move to Australia] Why not? Everything is possible in football and obviously it will be a new experience. At the moment I am learning here at Real Madrid but of course one day if there was the right opportunity I would certainly consider it

I would like to return to being a manager. Now as I am an ambassador for Real Madrid in Asia and Oceania and I am very happy with regards to working for my club. But obviously I do miss the day-to-day on the pitch and when I have my license I want to learn more about work on the pitch here at Real Madrid and then become a manager again

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos believes Zinedine Zidane has what it takes to be the best coach in the world] You can see the numbers … I can’t say anything. There are not many managers who have done what he did in one year. I wish him luck. He is working very well, with an incredible simplicity, modernity and training. His staff help him a lot. He is ready to be the best head coach in the world in the future

2019 10 10 Interview

[Speaking about his experience with Vicente del Bosque, who was ushered out of the door in 2003 shortly after landing the Liga title] He was more like a friend. You didn’t need rules. We knew perfectly well what he wanted. Training on Monday was at five in the afternoon. Sometimes on Tuesday as well. He didn’t ask us to come in at 11:00 because practically nobody showed up

[memories of some of his other coaches at the club, including the famously combustible José Antonio Camacho, who lasted just 22 days during his first stint in 1998 and not much longer when he returned in 2004] During the Galácticos era there were seven of us … it created a dangerous situation in the dressing room. We always managed the situation well, we got along well, but Camacho didn’t and he only lasted 10 days. He came into the dressing room, said hello to everybody and was very serious, a man with a lot of history at Real Madrid. Then he said: ‘I want everybody here tomorrow morning at 7am.’ We normally trained at 10:30. We talked to him to try and get him to change the time; we had our habits

[On Vanderlei Luxemburgo, who was another Florentino Pérez appointment that didn’t work out very well, Carlos recalls] The same thing happened to him. In the second game of the league season we had the custom of leaving our bags in the hotel and going for a beer or a wine before dinner. There were always two bottles of wine on the table. Ronaldo and me told him: ‘Professor, people here have their habits, you’ll see what they are, but don’t try to change them. Don’t take the wine off the table or stop the beers before dinner or you’ll find yourself with a problem.’ What did he do? First he took away the wine, then he banned the beers. He lasted three months. Football is a small world, the directors heard about it and it was adios

[Asked if player power was a problem during the Galáctico era, Carlos concurred] Today when I’m looking back I think; how is it possible that we got away with so much craziness? After every game it was private jets left, right and centre. We’d meet up at the private terminal at Barajas and Beckham would be off god knows where, Figo and Zidane would be off somewhere or other, Ronaldo and me … and we always had to train the day after tomorrow. I used to pray for Saturday fixtures so I could go to the Formula 1 on Sunday. It was private jets all over the place. It was crazy

[Speaking about his former teammate and friend, with whom he lifted the World Cup in 2002, Carlos has nothing but fond memories] I met Ronaldo in 1993 and from that moment we always shared the room. I’ve slept more times with Ronaldo than my wife

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos praises Radamel Falcao] I heard he was injured. When you return to the field, you will do a very important job. He is a great scorer and Galatasaray needs him

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos says he wanted Neymar at Real Madrid a long time ago] If it were up to me, [Neymar] would already be here a long time ago, but life is not how one would like it. These great players always have to play for the best clubs in the world. Real Madrid today is a reference for any player. Do you want to win the Champions League? Come to Real Madrid

[Madrid’s current left-back, Marcelo, has been out of favour with Brazil] Everyone deserves a new opportunity and I think Marcelo is growing again to be the Marcelo I saw play, with joy, who does things that only he can do on the field. I hope he returns to the national team and disputes the position with Filipe [Luis], Alex Sandro and Renan Lodi

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos left Inter ‘in 10 minutes’ for Real Madrid after disagreement] I played on the wing [at Inter]. The problem is that in the first seven games, I scored seven goals. They went to put me up front in Italy in 1995 and I suffered a lot because of it. I spoke with [Inter president Massimo] Moratti and I said to him that I couldn’t keep playing up front because in three months, I had the Copa America and that day I had a meeting with [Real president] Lorenzo Sanz and in 10 minutes, I left and I came to Madrid. In that time, things were done very quickly

[Carlos hinted the PSG superstar needs to adjust his perception of his own self-importance] Neymar is good, he’s happy, scoring goals, being humble at PSG is what I want to see and in the future at the World Cup, he can be the best player in the world

[Carlos revealed he always wanted Neymar to follow in his footsteps to Real Madrid] If it were up to me, [Neymar] would already be here a long time ago, but life is not how one would like it. These great players always have to play for the best clubs in the world. Real Madrid today is a reference for any player. Do you want to win the Champions League? Come to Real Madrid

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos says not even Messi and Cristiano compare to Brazil legend] Ronaldo stood out in training. He was the best. There will never be another Ronaldo ‘Fenomeno’. Not Neymar, Cristiano or MessiRonaldo is unique. I think in our generation it was harder to score goals. It was more physical back then and attackers were less protected. But Ronaldo could do everything

I knew how unbelievable he was when he arrived but a lot of people at Madrid didn’t. He surprised a lot of people. I remember 80,000 people were very happy and pleasantly surprised by him

We had an amazing atmosphere inside the club. Even though there were huge players, it was just a group of great people working in the same environment. We were all great friends and still are. It was spectacular. Real Madrid is bigger than egos. The club is huge and the culture of the club was so big that we were able to sign huge players. It was then up to the players to adapt to the culture and not the other way around. Everyone had to speak Spanish in the dressing room. The only one who decided to speak more Portuguese than Spanish was [David] Beckham because he wouldn’t leave my house! He was close to Ronaldo and me, so his Portuguese got better than his Spanish

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos: I was very close to joining Chelsea] I had two proposals, Fenerbahce and Chelsea. Chelsea didn’t work out so I signed for Fenerbahce. But, with Chelsea, it got very close. It was literally agreed and I just had to go there and sign the contract. It was just a week before I signed for Fenerbahce and I had been to Paris to meet both Roman Abramovich and (former chief executive) Peter Kenyon. Unfortunately, in the final moments something didn’t work out just before finalising, which happens a lot in football. There was an issue with the lawyer. It was all agreed, though, and I am 100 per cent sure I would have done well in the Premier League and it would have suited my characteristics

I was still playing in Brazil with Palmeiras when Aston Villa came in for me in 1995 but they couldn’t afford the deal. After that, I went to Inter

[Carlos is optimistic about his country’s latest crop of young players] Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo of Real Madrid are the future, along with Flamengo’s Gerson. These are the guys I am most excited about. All three are fantastic players and they will be very successful.

[As for his own position, Carlos believes that compatriot Marcelo is now the reference point for all aspiring left-backs] I feel like I was an example to follow after what I achieved, just like what Marcelo is doing now in Real Madrid. People will follow Marcelo just as they followed me

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos on Ronaldo] Ronaldo stood out in training. He was the best. There will never be another Ronaldo ‘Fenômeno’. Not Neymar, Cristiano or MessiRonaldo is unique. I think in our generation it was harder to score goals. It was more physical back then and attackers were less protected. But Ronaldo could do everything

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Roberto Carlos has urged James Rodriguez to be patient at Real Madrid, with the Colombian told that Zinedine Zidane ‘has a lot of respect’ for him despite a lack of game time sparking further rounds of transfer talk] Zidane has a lot of respect for James. He makes lots of rotations and whenever James comes on he always does well. The most important thing now is that he keeps on training as well as he has been and that he maintains the confidence he has in himself. The fans love him. To tell you the truth, I care for him and, whenever I see him, I give him a big hug. He has done so much for this club and even more for his country