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Ross Barkley
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Club as Player Chelsea FC

2018 09 29 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley on team-mate Eden Hazard] Oh God, you see him do that every day in training so you’re not surprised when you see him do it in a game like that - but what a goal. He’s one of the best players in the world and he shows it. He’s been showing it for the last five or six years and he is establishing himself in the top three players in the world. At the minute, he’s probably the best player in the world, the way he is playing

2019 07 29 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley has called on his Chelsea team-mates to chip in with goals to replace those lost following the summer departure of the exceptional Eden Hazard] You have to fill in. Everyone in the squad understands that he (Hazard) was a great player, but he is gone. He has new challenges now and we have to replace his goals and create the chances. We have that much quality in the squad we will all step up to the plate. Last season when Eden wasn’t playing we still won games, we still created chances. We know he is an exceptional player, but we have exceptional players in the squad. We have young ones that will step up and produce the goods as well.

We have Callum coming back from injury and we have signed Christian Pulisic, he is an exceptional talent. We have wingers who can create from tight positions, players who can shoot from distance and strikers - young and experienced - who are hungry for goals. We have all come back from pre-season hungry, especially under the new manager. We are all working hard every day in training and doing double sessions all the time, getting ready for the new season. There is a lot we can improve on - you could see that against Reading as we conceded three goals. We scored four so there were positives, too, and I am looking forward to the season

[Barkley played with Frank Lampard for England and acknowledge that his new boss was one of his idols as he came through the Everton academy] Yes, he was one of my idols as a kid. I was always watching Match of the Day as a kid, you always saw him every week scoring goals. That’s what you like to see and now he is our manager, it is brilliant for all the players in the squad. He’s got all the respect from the players for the player he was and the person he is. Every day, whether it be around the building or on the training pitch, he is speaking to everyone trying to give them tips on how to improve.

He will help all the midfielders. He is a legend of the game, the highest goal-scoring midfielder in Premier League history, so we are going to take all he has to give us and the experience he has from the past on board. We will keep improving and he will help us. It is a new manager and a new formation - we’ve had to adapt to the different systems we are going to play. [It’s about being] hungry for goals, just have the desire to get in the box. At the minute I have been playing a bit further forward, to think like a striker, especially as a No. 10, but try to help out defensively and work hard off the ball

[Barkley says that the new direction under the Chelsea legend has increased competition for places during pre-season] The likes of Tammy, Mason have scored goals in pre-season and you can see the hunger in them. I was the same. I went out on loan and then I got my chance at Everton. When you get your chance, you just have to be ready and believe that chances will come, that you are going to step forward and produce. When you have that extra bit of quality, you can see the belief. The players that are getting a chance now are really confident lads. They believe that they’re meant to be here. You can see that in the training sessions and the games. I’m sure they will get opportunities during the season and will show what they’re capable of. It’s Chelsea and you will always have competition for places here. You have to work hard and your chances will come

2019 07 29b Retrieve

[Ross Barkley has shed some light on Frank Lampard’s man-management skills, with Chelsea’s new boss having asked the England international to take more risks on the pitch] As a kid at nine or 10 you get stickers of players, so to go from watching him on Match of the Day to playing with him for England and then have him as a manager… time flies! It shows anything can happen in football. He’s been saying ‘express yourself on the pitch, take risks, don’t be too safe, shoot, try to create chances’. It’s something I can do and it’s what he has been putting into me in training and the pre-season games. I’ve seen what he was capable of as a player when I played with him for England a few years ago. He has brought the work ethic that he had as a player to his management - we have been working really hard.

You don’t want to play in your shell. You want to be playing off the cuff sometimes to take chances and make something happen. That’s what players like myself, Mason, Ruben when he’s back… that’s what we want to express on the pitch. As a player you can’t be too worried if you take a risk and whether it’s not going to come off. You have to try to make things happen and, hopefully, that’ll start happening on the pitch. I’m looking forward to taking my chances. All managers are like that but some managers like discipline as well, which I have added from previous managers. It’s about getting the right balance and knowing on the pitch when is the right time to take risks

2019 07 31 Retrieve

[Red Bull Salzburg vs Chelsea. Ross Barkley is another to have shone under Lampard so far, with the former Everton man tipped to be one of those to step into the void left by the departure of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid] I’ve been playing a little bit further forward, so you want to think like a striker, especially a No.10, and try to help out defensively and work hard off the ball. He will help all the midfielders. He’s a legend of the game, he’s the highest scoring midfielder in Premier League history, so we’re going to take all he has to give us from the experience he’s had, we’re going to take all that on board and we’ll keep improving and he’ll help us. In training, he’s saying to express yourself on the pitch, take risks, don’t be too safe, shoot and try and create chances and stuff - which I can do

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley says he is Chelsea’s designated penalty taker and insists he will take the next one the club are awarded despite his 87th-minute miss against Valencia on Tuesday] When I’m on the pitch, I’ll take the penalty. Obviously I didn’t execute it right but everybody misses penalties. I didn’t score the goal but I felt confident. If there was another penalty in the game, I would have been confident to take it. You can miss penalties. It’s not the end of the world. We’ve got five more games in the group stage that we’re aiming to win but this didn’t go our way

[Willian and Tammy Abraham have also taken high-profile penalties in the past and Barkley has no hard feelings over the reaction of his team-mates before he stepped up] We’ve got a lot of good penalty-takers in the squad and on a sheet in the changing rooms it says I’m on penalties if I’m on the pitch. Otherwise, it’s Jorginho. But as with all players, sometimes you feel confident to take them on but we can all miss one. They are confident to take the penalties as well but I practice them every day. I don’t miss them in training and in pre-season I scored penalties. I’ve missed penalties before when I was at Everton and it is one of those things. I’m gutted that I missed but these things happen. It [the conversations with his team-mates before the penalty] was more like ‘good luck with the penalty’ type of thing. They were encouraging me and would have been willing to take the penalty as well but I felt confident. It was a disappointing night all round. Our first game in the group stage, our first game at home as well, it was disappointing. Missing a penalty is not the end of the world for me. It is a disappointing result not coming away with the three points and disappointing for me not executing the penalty right. I felt confident that I would have but for me, it is to focus on the next game and to get three points at the weekend.

2019 09 18b Retrieve

[Ross Barkley is looking to put the disappointment of his penalty miss against Valencia behind him as Chelsea prepare to welcome table-toppers Liverpool to Stamford Bridge on Sunday] Every side is beatable on the day. It just goes down to hard work, putting extra yards in, being clinical as well and a bit of luck. The big games bring the best out of all players. As you have seen in the Super Cup final and how well we performed in that game, and we can perform to those levels again on Sunday and hopefully it goes our way. We are joint-third [in the league on points]. We’re not doing badly. We won at the weekend, scoring goals. We have got a confident bunch of lads in the team. We have got a big game on Sunday and we are confident we can win the game

That’s a weird anomaly. We are going to win home games, aren’t we? We haven’t won yet but there is a big game coming up at the weekend. Hopefully, we win that and start winning our home games

[Barkley says that Chelsea are unmoved by the disappointment of Tuesday night and are instead focused on the matches to come in the Champions League] We have lost our first game but there are five other games. Our focus to win those five other games

2019 09 22 Retrieve

[Chelsea vs Liverpool. Blues man Ross Barkley has been full of fighting talk ahead of the two sides’ reunion, stating that he believes his side can get the better of their visitors this time around] Every side is beatable on the day. It just goes down to hard work, putting extra yards in, being clinical as well and a bit of luck. The big games bring the best out of all players. As you have seen in the Super Cup final and how well we performed in that game, and we can perform to those levels again on Sunday and hopefully it goes our way

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley says the young players being integrated into Chelsea’s team have the winning mentality needed to thrive at Stamford Bridge] Everyone is positive and confident after the goals were shared out amongst the team. The young lads have done really well for England and Chelsea youth teams over the years, winning trophies. They have got the winning mentality this club needs. For them to come into the side at such a young age and do so well, it’s great times for the club, the fans and the future as well. I’m not surprised at how they’ve done, because you can see the quality they have got. Some were out on loan and proved to the manager and his assistant, Jody Morris who has worked with the younger lads, what they’re capable of. It’s the perfect timing for the young lads to show what they can do, and they have done that since the start of the season

[Barkley thinks Hudson-Odoi is now ready to make an impact with 90 minutes under his belt] Last season he was growing with the minutes he was getting, and the goals he was getting. The more he was on the pitch you could see he was getting better and better. He had a little setback but now he’s back and looking extra sharp. He has been putting the extra yards in in training. On Wednesday he was a bit frustrated because he could have had a hat-trick, but it was good to see him back playing the full 90 and scoring as well

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has revealed that he was forced to train with just his left foot for a number of weeks after suffering chips to two bones in his right] It felt great to just be back on the pitch. I haven’t played for a while. After I injured my foot, I had a setback for a while. I was in pain until probably a couple of weeks ago when I became pain-free.

I have put in a lot of hard work and I was grateful to get a start today and get a goal. It is tough to be on the side watching games. You want to be on the pitch. But I had trouble. I had fine chips on two parts of my bone in my foot so it was really painful. I just had to bide my time and keep working hard. I couldn’t really kick the ball with my right foot so I was training with my left. But now I feel good and I am ready to get back in the side and keep working hard.

I was trying my hardest to pass the ball in training with my right foot but it was that painful I just had to train with my left foot. Some days I would have to come out of training because it would be really painful, but for the last two or three weeks, I have been pain-free so I have been putting in the extra yards.

After training, I have been doing double sessions fitness-wise so I could stay on top of it with me not getting games for a while. Hopefully, I can kick on from here and get back in the side by continuing to work hard in training. Hopefully with a goal I have put that thought back in the manager’s mind.

I have got to keep scoring with every chance I get. Last time I went away with England I scored a couple and then I came back and got a setback. So it was frustrating from that side of it. But to come back and score today is good for my confidence. I will come back into training on Tuesday ready to kick on again

[Ross Barkley is hopeful that his club form ahead of the spring internationals can see him continue in midfield for the Three Lions] From the last camp I spoke with him because I got called up to the England squad. I was struggling and it wasn’t beneficial for me to go with the England squad to just get treatment and not play any games. It was more about getting myself right and I have been feeling right for the past couple of weeks now. I was back in the side today and hopefully, he will have seen I have scored - which he probably will - and then we have got a lot of games until the next England meet-up. But the main thing is to focus on helping us progress [at Chelsea] and get our home form much better so we can kick on and get higher up the table

2020 01 06b Retrieve

[Ross Barkley speak about being filmed on camera phones in his personal life after being caught in an uncompromising moment. The first video showed Barkley supposedly in an argument with a taxi driver in Liverpool after spilling chips in the vehicle, while the second clip showed Barkley dancing topless in a Dubai nightclub on holiday] Yeah, [I learned] a big lesson. You’ve got to be aware of your surroundings when you let your hair down, for any player out there. You’ve just got to be aware of what’s around you. It’s just more about being with the right company and in private.

When you play in the Premier League, you’re a high profile player, so it’s about keeping low-key and switched on. When you’re on holiday or away, you need the right people around you. I’ve made that mistake and it won’t happen again but I’m sure it’ll happen to young players in the future. We all make mistakes but it’s about being aware. It’s that 10 seconds when you’re not looking like a professional when you’ve got to let your hair down but then you can’t forget about your job.

It was unfortunate of me to get caught in that position and it will happen many times to players over the years because you know what phones are like nowadays. I am just keeping my head down and it won’t happen again. It is [a bit sad that footballers don’t have privacy]. Back in the day, players wouldn’t have to think about things like that but you can’t forget people want to make you look bad. I am a very professional player but that 10 seconds doesn’t make you look professional. That’s just the way football is now with phones. You have to adapt to the way things are now

[Barkley appreciates Lampard’s sympathy amid the videos being posted online] Yes, [he is] really supportive. Everyone makes mistakes. When you make mistakes, you’ve got to learn from them. I’m 26 now and I understand when you make a mistake, learn from them and move on. He was really supportive. Yes, he definitely [gets it]. Lampard was one of the best players in the world and I am sure when he was a player he liked to let his hair down at the right times. He fully understands in his day that there was none of that. It more that people want to make you look bad, but it is in my hands and other players hands to not be in that position

2020 03 04 Retrieve

[Barkley knows that he needs to play well for Chelsea in the final weeks of the season to stay in Gareth Southgate’s England plans for Euro 2020 after being called up on the last few occasions] It is more about how you end the season. I had a few injuries and have done well for England of late but for me it is more about the focus on doing well here with Chelsea and then England will take care of itself

2020 03 04b Retrieve

[Barkley delighted to end his Liverpool scoring duck & compares Gilmour to Jorginho] I hadn’t scored against Liverpool so it was special for me, I had only done it in the youth teams so I was glad. It was just an opportunity to drive at goal and make something happen which I like to do.

I dropped my shoulder, Gomez shifted a bit and I had seen that the goalkeeper was blinded a bit so I took my chance and luckily it went in. Everyone knows Liverpool’s strengths, every position they are strong.

They’re a top side with a top manager and they all work for each other like a proper team. You can see off the pitch that they are a really close-knit bunch. You can see with the results, they only got beat [for the first time] at the weekend, they have been so consistent all season which is what we need but this season they are doing well.

Everyone else is going to improve. We needed that last night after two disappointing results. It was a big positive keeping a clean sheet as well, we’ve conceded some sloppy goals recently so to keep a clean sheet is going to be good for confidence.

I am feeling good, always positive. I struggled with my foot for a while and since I have been free of pain I have been working hard, training well and doing what I can in games, trying to get a bit of rhythm game after game and now I am starting to feel good. I’m ready to end the season really well.

2020 03 04c Retrieve

[Chelsea won their midfield battle and were worth their win on the night. Ross Barkley’s display was almost as timely as Gilmour, with the pair now set to start all of their side’s next few games as injuries continue to pile up] Today he was brilliant, but it’s not a surprise to me [given] the way he trains every day. I saw him last season and he was quality in training. He showed that with the little chances he had this season, and today it was a top performance. Long may it continue

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[A crushing 4-0 win allowed the Blues to cement a fourth-place standing] We were brilliant. We had a great result in midweek [against Liverpool in the FA Cup] and this was what we needed, another strong result at home, a clean sheet and a brilliant performance. Not only that, a lot of players chipped in with goals and we had a lot of chances. You could see on the pitch we were playing with confidence and hopefully we can continue with that now

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley renaissance suggests Chelsea don’t need to break the bank for Havertz] It was frustrating [timing] because I was in good form. I was getting a decent run in the side and things were going well

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley believes Frank Lampard’s ruthless desire to win trophies can give Chelsea the edge in the FA Cup] It’s the mentality of the club and the gaffer since he’s been back. He wants to win every game and it’s a trophy. Chelsea are a massive club, we win trophies every year and everyone’s motivated with every FA Cup game. Even before the lockdown we had big results against big sides and since we’ve been back we beat Man City in the week and at Leicester, against an excellent side, we won the game. It’s given us confidence and hopefully we continue with it.

The gaffer encourages it, he likes the midfielders getting into the box. In training every day, with repetition of arriving in the box, he encourages that and gives us tips. In this game it paid off for me and any midfielder that plays for us that gets in the box will get goals. We’re in a great position in the Premier League. It’s important we just maintain it, stay focused, and try and stay up there and get higher if we can