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Name Sadio Mane
Gender Male
Ethnic Senegalese
Job Senegalese Footballer
Desc Despite signing speedster Mohamed Salah in the summer, it’s still no surprise that Mane leads Liverpool for pace so far this season. It’s the trait that makes him one of the most exciting forwards in the Premier League. Last season Tottenham full-back Danny Rose admitted the Senegal striker was frightening and gave him his hardest game in years


Org Senegal National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2017 11 18 Retrieve

[Having helped Senegal qualify for the World Cup, Sadio Mane speaks with Goal about his journey to the top] When I was young, I would tell everyone that I am going to be a big player for a big club and they would laugh at me. It wasn’t because they didn’t think I was talented, but it seemed impossible to go from Sedhiou to the top. But I always knew I had it in me and that whatever it took, I was going to make it happen

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane believes the Reds have what it takes to win this season’s UEFA Champions League title] We are all aware that if you want to become a champion, you must be champions. We’ve got the quality to beat every team in the world. And we’ll try exactly that. Why should Liverpool not be on top in 2018? We want to win the Champions League. I am convinced we can do it for the first time since 2005

2018 05 26 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane speaks about sending 300 Liverpool shirts to his hometown in Senegal ahead of the UEFA Champions League final] Nobody in the village will work this day. My family still live in the village. My mum and my uncle. They are all going to be watching. There are 2,000 in the village. I bought 300 Liverpool jerseys to send to the people in the village so the fans can wear them to watch the final. I will be going back in the summer after the World Cup and hopefully I will be showing everyone a winner’s medal

2018 07 07 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has acknowledged interest in his services from Real Madrid while maintaining he has had no contact with the club about a prospective transfer from Liverpool] Real are a great team, but I am focused on my team, Liverpool

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane hopes to stay at Liverpool forever] I am very happy to be a part of this great club and I enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll stay here forever. I’ve been to a few clubs around the world, but Liverpool is unique. It’s like a family. The mood is always incredible. But that’s normal, we’ve been together for four years and know each other. We are also together off the pitch and that is important for morale

Working with them is easy. Personally, I feel lucky to get to play with them. They are really good players and make everything easier. Mo [Mohammad Salah] is fun sometimes. He is a cool and nice guy. Bobby [Roberto Firmino] is very shy. He is the most shy football player I have ever met, but very nice

2019 11 03 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane admits he is still way behind the monsters that are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo] These players [Messi and Ronaldo] are monsters. I think that I am still far away from them. As I have said, I am going to do everything I can to come a little closer to them

Honestly, as I’ve said, it has always been a childhood dream of mine. The fact that I am listed as one of the nominees is due to the fruits of the work that I’ve been putting in for a long time. This is more of a dream than an obsession, I am at the service of the collective first and foremost. And if I am able to distinguish myself amongst this collective then of course, the Ballon d’Or, has always been my dream. And when a dream comes true, it is always exceptional.

All of the Senegalese people, my friends, my family, would be so happy, I would be so happy. I think as I have said it has always been a supplementary source of motivation for me. Eto’o, Drogba, they are legends in Africa and to hear what they are saying about me, it is always nice

[After another stunning start to the season, Mane is confident that he can continue to thrive for the Reds] I think that I am modest enough. I still want to be at the top. I think I have a certain way of seeing things, living, that makes everyone around me proud. I think yes, I feel good like this, and others feel good like that

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane admits to having had disagreements with Mohamed Salah at Liverpool, but says an exceptional team-mate remains a great pleasure to play beside] He’s a crazy goalscorer and an exceptional player who can do everything. We have sometimes had our disagreements, but it remains a great pleasure to play beside him because I have the feeling we speak the same type of football

He’s more than a friend for me, he’s a brother. It hasn’t been easy for him lately because he was injured for a long time, but I know he’ll come back to his best, because he’s working hard to do so. He just needs to improve his English to be understood more by everyone, but to be able to count on a true friend in the group, that’s priceless. It’s even calming at times

[Having formed close bonds with those he shares the field with, Mane admits to also embracing the methods of Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp – with the German’s man-management skills considered to be among the best in the business] His secret, I think, is to be the team’s dad. Between us, everything clicked straight away. We all love him like a father and we fear him like one too. He takes up a lot of space in my life, and not just in football. He’s great as a person. I trust him blindly, like most of the dressing room, I think

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has hit back at Pep Guardiola’s diving accusations. Asked whether the fact Guardiola chose to speak out publicly, more than a week ahead of such an important fixture, showed the City boss was worried] Maybe. I don’t know. You guys know more than me. The only thing I can say for sure is I will be ready for the team, to give everything possible, and to help my team. If it could be a penalty for sure I will ‘dive’ again. If the dive will give me a penalty then I will do it to get it back! Why not? But what Jurgen said is correct. I do not dive

[Addressing the yellow card for simulation at Villa] There was contact for sure. Maybe it was not a penalty and he didn’t give it, and he gave me a yellow card. To be honest I don’t have any problem about it. For sure it can happen in football and we have seen many people, some diving and get penalties, some got a penalty and the referee didn’t give it. That’s football. You have to deal with it. [I will play] like I’m always doing. It’s what I want to keep doing. If I get a penalty, yeah it’s a penalty. If no penalty, no penalty, but [it will] never be anything wrong or change the way I’m playing, or the way I’m doing my things

[Victory for Liverpool would take them nine points clear at the top of the table, while a win for City would fire Guardiola’s team right back into the title race] It’s a big game. Everybody knows and everybody’s excited. I think this is the kind of game which is always exciting and we’re looking forward to it. It will be really, really important for us to get a positive result and we will be ready, spot on from the first second until the last. We will give everything possible to win. I think I can say we play every kind of game this last two years so I don’t think the game will make us nervous. But for sure it’s an extra motivation for us to play against them, especially at home, and to do everything possible to win the game

[Asked to discuss Man City’s threat specifically] To be honest I don’t like to talk about City but I love to talk about Liverpool and what we’re going to do against them! It will be very different [to last season] because we learned a lot from our last games against City. We have been better this season and won more matches so I just can’t wait to play this game. We are going to play like always but give more to get a positive result, and we’re looking forward to it to be honest

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane feels ‘lucky’ to play with Salah & Firmino as fearsome trio lead Liverpool’s title bid] I always say it is very easy to work together. Personally, I just think myself very lucky to play alongside these great players. Every single player who plays alongside them would enjoy it because they are very good players and they make everything easy, so I just enjoy playing alongside them. We are all from different countries and speak different first languages but I think football is one language and it is universal so everybody can speak it. It is the same with Mo, Bobby and myself

[The German tactician is considered to be one of the very best in the business] I would struggle to describe just how good and how successful he has been for Liverpool. Everybody can see what he has done for this club, for this city and the quality he has as a manager. [He] always has the right words and the right things to manage his team, especially knowing how to deal with his team. I would always trust his influence on the team. He is a winner

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane is full of praise for the job Jurgen Klopp has done at Liverpool] I would struggle to describe just how successful he has been for Liverpool. Everybody can see what he has done for this club, for this city and the quality he has as a manager. There are a lot of good managers in Europe but what I can say is that our manager always has the right words and the right things to manage his team, especially knowing how to deal with his team. I would always trust his influence on the team. He is a winner and I would say he is the best in the world

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has shrugged off concerns over Liverpool’s upcoming fixture list] I think it is here. Honestly, I think it is all in the head. The tiredness is in the head, so as long as the body recovers well I think it is not difficult for us to play every single game. If the team needs us, and the coach needs us, I think we will be able to play and help the team. When they need me I will be ready for the team to give everything. The coach has to decide who will play, but I am here to work every single day, and to be ready to go again every single day

[Can they handle it?] Yeah sure, we are Liverpool! We have a big squad, we have many players who can play and so much quality. It’s part of football - we have to deal with it, play these games if we want to be successful. Without the games you can not win the trophies. We have to be focussed on it as hard as we can and try to recover as well as possible from each game. Yeah, it will be tough, we know - we know Salzburg will be a tough game now, but yeah, we are ready

[Mane also found time to joke with reporters after being denied a first-half penalty against Napoli] Yes, I think it was a penalty. I was not diving like usual eh?! Like I always said I am not a kind of player who will always dive to steal something from the game. I could be lucky sometimes and get a penalty, but he didn’t give it for me, and it wasn’t a dive. It was a really, really tough game for us, for us not to win the game - we try as a team and we create many chances. We should have scored more, but we were unlucky, now we have to move on

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Sadio Mane has apologised for not attending the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris on Monday night] Hello everyone, it’s Sadio Mane - I would have loved to be here with you, but sadly my schedule didn’t allow me, because I have a game this Wednesday. I congratulate the winner and give him an appointment next year. I’ll try to be there and maybe lift the Ballon d’Or. Inshallah. See you soon, bye

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has already stated a desire to keep himself in contention for future Golden Balls, saying on the back of Messi’s triumph] I congratulate the winner and give him an appointment next year. I’ll try to be there and maybe lift the Ballon d’Or

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Sadio Mane hopes to improve on fourth-place Ballon d’Or finish] That means we are a great team with great players and great quality. The boys still have a lot to show and hopefully this season we can show it. I am very proud and happy to be named fourth in the world. I am looking forward and why not number one, maybe? I will do everything possible to win the Champions League and Premier League with Liverpool and we’ll see what’s going to happen

[The 27-year-old bounced back by starring in the 5-2 trouncing of Everton in the Merseyside derby] I think tiredness is in the head. I’m ready to go - I’m feeling fresh again. I expect [to be rested at some point], but when they put me on the bench I respect it and I will be here to push my team-mates because we are Liverpool. Wednesday was a good example with Bobby [Firmino] and Mo [Salah], it meant that other players can get the job. I’m just here and whatever they decide, I am ready to go

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Sadio Mane apologises to former team Salzburg after Champions League elimination] It was a really tough game. We created many chances. I’m happy for Naby Keita. We deserved to win. We are happy. It’s always nice to come back here because this is where everything started for me. I’m really grateful to the club and fans. Sorry guys, but we have to do it

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s Sadio Mane wasn’t worried about his controversial Wolves winner] To be honest I thought I saw the ball from the beginning so knew it was the shoulder so I wasn’t panicked; I was sure it was a goal. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are unlucky but it is part of football

I think the frustration from last season is behind us. We know how to deal with this kind of situation. But this situation is a new situation, we are top of the table at the moment but not end of the season. We will still keep working hard to try to win games

2020 01 07 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has beaten Liverpool team-mate Mohamed Salah and Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez to the CAF African Player of the Year award for 2019] I am very happy and so proud to win the award this year. I love football and anything related to it, I am glad to be here with all of you. I dedicate this award to my family, my team-mates in Liverpool, my manager Jurgen Klopp and all of the Egyptians. It is a great day for me and for my career. I would like to thank all of the Senegalese who supported me during my journey. I am feeling happy because they will be glad watching me winning this award, especially the people in my village whom I promised I would win Player of the Year. I would like to thank them in French to best express my feelings. I cannot describe my feelings after winning this award and these emotions which surround me in Egypt. Thank you, everyone

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Mane ready to ‘sacrifice’ himself for Liverpool in pursuit of Premier League] Until the team is successful and I’m also successful, for me I think it’s necessary to sacrifice myself to give everything possible for the team, and the team will give me [that] back for sure – every single player.

For sure we achieved things and we want to achieve more and big things with this club. We want to win trophies – Premier League, Champions League again, which won’t be easy, we all know that. But what you have seen in these last few years, everything is possible and we can do it and do it again. We just need to be hungry in a good way and push ourselves until the end.

When we lost the [Champions League] final against Real Madrid… I think from that everything changed and we said to ourselves, ‘It’s possible’. We also have a young team and from that I think everything changed. We got more belief and we get more confidence and we said, ‘Everything is possible, why not try? We all want to win things, so why can’t we make it together and do it?’ I think that’s working very well

For sure, they [the supporters] only see what we are doing on pitch every single weekend and the success as well. But the work starts with yourself at home professionally and hard work on the training ground. You can see, every single day from day one when I came to Liverpool, players want to improve more and want to get better and better. You can see the gym one hour before training is completely full. I think that’s a very, very big sign for the club because everybody wants to play and everyone wants to be the best. I think that makes things special. From the training ground, everything starts there and it’s just really important. It’s normal that fans are getting so excited to see the team playing well and being successful. That’s why we are working every single day

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Sadio Mane reveals inspiration behind rise to the top] I can’t describe how they are and how motivated they are especially. They always push me. If you see those people, you push hard and harder to make them proud because it’s the only satisfaction they have on it. I have to give back what they have done for me. I think it was something special for the village because in the village we had some great players but they were never successful.

When I came to France and that time I was playing second league, the village never had the channel to watch the second league, so everybody was so excited to see me on TV first of all! They were praying for me every day to see me at this level because they will be just proud. How things are going and as I get more motivated and [they get] more excited to see me higher and higher, I think I have to sacrifice myself to make them proud

[After edging out team-mate Mohamed Salah and Manchester City man Riyad Mahrez to 2019 CAF African Player of the Year award] I would say the dream came true. When I was young I was always dreaming to be the best and this year I got it, so I’m really happy. I’m looking forward to performing well again for my team, especially since I’m playing for Liverpool – which is a very, very, very big club in the world – winning trophies with the team can give you opportunities to win some [awards] like this. You have to perform well to get this [award]. I don’t know if I’m doing well but I’m trying to do my best for the team and for the club!

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane on the support he’s had from his friends and family back home in Senegal] I can’t describe how they are and how motivated they are especially. They always push me. If you see those people, you push hard and harder to make them proud because it’s the only satisfaction they have on it. I have to give back what they have done for me

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Mane: Title race far from easy for Liverpool, despite making it look like a stroll] Easy? Oh, I wish. We know the Premier League is the best league in the world and every single game you have to give 100% if you want to win. It’s what we always try and I think it’s working very well but we have to keep working hard to get what we want. Our target from the beginning was to win the league, so if we win it, it will be great for the club and for the fans

For sure I think there will be one because he is a great manager and he is doing very well for the club and the players. He has his specific way of doing things and he gives his players more responsibility on the pitch which is really important. At the same time, he is very friendly with his players so that is one of his big strengths

[He added on his homeland being dominated by Liverpool fans] Yes, for sure they do try. They are just proud and happy to see me achieving this level. Two years ago it wasn’t the case - there were more Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid fans but now it’s Liverpool everywhere. When Liverpool play now it’s like the national team is playing, so if we win this trophy, it will be massive

2020 03 04 Retrieve

[Mane urges Liverpool to respond quickly after Chelsea loss] The best team won today. In the first half we played well and created many chances but we just didn’t score, and Chelsea had a few chances and scored two goals, so game over. We created enough chances to win, but we need to be more clinical in front of the goal and that was not the case. But that’s a part of football. I think in this moment you could be or could not be a champion, a great champion, and I think this kind of moment has happened to us, but it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time. We have another important game on Saturday [against Bournemouth] and then on Wednesday [against Atletico], so for this game, we will be ready and we will be back again. This can happen in football and we’re used to it. We just have to keep working hard and keep going if we want to be great champions

[The reigning European champions were beaten 1-0 by Atletico at Wanda Metropolitano] We’ll learn from that defeat and then we’ll be ready to go again. We know it’s a different competition and it will be really important for us, but we’re playing at home, so let’s enjoy it

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Liverpool star Mane salutes ‘amazing’ Klopp] Jurgen is an amazing coach. He is always positive even if you lost and always finds the right words to push you to that little extra that makes you win again. He knows how to bring players to another level, when they thought they couldn’t play on

Football in England is something else. Much bigger for the people and the Premier League is the championship with the highest speed and quality. But when I think about the UK in general, I would say driving on the left side [has been the biggest adjustment], even though I got used to it over the past years

I developed my football in Southampton. We had a great team and when I got the offer from Liverpool, I was honoured to be able to step into the footprints of Salif Diao and El-Hadji Diouf, who have been my idols of my youth and a whole generation in Senegal

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane says he would accept it if Liverpool are denied the Premier League title this season because of the coronavirus pandemic] I want to win the games and I want to get the trophy, it’s what I would love. But with this situation, whatever happens I will understand. It has been difficult for Liverpool, but it has been more difficult for many millions of people around the world. Some people have lost family members and that is the more complicated situation. But for myself, it’s my dream and I want to win it this year. If that’s not the case, I will accept it, it’s part of life. Hopefully we will win it next year

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Mane was ‘thinking about Manchester United’ before Liverpool move] We were thinking most about Manchester United. That was a tough time for me as I was on the bench so I was not thinking about anyone calling me, but I was pleased he [Jurgen Klopp] did and was not thinking I was a rapper

[Mane has spoken previously at how close he was to joining Louis van Gaal’s Man Utd side during his final season with the Saints] I was really, really close because I even met up with them. So I was coming, I was there and I spoke with the boss who was there before [Van Gaal]. They made an offer, but in the same week, Klopp called me. He said: ‘I think it’s the right club. The right coach for you, and I think it’s better that you go to Liverpool’. For me I think it was the right time as well. I said, ‘I am going to Liverpool’

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane opens up about his upbringing] When I was young my dad was always saying how proud he was of me. He was a man with a big heart. When he died, it had a big impact on me and the rest of my family. I said to myself: ‘Now I have to do my best to help my mother’. That’s a hard thing to deal with when you are so young.

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[Mane has been clear that their incredible title charge hasn’t been easy] Easy? Oh, I wish. We know the Premier League is the best league in the world and every single game you have to give 100% if you want to win. It’s what we always try and I think it’s working very well but we have to keep working hard to get what we want. Our target from the beginning was to win the league, so if we win it, it will be great for the club and for the fans

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane has outlined his ambition to achieve even bigger things at Liverpool] I think this is another step for all of us in our career for what we want to achieve, because as football players you have to be always professional and always hungry in a good way to win everything. I think we have a great team, great staff and the club is amazing, so we have another step and big things to achieve so we won’t stop here. We just have to believe in ourselves still and keep working harder and be humble for sure – work hard and try to achieve bigger and bigger things with this club.

[Mane went on to thank Klopp for bringing the best out of him] He is a great manager and everybody is happy with him. I am lucky to be working with him for sure, because as a player and a human being I have developed under him which is really important for every player. We can see how the players develop in this team, so I think all the things come from him. So I will say again, thanks to him.

[Asked whether a win over the recently dethroned champions will top off a superb season] For sure. Like I always said, we don’t have to stop and we won’t stop for sure after being champion. I think it’s another step of our careers and what we want to achieve so I can say for myself, it’s part of us and it’s the past now so we have to make sure we [carry on]. Records in football are always there to beat so for sure we want to achieve again something special after being champion. It’s going to be a really, really good game [and] for us there are no excuses, we have to do everything possible to win it because now we have seven games. We are going to take it game by game and try to win all of them because it’s our dream and really important for us.