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Name Sam Allardyce
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Crystal Palace
  Bolton Wanderers

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce on Paul Scholes] There is not a better midfield player in the world

2015 02 14 Retrieve

[West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce took a somewhat dim view of Manchester United’s tactics in claiming a 1-1 draw] We couldn’t cope with ‘long-ball United’, it was ‘thump it forward and see what they could get’. In the end it paid off. It’s not how you normally see Man United play, but it got them a point in the end

2015 10 17 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce at his first press conference as Sunderland manager on his hopes for managing England one day] If I am doing exceptionally well when Roy decides he doesn’t want to be there, then I have got a chance

2016 05 14 Retrieve

[Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce in a press conference after his side secured their Premier League safety with a 3-0 win over Everton] I’m not talking about recruitment today, I’m just trying to get over my hangover!

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[New Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce tells his hopes for the English Premier League outfit after succeeding Alan Pardew] I hope we can bring some joy, particularly over Christmas and new year, but over the long term, between now and the end of the season. The club itself seems to be very ambitious. Certainly the chairman and the owners seem to be taking the club forward in the right direction. I like the look of the squad and that’s probably the reason that I am here because I feel the club can go forward from here, and hopefully, I can help it go forward

2017 01 29 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce talks about his player Youri Djorkaeff when coaching Bolton Wanderers]</b> Youri was top-class, a brilliant human being as well as a brilliant footballer. He knew how to set the standards

2017 12 29 Retrieve

[Everton officials in Turkey to wrap up Cenk Tosun deal before rivals act] It’s in the wind. There’s obviously an interest because we’re actively looking for a front man but whether we are the ones to complete that deal or not I don’t know. The interest from other clubs around Europe is our biggest worry if we are to secure that transfer

[Although he would also be keen on a reunion with Sevilla’s Steven N’Zonzi providing he can sell a midfielder] I would take Steven N’Zonzi tomorrow. He is one of my better buys in my lifetime, only €650,000 from France to Blackburn Rovers. Knowing him from that age and knowing him now, yes I would like him but with the amount of midfield players I have at the moment I’d have to move some player out to bring a player like Steven in.

I would consider every offer and, if it is the right offer, I would recommend to the board that we take it and utilise that money on what we might bring in. I’d have to say that caution is my first priority in this window. For me it would be much wiser that the club tries to get through until the end of the season and readdress what we are about to do during the summer. It is much better operating then than it is in this very difficult window

We’re consistently defending well but we’re not attacking very well in possession. I feel the problem is the players’ ability to do the transition correctly

When I came in, they played out from the back, played through midfield and when they lost it they lost a goal. When they went into transition they couldn’t defend properly and hence conceded 25 goals in the last eight games before I got here. I think it’s the reverse now. They are defending superbly well but in transition they can’t turn the ball into good passing opportunities and get at the opposition and create more chances

I wouldn’t expect that so much against Liverpool and certainly not against Chelsea but I would still say we should have done better with the possession we had. But West Brom was a big concern for me

2018 01 05 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce says Cenk Tosun Everton £27m striker ‘best in Europe’ at his price] This lad looks like he is strong mentally and has a good pedigree. He is two-footed, perhaps not the biggest but he’s very efficient in the air and in the box he gets good space to get his head on the ball. We looked at the qualities of the player, his talent and goalscoring, and his resilience, too. I do not think you can look any more than we have done

2018 01 17 Retrieve

[Allardyce offered a bleak reason for limiting the pair’s opportunities in the second half of the season, although bleak is in keeping with Everton’s entire campaign] We have some young players who are very attractive in terms of their abilities like Vlasic and Lookman. But they are so young and having to play them in the first team every single week – we have already been running with four players 23 and under – is for me a risky game in terms of results. Everton needs results until such time as it is certainly safe in the Premier League. If I try to then groom those players further there is over £2m a place. You need to still try and win. Grooming a youngster then becomes even more difficult because of the money

2018 01 19 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce’s 1,000th match in management on a 25-year career] I actually thought I was already there when I left Crystal Palace because if you counted Limerick I was well past 1,000 games but those games weren’t added because it wasn’t a full-time professional club. To experience so many different clubs with so many different cultures has been a great journey for me. I now look forward to the lads making sure we win and I can celebrate it a little bit more when we get those three points

2018 01 29 Retrieve

[Everton have received approaches for Sandro Ramirez and Davy Klaassen, but Sam Allardyce says the club have dismissed the offers as financially unacceptable] We’ve had a number of enquiries that are not suitable for us to allow the player to leave, nearly all of them on loan. We haven’t accepted any deal yet and we won’t until the board tell me financially it’s acceptable and I say to them it’s in the best interests of the club or the player to go out on loan. We have got a lot of players so moving some out on loan would be a possibility but only if it’s right for the club

[Everton have been linked with Sevilla midfielder Steven N’Zonzi and Marcelo Brozovic of Inter, but when asked if there was any movement towards a deal for either player, Allardyce said] Not yet. I would expect that my focus is not on the transfer window because unfortunately yet again the Premier League have decided to play a game right on the transfer window deadline. Clearly at the AGM they didn’t think it was worth not doing it this time round, on the back of playing the whole of the Christmas period and playing five games in 15 or 16 days. I can pick a team today [Monday], and tomorrow I could pick up the paper and see a player is going to be sold before the window shuts. How is that player going to approach that game against Leicester that’s very important to us? We all suffer that

2018 02 02 Retrieve

[Reason behind Klaassen’s failed Napoli move revealed] Apparently something like that, apparently that’s the norm at that club (Napoli). Whatever they do as a football club that their image rights are, I don’t know the technical details, but whether their image rights are not validated or taken are over by club, I don’t know

Thats the power of the player with the agent, really, there’s nothing else we can do about that. If I’m sat in that position and have an agent, the agent works for me, not the other way round. So for me it would never have been a financial decision. Even if I was losing money I’d be going, but that’s me – because I’d want to play football. Davy wants to play football, but whether he got the full story I don’t know, because I wasn’t involved with it

[Asked if Klaassen would now be forced to train away from the first team] No, I don’t think so. (He’ll be with first team squad) because Davy Klaassen doesn’t give you the sort of problems some players do when they’re not involved. He’s a super professional and a super lad, and he comes in and tries his best in training on every occasion

2018 03 12 Retrieve

[Everton boss Sam Allardyce admitted he was in a lose-lose situation when Tosun arrived, opting to give him time to settle in rather than throw him into the side] What a finish, hey? We’ve seen what he can do. It’s about our lads getting more quality into the box for him. We had an awful lot today, time and time again we were in the final third.

As soon as we deliver a bit of real quality, the two goals came about. He found himself a bit of space and finifd it brilliantly.

He’s settled down. It was: ‘Why did you buy him? Why are you not playing him?’ The usual when you pay money for somebody. For me my job is not what about everybody else says, it’s about what I think internally, when he’s ready.

He could have got a lot of criticism if I’d played him too soon, and they’d all have started saying: ‘What a waste of money,’ as happens across the football world, but we were patient with him and he worked really hard. Long may it continue

Our big problem has been away from home. If you reverse it (home and away form) and look with the home points we’ve gained we’re riding high in the top six

2019 07 25 Retrieve

[Allardyce, though, believes Arsenal can get their man if they accept that a fee of around £80 million ($100m) is now the going rate for a player of Wilfried Zaha’s pedigree and ability] Pay the money. Time’s running out and the window is going to shut. If Manchester United are having to pay £90m for a centre-half, which is what they’ve been quoted for [Harry] Maguire, then this £70/80m price tag being put on Zaha is well worth it in light of the market we’re operating in today. Wilfried is proven at this level and he’d be a massive success at Arsenal. He’s ready, but Arsenal need to stop messing around like they are the minute. Wilfried is in his prime – there’s not too many players like him about. Steve [Parish] won’t like me saying this, because I’ve got a lot of respect for the man and for what he’s done for Crystal Palace, but if Wilf doesn’t leave very shortly then he never will. He’s ready now to move on now, so Arsenal just need to get the deal done

2019 07 25b Retrieve

[Arsenal can get Zaha if they stop messing around]</b> Wilfried is proven at this level and he’d be a massive success at Arsenal. He’s ready, but Arsenal need to stop messing around like they are the minute

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho appointed new Tottenham manager] Tottenham is a massive club for him to get his teeth into and try to get them winning some trophies. Certainly he’s got the talent and quality of squad to make Tottenham a big challenger and I think they can still challenge for the top four.

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Sam Allardyce describes what it’s like to be appointed Everton manager] Agents are the key element to the players and managers. A lot of the chief execs seek the advice of many agents across the world of football. He’d say he’d spoken to someone at Everton who was interested in talking to me.

There were rumours about Marco Silva from Watford so I went off to Dubai

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Allardyce angling for Arsenal job] I could come and work on Arsenal’s defence and make them better tomorrow, not a problem whatsoever. I’ve done it everywhere I’ve been – Newcastle, Blackburn, Bolton, West Ham Crystal Palace, Everton, I’ve done it all there. But what you can’t do is get the front line performing that much better, you’ve got to hope you’ve got good quality players up there, and Arsenal have.