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Name Roy Hodgson
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
  England Head Coach [ex]
  Crystal Palace manager
Desc Hodgson turned out to be the master of the preamble, successfully guiding England to two tournaments with panache, before falling flat. His four-year tenure began in much the same vein overseeing England’s first victory over Norway in 30 years, in this friendly, thanks to Ashley Young’s strike. ‘It was a marvellous start to my career as national coach,’ he said. The 2-1 Euro 2016 defeat against Iceland in June provided a less than marvellous end


Org England National Team
Club as Coach Crystal Palace

2010 07 17 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson Reveals Managing Director Christian Purslow Is In Control Of Liverpool Transfers As Joe Cole Speculation Grows] I’m not a betting man so that doesn’t actually play a big part that betting is suspended. I don’t even know enough about betting to know what that means. As far as I know, Joe Cole is still a player looking for a club. I know we’ve been connected with him, and it’s good to know we’re connected with players of that quality, but I don’t have anything to report on the subject. I haven’t had any discussions with him, but I had a brief chat a while back. If you want to know about transfer targets, and how things are progressing, you’ll have to ask [managing director] Christian Purslow because he’s the man looking after those discussions, not me

2010 08 18 Retrieve

[Liverpool defender Daniel Agger still has no memory of his team’s Premier League clash with Arsenal last Sunday] Daniel is not doing that well. It is three days after the incident and he is still suffering from the concussion. He has no memory of the game. It was quite a serious concussion he received and we can only hope it will settle down in time for Monday’s match against Manchester City. There was never any question he would be fit for tomorrow. He is not able to do very much at the moment because he is still suffering from headaches. Even something as simple as reading a newspaper or watching TV can give him a headache so it is just a question of him taking things easy

2014 05 04 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson on why the 20th FIFA World Cup will be extra special] Everybody associates Brazil with football. We’re all used to seeing the Copacabana and other beaches filled with people playing on the sand and Brazil is considered such a football-crazy country, where the people basically live for the game. Being a footballer is as good as it gets for anybody in Brazil

2014 09 13 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson on Swearing] I swear all the time. I swear in front of my wife. I never used to when I was a kid but I do now, so there you go. It’s 2014 – people swear, and I swear. I’m a football coach. I played in the non-league with dockers, whose every other word was a swear word. They didn’t even know they were swearing because they didn’t know any other words

2015 12 02 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson comments on Gary Neville’s appointment as Valencia Head Coach] I’m delighted that Gary has decided to take this excellent opportunity. It’s the right moment in time for him and I’m 100% behind his decision to join Valencia as the new head coach. As far as I’m concerned, this will be an extra string to his bow and the experience he will gain working in the Spanish league can only be beneficial to our work together with the England team. Gary’s commitment to the FA’s preparations for Euro 2016 will not be in any way affected by the fact that he will be coaching abroad during the next five months

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] No one will be able to match his achievements, his dedication, his support for colleagues in need and his team building know-how.

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand] To have captained his country, and to play at three World Cups, marks him out among a very special group of players

2016 02 19 Retrieve

[Quote on Ashley Cole] He’s been an incredible competitor for England. To amass over a century of caps is a truly staggering achievement and he deserves enormous credit for the desire and brilliance which has shone through over the years he has represented his country. There are few players who can be considered among the very best in the world, but Ashley in his prime was the best left-back without question

2016 03 26 Retrieve

[Joe Hart will be England’s No1 keeper at Euro 2016] They’re not close to giving me a goalkeeping dilemma because we’re very happy with our goalkeeper. We’ve let in something like five goals in 15 games, so lets not say we’ve got a goalkeeper crisis

If every time you were being pushed to leave out your No1 goalkeeper because your No2 and No3 were doing well with their club sides, then you’d be constantly changing. That was the situation when Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence were sharing roles, but my choice would be to choose the best of those three. If you’re asking me could all three do a good job, are they capable, then my answer would be unequivocally yes.

I’m really pleased the other two are doing so well with their club sides and I’m really pleased Joe isn’t able to just sit back and say: ‘Well, he’s not going to drop me because there’s no competition for my place’.

We have five games before we play our opening match with Russia and it’s more than possible in those five games we’ll give some experience to the other two, but I’m not willing to put a time or date on that. It’s nice to have those five games and to have the substitution options that you don’t get in the qualifiers

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] Frank Lampard has been a superb representative of the English game, both as a player on the pitch and an ambassador off it. To reach in excess of 100 international caps is something very few professionals achieve and he is in exalted company. He has served the national team quite brilliantly during his 15-year international career

2018 10 21 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson was left to rue that penalty miss and felt his side deserved at least a draw] Two goals in the last few minutes, the first one was the killer. It was a massive blow after defending so well and missing the penalty.

It’s hard to stand here as a loser again. I could easily be a winner or at least someone who has coached his team to a positive point. They scored the goals and we didn’t.

I asked them to make certain they gave 100% and matched Everton for commitment, they certainly did that. The mood is very sombre because we were so close to a good result, and nobody could have begrudged us it.

It was a good penalty save but Pickford also made two outstanding saves in the first half. Penalties do get missed, goalkeepers do make saves. You expect to score them.

To ask me to come up with some magic formula to try and win the next few games is an impossible question right now. Let’s hope that on the next occasion the goals go in at the right end for us

2018 11 09 Retrieve

[Man City warned off Wan-Bissaka by Crystal Palace boss Hodgson] I’ve got absolutely no idea if there’s any truth to the subject at all. You’d have to ask Pep Guardiola and I very much doubt whether he’d give you an answer anyway. But it’s good I suppose that there are people out there writing stories, who see the quality of Bissaka and appreciate what he’s been doing and linking [him] with another club.

But as far as we’re concerned of course we have him as our player, he’s under contract with us and we have no desire or intention of selling him so it’s certainly not anything which occupies my waking moments or sleeping moments either for that matter

[Hodgson also seemed to question why City would want to sign Wan-Bissaka, given the strength in depth they already have in that position] I always wonder when I see those reports what Kyle Walker and Danilo are thinking. It’s very easy for people to link anybody with anybody. I’m happy he’s here. I’m happy he’s playing well. I’m happy his skills are being recognised and long may that continue

2019 03 30 Retrieve

[Opposite number Roy Hodgson admitted a tactical change helped inspire Palace after an insipid first 45 minutes, with Zaha becoming a key contributor after being pushed into a more advanced role] At half-time, things were looking bleak, so I must give our team an awful lot of credit for the way they came out in the second half. We made a couple of slight adjustments, and in the second half we were much more like ourselves. I was very pleased that the players’ determination shone through. We pulled ourselves together. I thought pushing Wilf up front, and bringing [James] McArthur in made a difference to our play.

2019 04 12 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has confirmed that James Tomkins has been ruled out for the rest of the season] We lost James Tomkins in the game against Newcastle, he has been operated on, so he will miss the remainder of the season which is a major blow, coming on top of Mamadou Sakho’s injury five or six games ago. Those two have been such important pillars in the centre of our defence and helped us get where we are.

It is a big ask now for Martin Kelly and Scott Dann, they are going to have to step into some quite big shoes, but I am confident that they can do that - and they will get their first chance on Sunday

2019 05 14 Retrieve

[Palace boss Roy Hodgson has expressed an interest in doing another deal for Batshuayi] We don’t know [if Chelsea’s transfer ban will affect a move]. All I know is if Michy Batshuayi is going to be available and if our club could bring him here; either on-loan or buying him I would be very happy with that and I know Michy himself would be happy. When players belong to another club you can say ‘we would like him’ but then there has to be an agreement struck between the two clubs

2019 07 19 Retrieve

[Hodgson denies knowledge of Crystal Palace star exit request] He has not spoken to me. I don’t know if he’s spoken to the club [asking to leave]. As far as I’m concerned, he is coming back, he is our player and I’ve been given no information that the club is interested in selling him at the moment. I’m just expecting him back, looking forward to working with him and seeing some of the things he can do for us. I think he has got another 10 days or another week of holiday. I think he is back after we play Bristol City and before we play Hertha Berlin - that gives him his three weeks off. If he wants to come back earlier we will be very happy to see him

2019 07 31 Retrieve

[Former England manager Hodgson agrees that ‘the cage’ plays a key role in the development of young football in south London] There are conurbations in the country where there’s a lot of kids growing up dreaming of being footballers, being introduced to street football or playing in those cages, where its not structured in any way.

It’s just a question of enjoying the game, getting a feel of the ball, and honing the basic skills. A more important factor is the strength of south London clubs and the quality and strength of their academies and their scouting systems. If you have any talent in an area around where we are the chances are you are going to be given a chance

2019 08 05 Retrieve

[Cahill has earned a total of 61 caps with the Three Lions, having also represented his country at Euro 2016 and at the 2018 World Cup in Russia] I’m delighted that Gary has joined us. He’s a fantastic footballer who brings a wealth of international and Premier League experience. Having worked alongside Gary during my time as England manager, I know that he is going to be a valuable asset and I’m so happy to be working with him again.

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson confirmed Wilfried Zaha is available for Crystal Palace’s season opener despite his disgruntlement over being denied a move to opponents Everton] Wilfried Zaha is as I expected he would be. He’s a professional and committed to the club and helping us do what we need to do to stay in the league. He trained today just as he did on Tuesday and Wednesday. I can’t say he’s jubilant or delighted. The outcome he wanted was to be sold and leave, but it was the last thing we wanted. It was a good outcome for us. It’s not even worth discussing replacements for players of his calibre

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Zaha pleases Hodgson with display against Everton after transfer disappointment] I thought he handled it very well. The crowd helped. It was nice to have him available. It was good to have him to come on - and Connor Wickham too. I thought the two front players [Jordan Ayew and Christian Benteke] did an exceptional job, but they were tiring. I only really saw him [Zaha] on Friday. He was fine. He was excellent in the dressing room. The fact is that situation has been and gone. I am sure he will bring his straw to the water to help us have a good season

[Asked if he was concerned about losing Zaha when the transfer window re-opens] We are in August! You are asking the wrong man. I am not worried about January at the moment

[Hodgson added of Zaha] He did well, he did what we hoped he would do – create opportunities, set us up for a Max Meyer chance that could have won us the game. He almost helped us take three points. A couple of times he had to be bundled off the ball at the last minute. He’s a little bit rusty, of course when a player comes back from three weeks away he’s going to need a bit of time to find his true form. He’s phenomenal as an athlete when it comes to fitness, but to get him back to full capacity it will take a week or two.

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson says Wilfried Zaha could still leave Crystal Palace despite the Premier League’s transfer window closing] You can never rule out the possibility that it might happen because the transfer window in Europe is still open until the end of the month. It’s not something I’m going to worry about because it’s something that I cannot affect. There’s not too much point worrying about it, if you ask me would I welcome it, the answer is no. I would rather that he gets his head down and commits himself to the season that we’ve got in front of us and commits himself to helping me, the coaching staff and the players into having another season that we can regard as a good one. That’s what I would like

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson says Crystal Palace were willing to part with Wilfried Zaha but did not receive an appropriate offer from a big enough club] With Wilf, I don’t think anyone was thinking we definitely must block him because we want our best player still with us. We understood that if a really big offer comes his way and a much bigger club than Crystal Palace want him, and he is desperate to go, we are going to have to try and do some kind of deal. The unfortunate thing for Wilf is that offer did not come his way from the sort of club that he would want. I think [Palace chairman] Steve Parish has made that clear to Wilf and they’ve thrashed that side of it out. As a result it is not a major problem for me with Wilf coming back, having accepted the situation. The way he works here is just the same as it was. Since the first day he has been mature about it

2019 09 20 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has admitted the club expects more from Wilfried Zaha] Very few people in our teams have scored goals, we’ve only scored three so it is quite easy to remember who the goalscorers were. As for assists it is only three possible assists, so it is probably a little unkind to start saying. ‘You are not assisting enough or scoring enough’. I would say that we expect a lot more from Wilf in terms of assists and goals and I think that we are going to get it.

[Hodgson has praised the attitude of the Ivory Coast international since his failed summer transfer move but insisted the club needs him] His attitude in training and the way he has approached the games, especially the last three games, he has been very good after he came over the initial disappointment that he didn’t get his way in the transfer window. Once he got over that and came to terms with the fact, now he has got to buckle down, for his club and his team-mates, manager, coaching staff and for himself, I think he has been very good. I have actually been very pleased with him in the last three games, but I can’t deny the fact he hasn’t had an assist or a goal

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson reacts to Jordan Ayew’s winning goal in his side’s 2-1 win over West Ham on Boxing Day] It was one of those wonderful individual efforts that will live long in the memory and get lots of airings on TV

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Everton Director of Football Marcel Brands has stated pursuing Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha during the previous summer transfer window was unrealistic] Look at last summer, from the start there were a lot of rumours and news that we would like to take Zaha. And if you see our numbers then you know it is not realistic for Everton to buy a player for £60m, £70m, £80m. So that kind of expectation is sometimes a different kind of expectation for fans and it is not realistic and we have to manage that. Of course, we want to get the best players but we have to be realistic if you see our numbers

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[The last time that Everton registered a victory over Liverpool in all competitions was in a 2-0 victory on October 17, 2010 at Goodison Park in the Premier League. For more context, Roy Hodgson was a few months into his disastrous reign as Liverpool manager, with the defeat placing the Reds at 19th in the table following the full-time whistle. It led the Liverpool manager to admit that the Reds were facing a relegation battle, despite it only being October] There is lots of speculation and negative things being said but we understand that. Most of the players and myself are more accustomed to pats on the back than kicks in the teeth but we also know that in football kicks in the teeth are part of the game. What you do is try to keep as many teeth as you can and try to get on with it

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson admits Cenk Tosun injury ‘hit us for six’ as striker returns to Everton] It is a real blow, a massive blow in particular for him. He has been finding his feet here at the club and looking good in training. We felt it would be great to have him [in this latter part of the season] and he would have brought something different for us

It has come at a bad time for all of us, but most importantly for Cenk [Tosun]. To be hit by this cruel blow, we have enormous sympathy for him, and we wish him well with the surgery and hope to see him back soon

That [Tosun’s injury] has hit us for six, but those who have been missing are now fit and raring to go

James Tomkins has recovered and he was doing some light training and he will be back in full training come Monday

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson says he has no concerns about returning to work amid the coronavirus pandemic] Yes. No concerns. Age is age. It’s how you feel really. Your age doesn’t necessarily relate to your fitness or how you’re feeling, or your capacity to do a job. So I have no qualms whatsoever. When I’m called back to work, I shall be very happy to go back to work

This is going to be a matter for the individual and a matter for the club at the end of the day. I would be very surprised, knowing my club and Steve Parish as I do, that he would not be sympathetic to a player that came and said: ‘Look, I have serious reservations about playing’

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Zaha transfer saga likely to continue at Crystal Palace this summer] It’s an unknown isn’t it, how much money is going to be floating around in the next window. I think we’d be very foolish to relax and start thinking there will be no bids for Wilf Zaha, no big-money interest in him, because he’s such a good player. He has the ability to play at any level, anywhere in the world, so who knows? If we find it easy to keep him because there aren’t big bids coming in, that would be fine. But I certainly wouldn’t count on that because if I was at another club, I’d be looking to sign players of his quality

As far as I know, our club hasn’t had any contact with Lyon at all. So I don’t quite understand where that is coming from and until such time as the president of Lyon contacts Steve Parish or Doug Freedman, if he wants to go in that route and start discussing the possibilities and options of Mamadou Sakho joining Lyon, as far as I am concerned it doesn’t exist. This is just talk in the newspaper and who knows where that comes from because we have had no concrete dealings with Lyon at all

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson congratulated former club Liverpool and said it was just a matter of by how much they would win the Premier League] They’ve been excellent. That moment [they are crowned champions] will arrive soon, quite simply because they are not going to lose any matches – they won’t stop winning. Their determination and desire in a game when you could have argued they could have taken it a little bit easy because they weren’t put under real pressure from us, we didn’t see that. Even in the last four or five minutes – they are desperately chasing every ball down, winning it back and trying to score again. With that type of attitude and desire there is no doubt [the] title is theirs, the big question is by how many points it is going to be, and I can only congratulate them on a wonderful season – two seasons really

2020 07 04 Retrieve

[Jamie Vardy netted his 100th Premier League goal as Leicester kept their hold on third place with a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace] I think it was a harsh defeat. I don’t think on the balance of play we deserved to lose 3-0, but that happens when you give the goals away like we did

I thought the play in between times, we held our end up very well for long periods and at 1-0, I thought we had great chances of getting back in the game

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Sports come together to celebrate NHS and key workers] On this the 72nd birthday of the NHS I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank the staff for all the incredible work they’ve done during this pandemic. I’d also like to thank them for the great work they do under normal circumstances as well. I’m pleased the NHS is getting the credit it deserves and has always deserved

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[By Roy Hodgson’s own admission, the safety of another season in the Premier League has been a welcome relief for Crystal Palace in the most disjointed of seasons] Crystal Palace has always been a club very dear to me and you never forget your boyhood team and the team you supported from the terraces first of all, that’s always going to stay with you. Of course, it’s a club I think has potential too. We’re finding that it’s always a battle to stay in the league, but less of a battle this year and perhaps even less of a battle last year than the one previous to that. We need to work that little bit harder to make sure our squad is strong enough to make certain that every year, there’s not going to be a question of ‘are we going to stay in the league’, it’s going to be more of a question of ‘how high can we get? Can we make certain we finish in the top half rather than the bottom?’

That’s the next challenge for the club. That’s the next step forward that I like to think we can take and it would be nice to be a part of that just like it’s been nice to be a part of the last three seasons, albeit the first two of them were a little bit hair-raising at times because it was all about looking over your shoulders and worry that you were going to be sucked into that dreaded relegation zone.

We had a very good spell of four straight wins, which is fantastic and took us into a really good position. That lifted us up into a very comfortable mid-table position and a top 10 position at that moment in time. We always knew there were some very tough games coming up to get through in the last eight, as it would have been then, and there was a risk that you wouldn’t necessarily keep that run of victories going

We’ve got to keep our sense of perspective and most importantly of all, we’ve got to be more than satisfied with the season the club has had and what these players have done for the club. My previous two seasons with the club has been a fight against relegation from the first moment to the last and on this occasion, we found ourselves in the situation with nine games to play, free of relegation worries and it is testament to the excellent work the players did to get us into that position

Are we satisfied with it? No, of course we’re not. We would like to win every game, but we also know we have our work cut out because teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, Spurs - who are all coming here - will have a lot to play for and have a lot of quality in their team and will be asking many questions of us

I think we’ve found [the restart] very hard as we always knew we would because we have a situation where the average age of our squad is quite high - it’s the highest in the league - and we don’t have a very big squad

We don’t have an awful lot of players, we’ve still got three senior players out injured and the size of our squad didn’t really allow for that. We really need a full week of preparation and a full week of recovery, but we always knew that wasn’t going to happen so it’s not a complaint, it’s just an explanation about why we have found it a bit harder

We will continue to find it hard, not least of all because the remaining games were going to be very tough but fortunately, we were able to use the previous 29 to get ourselves into a good position

The only game really we can look at and say we were disappointed that we didn’t do a lot better was the Burnley game but credit to them, they came here and played well, we had our chances in the second half to equalise but we didn’t take them

Against Leicester, I thought the performance was more than satisfactory and the result wasn’t actually a true reflection of the game. We paid for the mistakes we made and they defended well and they won the game and deservedly so because they got the goals. But it wasn’t a question of being bitterly disappointed with the teams performance, I think you’ve always got to look at the form and the results

Sometimes you get results that don’t necessarily reflect the way the game has gone and when they go in your favour, you tend to dismiss the good fortune or dismiss the things that weren’t that good and you got away with. Conversely, when you lose a game, you tend to dismiss a lot of the things that were quite good and concentrate on the fact that some things didn’t go so well and you lost the game

[Facing Lampard and Chelsea] Their intelligence, their understanding of the game, their interest tactically, they were definitely the thinking man’s player. When you get a player like that, it’s hardly surprising if he wants to [become a manager] because these days, there are very good players who probably do have the potential, they go down a different route in football

With management, every week you’re being judged and criticised and it puts your reputation and body on the line every week. I’m really glad Frank chose to do it and Steven as well and I certainly didn’t have any doubts that if they chose to go down that route, they would be big successes, not only because of their knowledge, but also their personalities and their interest and depth of knowledge about the game

They were always bound to be thinking coaches and managers too so it’s nice to see both of them getting the chance in their first jobs at a very good level. It seems to be that both clubs have got behind their choice, they believed in their choice and rightly so. As a result, they’re reaping the rewards

I thought Chelsea were looking good before the break and they’ve come back and continued that. They’re a very good team with many good players and irrespective of our own position at this moment in time, it would have been a very difficult game to play in

All we can do is prepare for it and look forward to it, I know we will do our best and work very hard to try and make life as difficult for them as possible but we are 100 per cent aware of the challenges which are going to be presented to us with the quality they have

It’s a bit dangerous giving advice but you’ve got to really want to do it. I don’t think you should go into coaching on management unless you really believe this is something you want to do. You’ve got to be prepared that it won’t be all sunshine and roses, there’s going to be plenty of difficult moments. The really good moments you find sometimes get cancelled out by the doom and gloom, that’s going to be part of your life however successful you are. You’ve got to come to terms with that so you have to have quite a strong constitution

Then I think you’ve got to be prepared to do the relevant amount of studying. These days, it’s not just a question of hanging up your boots after being a good player and going straight into the manager’s office the next day and dictating what training is going to be like, you’ve got to go through all the preparations with your coaching badges and you even need to do management diplomas. You need to get yourself onto those courses and there are a lot of leadership seminars et cetera that is all out there for you

Then after that, it’s making certain you get a strong body of people around you that are going to support you through the difficult times. Most people will have a family and then when you’re in the football club itself, you want people around you who are really prepared to help you, not necessarily always telling you the things you want to hear, but helping you in the sense that they see the pitfalls and where the danger is coming from and they alert you to help you head it off.

I was fortunate that I got the opportunity to go abroad when I was quite young which I suppose to a certain extent, short circuited my career. If I had started as a youth team coach somewhere, it can take a long time for someone to gain the real opportunities to go in and take a group of senior players in a serious football league

I was quite lucky that I short-circuited that process by going to Sweden and it’s certainly something I’ve never regretted so I would also put that point in there that as a young coach, you may have to be bold and courageous in some ways to take that opportunity to try and cut your teeth somewhere else other than England

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Hodgson ‘feared the worst’ after Cahill blow] It was a very good performance. One feared the worst when we lost Gary Cahill but the players overcame that unbelievable piece of bad luck to play well in that half. It would’ve been asking a lot for them to stop and people react instinctively. They were behind the defence and they carried on and took it. It would’ve been unrealistic to suggest they do otherwise. In the end, it cost us a point, because they won by one goal. To come back from 2-0 was a really good effort and I can’t fault the players. On another day, we might have taken something from the game. While ultimately it’s another defeat, I hope the players will remember what a good performance they put in. The way we approached the game towards the end, hitting the inside of the post, I’m not sure the fans could’ve added anything more were they here but we gave it our all

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson rubbishes suggestion Crystal Palace are ‘on their holidays’] I certainly don’t have any fears about the players to keep going and give their level best in the rest of the games. I haven’t been disappointed with the way the team has performed during these [post-lockdown] games. There have been moments when we’ve done well, in particular the other night when Chelsea knew they’d been very much in a game and were quite fortunate to get away with all three points. We’ll be trying to get as many points as we possibly can in these last four games. It’s not going to be easy but it will be important to break the losing sequence

I’m very disappointed to lose Gary Cahill. It couldn’t have happened for us at a worse point in the game, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person in terms of what he’s done for us this season. Losing him is an enormous blow and let’s hope he recovers for the start of next season. We’ve found ourselves having to play some really difficult games. But I thought it was a really good performance from the players against Chelsea, and had Gary not suffered that injury they probably would have not gone 1-0 up in the game. We would be sitting here otherwise saying we were good value for 2-2, especially as we hit the inside of the post in the last minute.

[On the test that he expects from relegation-threatened Villa opponents, who are desperate for points] Most teams in their position will be looking to come out fighting. It’s not their last chance, but if they don’t win that one they will be staring down the barrel of a gun. So we do expect them to come out with all guns blazing

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[Eagles boss Roy Hodgson rejected claims they are on their holidays ahead of this weekend and Smith is full of respect for his fellow manager] I expect a well-organised team and defensively we have to be good because we know the threat that they pose. I have every respect for the job that Roy Hodgson has done. They were unfortunate to lose against Chelsea and Roy will make sure that they don’t take their foot off the gas

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Roy Hodgson: Christian Benteke’s red card ‘inexcusable’ after Crystal Palace defeat] It’s inexcusable, basically, that’s the bottom line. There was a lot of niggling going on on the field, we’re close enough to be aware of that, but the thing is that is part and parcel of the game we play. It is quite often present in a lot of football matches. And you must not allow it to provoke you into doing something that is going to stop you playing for the rest of the season. He’s unhappy about that, of course, as we are, but unfortunately I can’t excuse it, no matter how provoked he may have been, no matter what might have been said. You know that when you kick out at an opponent, and the referee sees it, you get sent off. That has been happening in football for as long as I can remember. All Christian can do, I guess, is apologise to his team-mates and accept his punishment

Christian Benteke just came back into the team, is playing his fifth or sixth game in a row, which of course he wasn’t doing before football was halted, and it was a great opportunity for him to finish the season by getting these games under his belt, and now he’s going to miss them

2020 07 12b Retrieve

[Trezeguet’s double boosted Aston Villa’s hopes for survival as they won for the first time since January, beating Crystal Palace 2-0 at Villa Park] We put ourselves on the back foot going into half time. When the second goal went in we gave ourselves a mountain to climb, and quite frankly I never thought we looked like climbing that mountain today

[On Benteke’s red card] It’s inexcusable, basically, that’s the bottom line. There was a lot of niggling going on on the field, we’re close enough to be aware of that, but the thing is that is part and parcel of the game we play, it is quite often present in a lot of football matches

And you must not allow it to provoke you into doing something that is going to stop you playing for the rest of the season. Christian Benteke just came back into the team, is playing his fifth or sixth game in a row, which of course he wasn’t doing before football was halted, and it was a great opportunity for him to finish the season by getting these games under his belt, and now he’s going to miss them.

He’s unhappy about that, of course, as we are, but unfortunately I can’t excuse it, no matter how provoked he may have been, no matter what might have been said. You know that when you kick out at an opponent, and the referee sees it, you get sent off. That has been happening in football for as long as I can remember. All Christian can do, I guess, is apologise to his team-mates and accept his punishment

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Palace manager Roy Hodgson said he supported Zaha’s decision to go public about the abuse] It is very saddening on the day of a game that a player wakes up to this cowardly and despicable abuse. I think it is right that Wilf made people aware of it; I don’t think it is something he should keep quiet about. There is literally no excuse; there is no excuse at all

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Wilfried Zaha: Roy Hodgson says Crystal Palace winger has ‘character and desire’ to fight racism] Has Wilf got the character and desire to step forward in the same way Raheem Sterling has and shown himself to be someone prepared to stand out there and stand up for the rights that all people should have and to fight injustice? My answer would be yes. He is strong enough to do it but how he can do it and what he can do and what change he can bring about I really don’t know. The bottom line is these things are still happening and players are still being abused in this way. It affects their mental welfare. For Wilf to receive this on the day of the game and to be expected to go out and perform and to forget about it is asking something that isn’t humanly possible. The brain and the mind doesn’t function in that way

[when asked if he was considering resting Zaha] What a sad day that would be though. Then I am putting myself in a position to tell him what is good for him and not good for him. All I can do really is to offer him the option that if you do not feel ready to play and mentally ready because this abuse has hurt so much then I understand that and I am prepared to leave you out. It would, at the end of the day, have to be a decision he would have to make because when he tells me, ‘no I am ready to play and I want to play’ I don’t have any option but to take that at face value, knowing full well it would have been better for all concerned had the abuse had not happened. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee he can get those things out of his mind however hard he tries

2020 07 17 Retrieve

[Hodgson took a measured view regarding the Zaha decision, saying everyone will have different opinions but did feel his team had been hard done by] You’re always going to believe that when decisions go against you like that, they’re wrong but I’m sure Ole has said the decision is right. I find that toing and froing pretty meaningless. It wasn’t a penalty as the referee didn’t give it and the VAR didn’t overturn it. And we feel hard done by again but there are no points for feeling hard done by. We’re not fortunate at the moment. The gods of fortune aren’t smiling on us. Firstly with certain decisions, but they’re not smiling on us as we’re doing so well in so many areas and we’re not getting rewards for the efforts. My feelings go out to the players as they couldn’t have done more. We’ve won games against top teams like Manchester United playing a lot worse than we did tonight