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Rory McIlroy
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Northern Irish professional golfer
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2014 08 16 Retrieve

[Rory McIlroy on bringing his latest golf trophies to Manchester United’s English Premier League opening match against Swansea City] I don’t know if I can parade the Claret Jug and the Wanamaker Trophy at the same time at Old Trafford on Saturday but I will try

2014 09 27 Retrieve

[Rory McIlroy, Northern Irish professional golfer, after Alex Ferguson visited the Europe’s Ryder Cup team] I was just sitting there and looking up at him and I didn’t take my eyes off him. I was in this trance just listening to everything that he was saying and I’m thinking, this is all the stuff that he’s probably said to Manchester United teams over the years

2014 12 20 Retrieve

[Rory McIlroy, the world’s #1 golfer on who he would most love to sign for his beloved Manchester United] I’d bring back George Best! Honestly, I was watching some footage recently and Best in his prime was definitely up there with today’s greats. He was more than just skilful - he was a thinker, on and off the ball

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[In between competing in golf tournaments around the world, Rory McIlroy is a regular visitor to Manchester United games and in 2014 he was invited to parade the Claret Jug at Old Trafford during the half-time interval] It was great. I couldn’t wait and I was nervous at the same time

[A few years later, ahead of the 2018 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, McIlroy annoyed some Manchester United fans by suggesting that he would like to see the Merseysiders win] As much as I’m a Manchester United fan, and United fans are supposed to hate Liverpool, I think it would be great to see a British team win

[When Northern Ireland qualified for Euro 2016, the golfer recorded a message of support to Michael O’Neill and the players] The Green and White Army are at the European Championship at last. We are so proud of you boys, good luck and dare to dream. Come on Northern Ireland!

[Who is Rory McIlroy’s favourite footballer?] He wants to get involved going forward but he also wants to get involved when he goes back. I’ve always admired guys who work that hard on the pitch and he certainly does that

[When asked by FIFA which player he would sign for Manchester United if money was no object] I don’t say that to avoid the question. I was watching old videos recently and George Best was simply the best. He didn’t just have talent. He was a thinker on the pitch and off it. He was aware of things and that’s what gave him an aura on the pitch.

[Interestingly, McIlroy does not have a favourable opinion of former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, who was in his prime during McIlroy’s youth] I went and asked for his autograph at the Portmarnock Links Hotel when he was with the Ireland squad, and he said no. It just sort of stuck with me I guess

[Does Rory McIlroy play football?] I enjoy it. It’s unfortunate it happened. It can happen walking off a tee box. It can happen falling off a kerb on the side of the street. It can happen doing anything. I might take precautionary measures next time - maybe wear ankle braces on both ankles. But I’m not going to stop doing what I do. I enjoy having that normality in my life. I’ve done it since I was a kid and won’t stop