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Name Scott McTominay
Gender Male
Job Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Manchester United


Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Teammate Anthony Martial
  Marcus Rashford

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Scott McTominay motivated to keep improving at Man Utd following injury frustration] I had a couple of injuries which were difficult to deal with mentally. For me that is one of the main priorities, keeping your head screwed on mentally. Physically I’ve always had that attitude to keep improving and wanting to do more and more to sustain yourself in the team, and keep yourself in the best shape as possible. For me that has just been normal for me.

I’ve had a training partner, Callum, who’s asking me the questions, and we’ve had a really good week or two of training and eating all right foods, and staying on top of it. So I feel like that motivation comes from him as well and everyone around me who are good people. So for me that is important

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[McTominay explains why he was never tempted by loan move away from Man Utd] Yeah, about a year and a half ago there was a time where it (a loan move) might have been a possibility and then somebody leaves or something like that, and then your opportunity comes and you have to take it. You hear loads of stories about boys going on loan and different things like that and I always had it in my head that I don’t want that.

I want to be showing myself here first and if it doesn’t work here then you go somewhere else. For me, you hear the stories about getting the life of luxury at Manchester United and people take that for granted, like the food in the canteen, your kit being laid out for you every morning. People just expect that and you have to always remember where you come from in that respect and always appreciate what people do for you. I feel like that is culture that is brought through for us

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[McTominay names his top three Manchester United academy talents to watch] There’s a lot. You see Di’Shon [Bernard], Largie [Ramazani], Jimmy [Garner], you see Mason [Greenwood], obviously, coming in and Mason’s on his way to being established. He’s not quite at that level of being a regular first-teamer, and that’s what Mason has to strive to become. He’s one of the most talented players that I’ve seen for a long time – his left-foot, right-foot shooting is ridiculous. For me, it’s my responsibility - we’ve got to take a responsibility now to push these younger boys and get them up to a level where it’s justifiable that they’ve reached their potential. For everyone at the football club, that’s the primary goal as well. It’s the same for myself: I’m getting pushed by the coaching staff every single day

What can we expect after isolation? I don’t know – the same old Scott! Motivated, wanting to learn, wanting to do well, coming back fitter. I’m sure all of the boys will be in their shape where we’ll have two or three weeks’ training and hopefully hit the ground running, and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of games. I think the simple answer to that question would be hungrier than ever. When I got back from injury, you have four or five games and then the season just stops. It’s like, well, no, this is where I need to kick on now! This is where I want to keep going! For me, it was bad timing, but always whenever you’re working hard at home, I’m sure we’ll come back and it will become good timing as well

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Scott McTominay says Paul Pogba remains a dangerous tool for Manchester United] You’ve got the physique and the presence to hold people off and the burst of speed where you can get through as well. There’s so many good examples of it in world football. Paul’s probably one of the best examples of it, he’s very, very powerful and gets across the grass really, really quickly. It’s a dangerous tool to have in the middle of the pitch as well

For myself, someone who’s quite strong and a good runner, I should be testing teams more than I do. I should be breaking lines similar to what Paul does, drive into the box and create chances. We always have to have that balance of one goes and one sits, which is so important for a midfield player. Being box-to-box, there’s some amazing examples: Zidane, Patrick Vieira, Roy Keane, driving through the middle of the pitch and were exceptionally good at it. For me it’s important to keep watching clips like that, I get the guys to send them over as much as they can to analyse it.

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[McTominay signs new Man Utd deal to keep him at club until 2025] Whilst I understand that we all have so many other things to think about at the moment, I’m so happy to sign this contract and play a part in the future ahead for this team. All I have ever known is United and I hope that my passion for the club shows every time I go onto the pitch. I’ll continue to give everything for this club whenever I pull on the shirt. I want to thank the manager for the faith he has shown in me and everyone at the club that has helped me to get where I am today. I’m looking forward to finishing this season on a high and hopefully achieving our aims

2020 06 23b Retrieve

[Scott McTominay is very excited about the future at Manchester United, with the Scotland international having committed to a new contract with the club through to 2025] Very excited. You see the team we’ve got now and it’s amazing. For everybody from the outside looking in they should be saying that we’ve got a real chance to go and do really well. For us we have to keep our feet on the ground, keep training well every day and listen to the coaching staff and the ideas they’re portraying to us and put that into practice on the pitch. It’s strange with no fans at the minute but hopefully in time we’ll be able to get back to normal and resume where we left off after the last game

The manager is not wrong and has hit the nail on the head! You see other boys in the same situation to myself like Marcus [Rashford] and Jesse [Lingard] and Axel [Tuanzebe], boys who are doing tremendously well, and I want to be a role model for younger kids growing up and show them how you can get to a certain level with the first team. That’s by maintaining hard work throughout a number of years and for me that hard work doesn’t stop, it continues, and that’s the way I’ve been brought up through the football club. There are obviously a lot of other things going on in the world right now which are far more important than what’s happening with me, but it’s a real pleasure to be involved with this football club and hopefully going forward we’ll do really well