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Name Samuel Eto’o
Spelling Sameul Eto’o
Gender Male
Ethnic Cameroonian
Job Cameroonian Footballer


Org Cameroon National Team
Club as Player Inter Milan
  Barcelona FC
  Real Madrid

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Samuel Eto’o after Frank Rijkaard claimed he refused to come on as a sub against Racing Santander and was backed by Ronaldinho] It really p**d me off that a team-mate should poke his nose in and say I need to think more about the team - especially when it’s him who needs to think more about the group! We have the guy considered the best in the world but Samuel Eto’o is also the best in the world. I know he’s slagging me off but he should have the b**s to say things to my face instead of stabbing me in the back

2016 04 16 Retrieve

[Samuel Eto’o waxing poetic about the English Premier League leaders] I had the chance to fall in love with a lot of clubs, now I’m in love with Ranieri’s Leicester. Jamie Vardy? He’s very good, but Leicester’s real phenomenon is Ranieri. Incredible

2017 04 29 Retrieve

[Sameul Eto’o reveals he gave the pre-match speech ahead of the 2010 UEFA Champions League final when Internazionale beat Bayern Munich 2-0] I told the guys: ‘Either we die on that pitch and come home with the trophy, or we die and don’t return to Milan’. But, thank God, it all went well and we returned home to Milan with the trophy

2018 11 10 Retrieve

[Samuel Eto’o reveals the pep talk he gave Mohamed Salah when they were team-mates with Chelsea back in 2014] I hope that Salah remembers the day we were together in Stamford Bridge dressing room after he’d had a poor performance. I asked him to be patient and told him ‘you are a good player and you will become a great player’. Salah has turned into that big player and will write his own story through persistence and strong desire. The whole thing depends on Salah himself, he has unbelievable skills and is currently performing at a top level