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Sam Rainsy
Gender Male
Ethnic Cambodian
Job Cambodian Politician
  CNRP Politician
  Leader of CNRP
Desc Sam Rainsy is the self-exiled leader of a banned Cambodian opposition party. He is based in Paris. Sam Rainsy has been in self-exile abroad since 2015 and faces more than 10 cases of lawsuits filed against him by members of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party


Political Party Cambodia National Rescue Party [CNRP]


Enemy Hun Sen

2019 11 06 Tweet

I will depart from Paris on Thursday November 7. I will arrive in Bangkok on Friday November 8 to be ready to enter #Cambodia on Saturday November 9

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Sam Rainsy has said he was not allowed to board a Thai Airways flight from Paris to Bangkok in his attempt to return home to Hun Sen] said they had received from very high up the instruction to not allow me to board … It’s shocking. I have done nothing wrong. This is all politics. I am a citizen, I have done nothing wrong so I must go back to Cambodia. Let me go to buy another ticket with another company

2019 11 11 Retrieve

[At Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris, an angry Sam Rainsy told reporters that he wouldn’t be cowed by being kept off his flight and said he plans to return via another neighboring country] Never, never will I abandon. We need to continue, the days of Hun Sen are numbered. Democracy will be reinstalled in the near future. It’s our conviction and our determination

[He later made an online broadcast on Facebook, where he has almost 4.8 million followers, calling on his compatriots not to be disappointed and remain strong] We will be seeking all the possibilities, all the options, in order to make sure that we are finally able to arrive in Cambodia to push for the regime change plan that our Cambodians are hungry to see

2019 11 13 Retrieve

This is the beginning of the struggle and fight for democracy and the revival of the CNRP. Democracy will prevail. Democracy has prevailed in Malaysia. Democracy will prevail in Cambodia