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Name Sadio Mane
Gender Male
Ethnic Senegalese
Job Senegalese Footballer


Org Senegal National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2017 11 18 Retrieve

[Having helped Senegal qualify for the World Cup, Sadio Mane speaks with Goal about his journey to the top] When I was young, I would tell everyone that I am going to be a big player for a big club and they would laugh at me. It wasn’t because they didn’t think I was talented, but it seemed impossible to go from Sedhiou to the top. But I always knew I had it in me and that whatever it took, I was going to make it happen

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane believes the Reds have what it takes to win this season’s UEFA Champions League title] We are all aware that if you want to become a champion, you must be champions. We’ve got the quality to beat every team in the world. And we’ll try exactly that. Why should Liverpool not be on top in 2018? We want to win the Champions League. I am convinced we can do it for the first time since 2005

2018 05 26 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane speaks about sending 300 Liverpool shirts to his hometown in Senegal ahead of the UEFA Champions League final] Nobody in the village will work this day. My family still live in the village. My mum and my uncle. They are all going to be watching. There are 2,000 in the village. I bought 300 Liverpool jerseys to send to the people in the village so the fans can wear them to watch the final. I will be going back in the summer after the World Cup and hopefully I will be showing everyone a winner’s medal

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Sadio Mane hopes to stay at Liverpool forever] I am very happy to be a part of this great club and I enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll stay here forever. I’ve been to a few clubs around the world, but Liverpool is unique. It’s like a family. The mood is always incredible. But that’s normal, we’ve been together for four years and know each other. We are also together off the pitch and that is important for morale

Working with them is easy. Personally, I feel lucky to get to play with them. They are really good players and make everything easier. Mo [Mohammad Salah] is fun sometimes. He is a cool and nice guy. Bobby [Roberto Firmino] is very shy. He is the most shy football player I have ever met, but very nice