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Name Roy Keane
Gender Male
Birthplace Cork, Ireland
Born 1971 08 10
Nationality Ireland
Ethnic Irish
Job Manchester United Captain
  Irish Footballer
  Sunderland Manager
  Football Manager
  ITV football pundit
Desc Roy Keane is the fiery Irishman who became Manchester United’s midfield general during the most successful period of Sir Alex Ferguson’s managerial reign. Known for his hard work, hard tackling and passionate displays, during his 12 years at Old Trafford he made the midfield his own


Org Ireland National Team
Club as Coach Sunderland
Club as Player Manchester United
  Nottingham Forest
  Cobh Ramblers
Media ITV


Father Maurice Keane
Mother Marie Keane
Wife Theresa Doyle
Son Shannon Keane
  Caragh Keane
  Aidan Keane
Daughter Leah Keane
  Alanna Keane
Teammate Ryan Giggs
  Paul Scholes
  Gary Neville
  Nicky Butt
  David Beckham
  Peter Schmeichel
Coach Alex Fergusson
  Bryan Robson
  Brian Clough [Nottingham Forest coach]


Theresa Doyle Roy Keane is married to Theresa Doyle. The couple are believed to have met when she was a dentist’s assistant and he was playing for Nottingham Forest in 1992. Roy and Theresa exchanged vows in 1997 at a ceremony in Mayfield, Cork. They have five children: Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, Leah and Alanna
Mick McCarthy Roy famously missed the World Cup in 2002 and has since admitted it was his biggest regret. He claimed he should’ve put his personal issues with football manager Mick McCarthy to one side for the sake of the team
Alf Inge Haaland Roy Keane famously harboured a violent grudge for 3 years against him after injuring himself trying to foul the Norwegian
1990 12
Roy Keane was named Barclays Young Eagle of the Month for December
1999 05
Roy Keane, Manchester United Captain, holding the Premiership Trophy to the Fans at Old Trafford after winning the League Title 1999 the final score was 2-1 with Arsenal as runner up

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Roy Keane talks about Nyron Nosworthy] Now that Nos has switched to centreback, he’s got much less time on the ball, which is best for all concerned

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Roy Keane on Paul Scholes] Scholesy is just the model professional. I remember that whenever we were playing in Europe, at half-time there were players running to get his shirt. That just goes to show how highly he’s thought of on the continent. He’s a master

2016 09 17 Retrieve

[Roy Keane on managers Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho] He said he’s a challenging coach - doesn’t look like he messes about. I wouldn’t like to mess with him. Two coaches in Manchester. Mourinho reckons he’s the special one, to me this guy is

2018 07 11 Publish

I like home comforts, but then I want to be this hell-raiser. [Speaking of his wife, he said] She’s had to bite her tongue a few times. I wouldn’t say Theresa likes every part of the package

[Roy Keane famously missed the World Cup 2002] To play in the World Cup. It would have been nice to play. A lot of people were disappointed, particularly my family. Mick McCarthy did say to me that, ‘If you don’t respect me, how can you play for me?’ What I should have said was, ‘I wasn’t playing for him, I was playing for my country’ - but I think it had obviously gone then

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[Roy Keane says his family don’t like spending too much time with him] My plan when I first stopped was, we’re going to go on some family trips, we’re going to be like the Waltons. We’re all going to spend time together, go walk in the park. And after a month or two they didn’t have the same plan as me so I think they were kind of missing me going to work

I got offered the job at Sunderland and I was away on a family holiday and my family were looking at me … not saying it directly but going we kind of enjoy your company but not too much of it. So when the job came back up they were saying you should go for it

[The former Ireland coach recently became Martin O’Neill’s assistant at Nottingham Forest but revealed that his retirement days have him leading a very normal life] I did an interview a few years ago and some guys asked me who puts my bins out and I said ‘I’ve to put my bins out. I’m living a normal life’. I’ve offered my young fella a few bob but he won’t do it. So there’s things you have to do and drive the kids to school and I’m stuck in traffic going like is this my life

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[Roy Keane’s Labrador retriever Triggs shot to stardom when the Irish midfielder was spotted walking his dog following the 2002 World Cup incident. The stoney-faced Keane was accompanied by the bouncing dog which melted hearts around the world, with the United man telling the press] Unlike humans, dogs don’t talk shit

[In 2010 it was revealed Triggs had contracted cancer, but managed to live a further two years until her death in 2012. Keane said at the time] You will have me crying in a minute, so be careful. She had a good life. She was about 13 and unless you’ve had a dog you will never understand. She had a good innings, as they say

2019 08 01 Retrieve

[This is about 2005 when Roy Keane also complained about the monotony of training to Carlos Queiroz, asking him] Do you shag your wife in the same position every night?

[After Fergie chose Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs to have dinner with the resort’s owner, as opposed to Keane, and Carlos Queiroz threw a training bib at the Irishman and forced him to play up front, the skipper admitted] It was the beginning of the end for me at United. They were already starting to plan life without me

2019 09 30 Retrieve

If I could win my battle with Patrick Vieira we had a chance of winning the game

I would know a couple of days before these games, any slight injury I may have, I would be feeling it. I would always feel like I was going to war with these boys anyway, so I would be feeling the aches and pains before the game, never mind afterwards. That’s what you play the game for … Patrick would have been [his toughest opponent] at the time. Patrick would challenge you in different ways, he could get around the pitch, he was good on the ball, he had a goal in him. I knew I had to be at my very very best to get on top of Patrick

[Jamie Carragher asked Keane if he felt that him getting the better of Vieira was the key to winning those games, and it was certainly something he agreed with] I think because of the position we were playing in in the middle of the park, if you can win your midfield battles it does give you a good chance of winning football matches

There was also a respect towards Patrick, because when I knew I had to be at my best it was a respect towards Patrick. It was the same for other lads coming through, your Steven Gerrards and Frank Lampards, so huge respect to Patrick.

I knew we were in a team game, but I knew if I could win my battle with Patrick then obviously it gives us a better chance of winning the game

2019 10 01 Retrieve

When you are playing, you are in that bubble. I was probably quite critical of the lads I played with in midfield, whether it be Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs or David Beckham. I was always putting more demands on the players around me. I suppose I never wanted to sit back and think ‘we’re a good team with a great midfield’. When I look back now, I think what brilliant players they were. I never gave myself a chance to relax and think we were good because if you start getting carried away with yourself, it kicks you where it hurts.

We were just constantly pushing each other, testing each other but now, when your career is over, you look back at Becks, Butty and Giggsy and think, what brilliant players. When you glance back and look at some of the players, just as important as anything else - and we talk about what Manchester United might lack now - they were brilliant lads, brilliant team-mates to have.

They were just great lads who were well grounded. I always felt at United that we always had a good dressing room and that’s not to say we didn’t have difficult days. I just always felt we had good characters. The manager would remind us every now and again before we’d go into certain big games, you are in the trenches are you happy with the lads around you? I’d always look around the lads in the United dressing room and go, yes

They were all brilliant lads and that was a huge part of it. Could they play? Were they talented? Of course, they could play, or they wouldn’t have been at Manchester United, but they worked their socks off. Ryan Giggs and David Beckham, for example - we talk about how brilliant they were going forward but they were brilliant at getting back as well. They weren’t the type of players who were so good at going forward and lazy at getting back. They would cover the yards, get back and they had the talent going forward to create chances and score goals in big games. They were brilliant team-mates

It was a big challenge for me when Patrick Vieira came onto the scene. He was a good player and I knew I had to be at my best when I was up against him. He was nasty, he could put his foot in and he could score a goal. Patrick would’ve been my toughest opponent at the time. He would challenge you in different ways. He would get around the pitch, he was good with the ball, he was strong, and he had a goal in him. I knew I had to be at my very, very best to get on top of Patrick

There was a respect towards Patrick Vieira. It was the same with the lads coming through. I go back to Steven Gerrard and the Frank Lampard. You had to be at your best. I had huge respect for him, but I knew if I could win my battle it would give us a better chance of winning the game

There was talk about Patrick Vieira [going to Manchester United], but I don’t think he would have got into the United team. He would’ve had to have been a squad player and I don’t think he would’ve been satisfied with that

What we would’ve done, when Juan Sebastian Veron came to the club, you see that as a challenge. The club has to improve, get better and you have to roll with it, roll your sleeves up and enjoy the challenge. If you want to be a big player at a big club, you have to accept these challenges

I was never one for argy bargy or slagging people off in the tunnel, but Patrick Vieira had threatened Gary Neville in the tunnel, and I felt he crossed the line. The key for me after that is don’t be distracted by it. Focus on the match. The most important thing that night was to win the game, which we did. I always think these things look worse than what they really are. Tunnel spat summed up the rivalry

[Deeper role came naturally] I would’ve had to have changed my game, whoever was coming through because I was getting a bit older. With the likes of Paul Scholes, who were more of a goal threat going forward, my role in the team changed. I was sitting a bit deeper, dictating the game a bit more and I started enjoying that challenge.

We go on about having big influences at the club, but I remember when I first got to United from Nottingham Forest, I was a midfielder who got forward and scored goals. A simple chat with Bryan Robson after a year or two at United, who said you might have to get more involved in the set-up of play and dictating the play. I didn’t think I had the confidence to do it. I said that’s not my game, but he said if you want to become a big player for Manchester United you are going to have to get involved in the build-up of play.

So that just happened naturally and the more games I played, the more confidence I built up. And when I played with Scholes, Nicky Butt and Juan Sebastian Veron, they were keener on getting forward so I just automatically started sitting a bit deeper, and I enjoyed that role as well because there are big demands on that role

[On that being the best Roy Keane during that era] My contract was up so I thought I’d play for a new contract or if I leave [Manchester United] on a free transfer, I’ll get a better deal somewhere else. What helped is I was surrounded by brilliant players. If you are surrounded by good players it does help you, but I was having a decent spell. I was a good age. I’d had the setback of a cruciate injury. I was coming back, I was hungry and as I said, my contract was up so I had a lot to play for

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[Manchester United have had their worst league start in 30 years this season] Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs some results. It’s great when you talk about having a plan, they need some results. He’s got to get more out of the players he got. Ole needs to get more out of this group of players. If you’re not winning, the pressure builds. His record has not been good enough, and it needs to improve fast

[Roy Keane blast the club] It’s great when everyone talks about having a plan, but they need some results. There is a lot of talk about players that have left the club and who they might get in in January. Also, Ole has got to get more from the players he has got. I said earlier we haven’t seen the evidence that this group of players can win games on a regular basis. If you’re losing football games, like every manager on the planet, the pressure builds. His record hasn’t been good enough recently, he knows that and they need to improve and fast

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[Roy Keane praises Virgil van Dijk] He’s been fantastic. The sign of a brilliant player is when he makes those around him better. The stats behind it are fantastic