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Name Sean Dyche
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Burnley FC [Head Coach]

2015 02 21 Retrieve

[Burnley manager Sean Dyche on Danny Ings’ reported trip to Spain to discuss signing for Real Sociedad] There’s lots of things to report from the trip. Apparently it’s really sunny out there compared to here. It was a nice flight and he didn’t get sick. The food wasn’t great on the flight but he came back with one of those hats [sombrero] and those donkeys [pinata] which my folks brought back in the 70s and told everyone they were fantastic. He bought me them which I thought was a nice gesture

2018 05 11 Retrieve

[Burnley Manager Sean Dyche on Johann Berg Gudmundsson new contract] He’s had a very strong season. We saw the progress he was making and this season he’s stepped up again. We’re certainly strong financially. There’s no sense of anyone having to go anywhere. We are in a position where it would need really, really big offers for us to lose any players. We don’t have to trade out. That’s the good side of making sure the business runs properly

2018 10 18 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche says Joe Hart has nothing to prove against Man City] He has no point to prove. He just wants to get on with it. I was pretty sure he was still a top-class keeper. There can be different reasons why you play well at some places and not others. Sometimes you just fit naturally. You can sense it.

For keepers, sometimes what is in front of you helps. He wants a defensive unit he has faith with. I think there is a nice connection here. Possibly at other clubs he didn’t find that connection. But a lot of credit goes to him for finding his way again

[It places even more weight behind Heaton’s public admission he may need to look elsewhere after recovering from his own injury troubles to find himself playing second choice to Hart] I thought Tom spoke very well. He knows he has a future here. It is how he feels about that. Whatever needs to be worked out, will be worked out

2018 11 22 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche on Steven Defour who was injured] Steven came off at Leicester, with a mild twist to his knee, and he’s made really good progress and we’re expecting him to be fine

[Sean Dyche on Ben Gibson who was injured] Ben is over the worst of his hernia, he’ll join in with the development squad this week in a game, hopefully on Saturday. He’s has a really good week’s training, he’s a super fit pro anyway and he’s looked after himself f or sure, so we’re looking forward to having him back, and I’m sure he’s looking forward to being back after an interrupted start to his Burnley career

[Sean Dyche on James Tarkowski who was injured] He’s going nicely on the grass, he’s not quite with us yet, and Monday will probably come too early for him. But he’s making good progress, and slightly behind that, Stephen Ward is going well, and Nick Pope is back on the grass with our goalkeeping coach, making good progress, so we’re beginning to show strong signs of numbers coming back our way

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche breezes through a whole range of subjects, including tattoos] It wouldn’t be ‘get your hair cut’ but ‘get rid of your tattoos, young man’. Everyone has a tattoo, thinking they’re different, but it means they’re all the same. ‘Oh, but my sleeve is different!’ – I reckon about five of our players don’t have one. Listen, I’m not anti-tattoo, I just don’t understand it. It is not the tattoos. It’s that you can start believing in these things more than the job. The car, the lifestyle, it becomes bigger than the job, it softens you and swerves you off the job, takes the edge away

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche has drawn a line under an incident involving Danny Drinkwater in which the midfielder was reportedly attacked outside a nightclub] The big picture is he is a 29-year-old footballer and nobody wants to get into this situation. He knows that. On the other side, he is a human being and we have all been involved in not-so-good times.

Forget about the footballer. Sometimes people get into scrapes. But he is wise enough and old enough to know not to. You can’t just talk about development when it’s good news, though. You have to talk: more so if things aren’t going well. When you take a player in he becomes a part of us. So we will work with Danny and try to help him and, importantly, he has to get himself fit

We spoke, but only stuff about what he needs to do here. That was more the case. It’s just common sense. He’s 29, he understands these situations happen, but he knows it’s not good, and equally he’s old enough to know how to conduct himself. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. Life happens

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Drinkwater to return to Chelsea after just two Burnley appearances] He will go back, just for football reasons. I have a big respect for him and I like him as a player. He just hasn’t had the pitch time. He has been a credit to himself with his professionalism, apart from the incident. He has looked after himself and tried to be part of the group. He has just not had the game time that he needs. There was an incident that was unfortunate and cost a lot more time than we thought. My respect for him as high as a person and a player. It does heighten the need [for a replacement] but you have to have the players available, finance and all the things that align. It is even tougher in a window that is [already] tough. There are only so many targets that fit our model. There is nothing that is looking open to us

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche exclusive: Inside life in the transfer market at Burnley] Trust me, if you ring a League Two club for a player, you think they’ll say: ‘Ah, we want about £100k for him.’ They don’t. They say: ‘We want £17m!’ There’s no rhyme or reason in the market now, you either pay it, or you don’t

If you want to really, really jump, you’ve got to be looking at the £25m mark. I don’t think this club will do that. So, therefore, we are always in this lower bracket anyway

As a club that doesn’t want to put money out there and hope, we have to try and make the signings that are edging towards ‘these are going to work,’ rather than a ‘right let’s just wait and see if he works, we’ll just take them anyway,’ which some clubs do. They go on a 50/50 risk with signings, whereas we’ve got to try and make it 70/30 in our favour. So that’s where it gets tricky and difficult

I think it’s an enjoyable challenge because it’s something I believe in, and always have done. When I first went into coaching with the Watford Under-18s, my main aim was to give them more than I had received in my career. I thought if I could give them more, and they develop, that is the key. And I strongly believe that as a manager now. Of course you’ve got to get results, but if you can do that in a way that the players are benefiting, growing, maturing, you’re raising your chances of winning again anyway.

I always believe that if you affect the person, you affect their performance. Regardless of their background, wherever they are from, old or young, that’s still the key: ‘Can I affect the person in a manner that improves their performance?’. It’s good that I believe in it because we’ve had to do it! It’s rare that we go out and spend big money, so it has become part of what we do. But it does become more difficult, because you can’t get these players. Even the ones we have developed, how quickly can you get them to be effective? Because a lot of them actually haven’t played Premier League football

That’s with the chairman at the moment. I’ve offered what we think is appropriate, and so has Mike Rigg and the powers that be in the club, and eventually it does come down to the chairman at some point, because he has to give it the sign-off for getting it done. There are situations, but we’ll wait and see

I think the early signs of this lockdown are that the big superpowers are still going to be spending a lot of money. It suggests there’s money out there to be spent. Whether or not is softens slightly, we’ll see. In our world, our markets are not the main market. We don’t always sign other Premier League players, or big players from Europe, with financial reasons being the first one. There may possibly be a softening in the Championship and below. We’re going to have to wait and see, but we often have to wait and see anyway! It’s very rare that we say: ‘Here’s a big fat cheque, we want your player!’ so it’s often the waiting game.

It will certainly be up there as an achievement, because the last time we finished seventh we didn’t have all of these challenges. We had a fully fit squad, and we were going well.

The daily issue is getting players fit, and the weekly one is the same! Getting players fit and out there. I wait for the physio to come in, with that look, and you give him that look back, almost like a horror film where you have your head behind the cushion, and you think: ‘I hope he’s going to give me good news!