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Name Ronaldo
Spelling Ronaldo Nazario de Lima
  Ronaldo Nazario
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc The scariest thing about Ronaldo? We arguably didn’t see him reach his full potential, as knee injuries stopped him in his tracks on two separate occasions. It’s scary to envisage what the former Barcelona, Inter and Real Madrid man could have achieved had he stayed in peak physical condition for the majority of his career. He was the perfect embodiment of what you would want from a striker and, as his eight goal tally at the 2002 World Cup proved, no one could rival him when he was in the mood


Owner Real Valladolid
Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Inter Milan


Agent Giovanni Branchini
Teammate Aldair
  Roberto Carlos
1998 07 12
World Cup 1998 final where France defeat Brazil 3-0. Zinedine Zidane score 2 goals with assist from Emmanuel Petit and Youri Djorkaeff. also final goal came from Emmanuel Petit with assist by Patrick Vieira

2010 09 07 Retrieve

[Ronaldo’s finest got nabbed for bringing three transvestite prostitutes back to his hotel room after dropping his girlfriend home first] Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that’s not a crime but this will stain my life forever

2011 03 18 Retrieve

[Brazil Legend Ronaldo Hails Fantastic Opposing Fans Ahead Of Friendly Against Scotland] One of my favourite footballing memories is of the opening game of the 1998 World Cup in Paris against Scotland and the fantastic Scottish fans, so I am very excited to be experiencing a Scotland-Brazil match once again

2014 03 01 Retrieve

[Ronaldo on Zinedine Zidane’s next career move] I believe Zidane is preparing to train France. He won’t spend much time as the number two at Real Madrid. With all of his experience, he can train any team

2015 01 24 Retrieve

[Brazil legend Ronaldo names his favourite striker] I think the best striker is Ibrahimovic. He wears No10, but he plays like a No9. Last year I went to Paris a couple of times and watched matches in which he played. His movement [is amazing]! He’s very, very good - the best at the moment

2016 10 22 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid forward Ronaldo says he would like to see a certain Liverpool playmaker make the move to the Santiago Bernabeu] I would like to see Coutinho at Real Madrid, the Liverpool player

2017 02 25 Retrieve

[Ronaldo reveals the reason behind his famous haircut during the 2002 FIFA World Cup Final] My groin was hurting. I was only at 60 per cent. So I shaved my head. Everybody was only talking about my injury. When I arrived in training with this haircut everybody stopped talking about the injury

2017 04 29 Retrieve

[Ronaldo posts his support for Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Instagram] [You have] my positive thinking, so that you have a good recovery, and come back even stronger. The force is in our will! You have my support, respect and admiration for facing the injury with this warrior spirit of overcoming adversity

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Ronaldo talks about his time being a part of the 1994 FIFA World Cup winning team as a 17-year-old] Let me put it this way. Harvard’s a pretty big deal in America, right? Well, playing with that team in that tournament was like going to the Ivy League of football. It was a first-class, front-row education on how to not just play football, but how to be a footballer. How to be a World Cup champion. I didn’t play a minute in that tournament, but I watched and absorbed everything that I could. I took notes, collected all this information, knowing that someday I was going to be back. That summer changed my life and my career

2018 01 27 Retrieve

[Ronaldo tells about a possible new project in his career in football] I’m thinking about buying a club in the second division in Spain or England. I want to do something innovative. I think I’m prepared for the challenge

2018 08 29 Retrieve

[Ronaldo talks about Romario] I played with some amazing players and he is one of them. I did not have the chance to play with Zico but I think that Romário, at least for me, was the most decisive Brazilian player. He was a great goalscorer, finisher, skilful, opportunist. I think I learnt all of that from him

2018 12 08 Retrieve

[Ronaldo on comparison between him and Cristiano Ronaldo] I would say we were different in the role we played, even if he now players a lot more in the middle and closer to the goal. Perhaps in the past an assist satisfied him as much as a goal. Now, I don’t think it does. In that desire for goals we are equal, yes

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Ronaldo speaks about his ambitions in club ownership] I think I have one thing that they don’t, because I played and I know what players think. I know what they want. I know what they need

2019 05 23 Retrieve

[World Cup winner Ronaldo has said of Vinicius and the other Samba stars emerging in Madrid] He is a spectacular talent, as well as Rodrygo, who is an incredible talent. Madrid has been reinforced with very good young talents

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Ronaldo, who now owns Real Valladolid, publicly expresses an interest in signing Rodrygo] He had a great season last year and he practically saved Real Madrid from even worse failure. I’d love to be able to have him

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[Ronaldo pens a letter to Real Valladolid supporters] We are separated by physical distance, but I am convinced that we have never been so close. Empathy is what unites us now. The collective spirit, responsibility, humanity

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Ronaldo speaks with kicker about his famous hairstyle at the 2002 World Cup] Everyone was talking about my injury. When I arrived in training with this hairstyle, it stopped. So I had my peace of mind and could focus on rehab. I was not really proud of my strange haircut, but it was a good way to change the subject

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Former Barcelona star Ronaldo considers Lionel Messi to be the undisputed ‘number one’ in modern football, with Cristiano Ronaldo overlooked in the Brazilian’s top five as Mohamed Salah, Eden Hazard, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe get the nod] I also like Salah, Hazard, Neymar, I love watching him play, of course Mbappe. Many people say that he looks like me. He has a lot of speed, he finishes well, he has great movement, he shoots really well with both feet, he has an incredible stride. We have similar attributes, but I never liked the comparisons, especially between players of different generations, because the situations are different

[While talking up the qualities of a star turn in France, and recognising the efforts of Liverpool forward Salah in England, Ronaldo – who now owns a majority stake in Real Valladolid – considers La Liga to be the best league in the world] It is not clear that the Premier League is better than our league. Perhaps in television income the clubs receive more, but the best players are in Spain, or at least, most of them