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Sean Dyche
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
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Club as Coach Burnley FC [Head Coach]

2015 02 21 Retrieve

[Burnley manager Sean Dyche on Danny Ings’ reported trip to Spain to discuss signing for Real Sociedad] There’s lots of things to report from the trip. Apparently it’s really sunny out there compared to here. It was a nice flight and he didn’t get sick. The food wasn’t great on the flight but he came back with one of those hats [sombrero] and those donkeys [pinata] which my folks brought back in the 70s and told everyone they were fantastic. He bought me them which I thought was a nice gesture

2018 05 11 Retrieve

[Burnley Manager Sean Dyche on Johann Berg Gudmundsson new contract] He’s had a very strong season. We saw the progress he was making and this season he’s stepped up again. We’re certainly strong financially. There’s no sense of anyone having to go anywhere. We are in a position where it would need really, really big offers for us to lose any players. We don’t have to trade out. That’s the good side of making sure the business runs properly

2018 10 18 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche says Joe Hart has nothing to prove against Man City] He has no point to prove. He just wants to get on with it. I was pretty sure he was still a top-class keeper. There can be different reasons why you play well at some places and not others. Sometimes you just fit naturally. You can sense it.

For keepers, sometimes what is in front of you helps. He wants a defensive unit he has faith with. I think there is a nice connection here. Possibly at other clubs he didn’t find that connection. But a lot of credit goes to him for finding his way again

[It places even more weight behind Heaton’s public admission he may need to look elsewhere after recovering from his own injury troubles to find himself playing second choice to Hart] I thought Tom spoke very well. He knows he has a future here. It is how he feels about that. Whatever needs to be worked out, will be worked out

2018 11 22 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche on Steven Defour who was injured] Steven came off at Leicester, with a mild twist to his knee, and he’s made really good progress and we’re expecting him to be fine

[Sean Dyche on Ben Gibson who was injured] Ben is over the worst of his hernia, he’ll join in with the development squad this week in a game, hopefully on Saturday. He’s has a really good week’s training, he’s a super fit pro anyway and he’s looked after himself f or sure, so we’re looking forward to having him back, and I’m sure he’s looking forward to being back after an interrupted start to his Burnley career

[Sean Dyche on James Tarkowski who was injured] He’s going nicely on the grass, he’s not quite with us yet, and Monday will probably come too early for him. But he’s making good progress, and slightly behind that, Stephen Ward is going well, and Nick Pope is back on the grass with our goalkeeping coach, making good progress, so we’re beginning to show strong signs of numbers coming back our way

2019 07 09 Retrieve

[Jay Rodriguez has left West Brom and returned to hometown club Burnley in a deal reportedly worth a figure rising to £10 million] In terms of Jay, he is a good player. We have been linked with him over the past couple of years and things sometimes hold deals up, or get in the way, but the time was right, I think. Even from a business point of view, it’s a pretty good deal overall for a very good player. He’s proved that over the past couple of years and shown he still has goals in him. But he’s also got that competitive instinct to play in a team that wants to compete.

2019 07 22 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche says a player’s sexuality has no bearing on their ability or selection but understands why footballers choose not to come out as gay] Does being gay mean you can’t be a good footballer? No. So let’s crack on. Have you ever thought they might not want you to have any idea? This thing about ‘the next gay footballer’. Imagine the noise around that. They might not want it. You could not contain that information. All I am saying is that in my changing room, there would be no problem

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche breezes through a whole range of subjects, including tattoos] It wouldn’t be ‘get your hair cut’ but ‘get rid of your tattoos, young man’. Everyone has a tattoo, thinking they’re different, but it means they’re all the same. ‘Oh, but my sleeve is different!’ - I reckon about five of our players don’t have one. Listen, I’m not anti-tattoo, I just don’t understand it. It is not the tattoos. It’s that you can start believing in these things more than the job. The car, the lifestyle, it becomes bigger than the job, it softens you and swerves you off the job, takes the edge away

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Arsenal vs Burnley. The Gunners are the only team that Dyche’s men have failed to win a point against since winning promotion back into the elite in 2016] I didn’t know about that statistic, but we’ve been in the league long enough to get something from the lot of them, so hopefully that goes in our favour this weekend. But they are a good side, the manager is tweaking and changing things, and they are slightly more defensive, but still have the weapons to open up the game. They are a top side, but we’ve shown before we can take points off the top sides

2019 08 17b Retrieve

[Sean Dyche was less impressed with Arsenal after the final whistle. The Burnley boss took aim at what he perceived to be persistent and unpunished simulation by opposition players] I am really worried about the game of football with players falling all over the floor. Today it was impossible how many went down. I’m told it’s a yellow card at worst and in my view that’s a free shot for every player to do it once. That can’t be right

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche has drawn a line under an incident involving Danny Drinkwater in which the midfielder was reportedly attacked outside a nightclub] The big picture is he is a 29-year-old footballer and nobody wants to get into this situation. He knows that. On the other side, he is a human being and we have all been involved in not-so-good times.

Forget about the footballer. Sometimes people get into scrapes. But he is wise enough and old enough to know not to. You can’t just talk about development when it’s good news, though. You have to talk: more so if things aren’t going well. When you take a player in he becomes a part of us. So we will work with Danny and try to help him and, importantly, he has to get himself fit

We spoke, but only stuff about what he needs to do here. That was more the case. It’s just common sense. He’s 29, he understands these situations happen, but he knows it’s not good, and equally he’s old enough to know how to conduct himself. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. Life happens

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Dyche was quick to focus on the decision that ultimately went against Chelsea when Hudson-Odoi was deemed to have dived during Chelsea’s 4-2 win against Burnley] If they are diving now, we have massive trouble in five or 10 years’ time. The game will be a farce. We didn’t use to accept it, but I seem to be the only one who is bothered about it. The big key moment in our mentality was the penalty, I can’t abide it, as everyone knows, I don’t know why it’s in the game. I said at the beginning of the season, we were told by the Premier League the worst you can get is a yellow card, so everyone has a chance to cheat once and not get sent off. It’s not about the player, it’s the greater good of the game

2019 11 01 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche claims he has been told by prominent managers to stop talking about diving because it will adversely affect his Premier League career] We’ve got a meeting coming up with the Premier League and it is one of the talking points, so that could be interesting. I’m not backward in coming forward. I’ve been told by other prominent managers to stop going on about it because it will affect my career. I said, ‘Sorry, not my bag’. You have to be true to yourself and able to look at yourself in the mirror. A couple of managers said it could affect me. I’m the bad guy, don’t forget. But at the end of the day, it was a passing comment over a chat, and I said it wasn’t my thing

Bear in mind I’ve been in football all my life, I’ve watched it all my life, at every age group, from seven, which my lad Max played in, through every age group … and people are going down with nothing wrong with them, and all that. And somehow I end up coming out of it the bad guy. I can’t fathom it at all. I keep meeting people - unless I only happen to meet the only people who don’t like diving - fans who’ve caned us, but then saying, ‘By the way, you were right though about diving’.

I don’t know how it happens, people factually diving, feigning injury - which is even worse than diving - and I mention it, and people say I’m making excuses. Eh? I’ve been making excuses for five years? How’s that then, we’re still in the Premier League, what excuses am I making? They all see it with their own eyes, yet it, ‘No, I don’t think so, he touched his earlobe with his breath’. That makes it all right then. If your kid cheats at a maths test, do you tell them, ‘Well done’?

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Just a day after handing Burnley a 5-0 defeat in the Premier League, Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho found himself again crossing paths with their manager Sean Dyche] I’ll tell you a little life story. Strangely, after a bad day for us, a bad result that’s for sure, the next day, with eight-odd million people in London, I bump into Jose Mourinho! That was a strange moment for him and me. But we were both correct because he said they were very good, which they were, and I said we weren’t, so we were both right. Anyway, it was just a life moment, that I thought was quite interesting.

I spoke to him more than I have before, ever. We had a good 10 minutes, and he was very polite, very kind to my family. It was an interesting moment in a city of eight-odd million people. I was on my way to Poundstretchers by the way - he was on his way to Harrods!

His face was actually more shocked than mine, because he was plodding along and I saw him with his hat on, and he shot his head up and said a bad word, and then said, ‘Sorry, your wife and children are there!’. But he was very pleasant - as he would be after smashing us the day before. But we had six or seven minutes chatting about how he’s settling, life in general, that sort of stuff. But he was very pleasant.

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Drinkwater to return to Chelsea after just two Burnley appearances] He will go back, just for football reasons. I have a big respect for him and I like him as a player. He just hasn’t had the pitch time. He has been a credit to himself with his professionalism, apart from the incident. He has looked after himself and tried to be part of the group. He has just not had the game time that he needs. There was an incident that was unfortunate and cost a lot more time than we thought. My respect for him as high as a person and a player. It does heighten the need [for a replacement] but you have to have the players available, finance and all the things that align. It is even tougher in a window that is [already] tough. There are only so many targets that fit our model. There is nothing that is looking open to us

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche adopted a heavily sarcastic tone as he again discussed opposition players apparently going to ground too easily] No, not at all. I think the game’s in a fantastic state. I think it’s lovely to watch when people are falling over. I love it. It’s my favourite part of the game at the moment

[Pressed on whether it was an issue that needed addressing] No, because no one wants to address it, apart from me it seems, so I’m absolutely happy with the state of the game, as everyone should be

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Burnley boss Dyche admits sale of Dwight McNeil could happen] There’s a reality when players come in, particularly when we’ve developed them as lower-league players for less money or the likes of Dwight McNeil. At some point those players, not all of them, but some of them get to a point where the club will sell them. Just by the natural economics they’re going to go ‘well, OK, what did we bring that player in for and what’s the offer?’. The difference is that offer is now stretched because we don’t actually need the money. In the past, we always had to do certain things. Now we don’t have to do them because we’re in a very strong financial position. Keano went and it was a case of we can’t refuse that money. Now we can. That’s the difference, although the basic principle is still there. If a player does so, so well and enough big interest comes from the top of the market, the chances are at some point that situation breaks and that player goes

It’s part of the reality of the club, we’re not giants in the Premier League. We can’t pay the wages that other clubs pay and some of the numbers that these players get are astronomical. They’re miles above what we can pay. When that moment comes, I have to factor that in a little bit as well and say ‘look, this is a chance for them to go and get whatever that may be and we can’t compete with that’. The business comes first, of course, but there’s also a bit of moral fibre there and we can’t stop a player from having that opportunity. But I can assure you it will only happen if the numbers are correct. The numbers now in our world are high and we’re in a position to say no, we don’t need to sell anyone. So if anyone wants to come for any of our players, they had better have a war chest

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche exclusive: Inside life in the transfer market at Burnley] Trust me, if you ring a League Two club for a player, you think they’ll say: ‘Ah, we want about £100k for him.’ They don’t. They say: ‘We want £17m!’ There’s no rhyme or reason in the market now, you either pay it, or you don’t

If you want to really, really jump, you’ve got to be looking at the £25m mark. I don’t think this club will do that. So, therefore, we are always in this lower bracket anyway

As a club that doesn’t want to put money out there and hope, we have to try and make the signings that are edging towards ‘these are going to work,’ rather than a ‘right let’s just wait and see if he works, we’ll just take them anyway,’ which some clubs do. They go on a 50/50 risk with signings, whereas we’ve got to try and make it 70/30 in our favour. So that’s where it gets tricky and difficult

I think it’s an enjoyable challenge because it’s something I believe in, and always have done. When I first went into coaching with the Watford Under-18s, my main aim was to give them more than I had received in my career. I thought if I could give them more, and they develop, that is the key. And I strongly believe that as a manager now. Of course you’ve got to get results, but if you can do that in a way that the players are benefiting, growing, maturing, you’re raising your chances of winning again anyway.

I always believe that if you affect the person, you affect their performance. Regardless of their background, wherever they are from, old or young, that’s still the key: ‘Can I affect the person in a manner that improves their performance?’. It’s good that I believe in it because we’ve had to do it! It’s rare that we go out and spend big money, so it has become part of what we do. But it does become more difficult, because you can’t get these players. Even the ones we have developed, how quickly can you get them to be effective? Because a lot of them actually haven’t played Premier League football

That’s with the chairman at the moment. I’ve offered what we think is appropriate, and so has Mike Rigg and the powers that be in the club, and eventually it does come down to the chairman at some point, because he has to give it the sign-off for getting it done. There are situations, but we’ll wait and see

I think the early signs of this lockdown are that the big superpowers are still going to be spending a lot of money. It suggests there’s money out there to be spent. Whether or not is softens slightly, we’ll see. In our world, our markets are not the main market. We don’t always sign other Premier League players, or big players from Europe, with financial reasons being the first one. There may possibly be a softening in the Championship and below. We’re going to have to wait and see, but we often have to wait and see anyway! It’s very rare that we say: ‘Here’s a big fat cheque, we want your player!’ so it’s often the waiting game.

It will certainly be up there as an achievement, because the last time we finished seventh we didn’t have all of these challenges. We had a fully fit squad, and we were going well.

The daily issue is getting players fit, and the weekly one is the same! Getting players fit and out there. I wait for the physio to come in, with that look, and you give him that look back, almost like a horror film where you have your head behind the cushion, and you think: ‘I hope he’s going to give me good news!

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[John Egan’s fine late equaliser saved Sheffield United a point as they drew 1-1 at Burnley in the Premier League] We were competitive, which is a key marker, as we’re at maximum stretch now. I’m not going to be overcritical of the players, they are realists here. I think there’s a competitive edge to the group and we showed that today. We gave our lot to try and win the game. The challenge for us at the moment is our group, we just want to get fit bodies out there

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Dyche admitted he is having to juggle the demands of getting through the remainder of the season while nursing injuries] I think Jack is going to need minor surgery it looks like - I will find out more today - and Ben Mee we’ve got it scanned, we know what it is, it’s just now settling it down and getting it going again. With such a short period now for the games, it is unlikely them two are going to make up the games. With Corky and Ben I am not envisaging at this moment that it rolls into next season, I think they will be fit and well.

It is one of them unfortunate things, let’s face it it could have come at a time when we weren’t in the shape we are in. You can quickly forget we are at 46 points, our second-highest total we have ever had in the Premier League. We have achieved that so far with these challenges. If these challenges would have come before we had a good run of seven without defeat then things could have been different. These injuries and different challenges have come at a time when we have got good points on the table so there is a balance to the situation. Forty-six points at this stage is no mean feat for clubs like ourselves.

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Burnley’s hopes of European qualification were boosted by completing the double over West Ham with a 1-0 win which owed plenty to some fine goalkeeping from Nick Pope at the London Stadium] It’s really pleasing for Jay [to score his 50th goal for Burnley]. He’s been a fantastic servant for this club. The back five were outstanding and a willing six in front to go and find a goal. The mentality of the group continues to improve. I think Europe is a big ask, the group is stretched to the limit, but we are still at it

2020 07 08b Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?]]</b> I don’t see the drink break thing, I’ve got to be honest. Only on a hot day which we have always kind of had in place. Referees would use their sense. If it was a randomly, bizarrely hot day then that’s fair obviously

We don’t want any trouble and hydration is a massive thing in sport of all kinds. It’s a bit over-egged for me. Trust me, I’m looking out of the window in my office and it’s about 13 degrees and shelling it down. I don’t really think you will be needing a drinks break to be honest but c’est la vie

Well the idea was for the drinks break, it is actually a drinks break but we have seen that it’s like a tactical break all of a sudden. I think everyone is just trying to get on with it. Like I say, I’m not too fussed with it all. Different people are trying to use it in different ways, but I think the intention was just to get some drinks down people and then get on with it

You can get the message onto the pitch much easier with no one in the stadium anyway. I don’t necessarily think that’s relevant to just use a line that the drinks break is like that, because you can easily get information on now without the fans in the stadium

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche expects no favours from Liverpool when Burnley travel to Anfield] No, not necessarily. I mean, you’ve still got very good players in front of you - top players, in fact, some of them. They look hungry to me. They look like they want to achieve other markers in the season. I think it is obviously more so when there’s a full house there, but I’m saying it’s still not an easy task, whether it’s a full house there or not. I mean, Man City had that a real edge to them when we played them and a real sharpness to them in their game. I can’t presuppose anything other than Liverpool will be ready to play

[Beating their Premier League best of seventh] Well, I think if we had the full complement of players, I’d be looking at the games we’ve got and I’d be expecting to get things. That’s not because I don’t believe in the group we’ve got, of course, it just means we are still stretched. It is a fact.

[Burnley boss Sean Dyche reveals captain Ben Mee and Jack Cork are likely to miss the rest of the Premier League season] We are playing back-to-back games in a short space of time. There is a demand on that. So I think I’m slightly more open-minded about that and where we can take it from now on in. Equally, on balance, I would say it is our second-highest total of points since we’ve been in the Premier League, including the time when the team was in the Premier League before my time here. So, that’s very pleasing with games left to go, so it is that balance though. I just think if we had the full complement of players where we could make the changes, and more of them when needed, even if during a game. Then I’d like to think we could challenge for our highest total level. I’m not saying we can’t. I just think it’s slightly more tricky.

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[Liverpool dropped points at Anfield for the first time in the Premier League this season as Burnley fought to a 1-1 draw against the champions] I’m very pleased, considering we hardly got into the game in the first half. We just about hung in there with the goalkeeper making a few saves. At half-time, I said even top sides find it hard to maintain that level for an entire game. I thought we were a threat from set-pieces all day and we took our chance

I thought Popey was excellent apart from he had his shoes on the wrong feet because of his kicking. His job is to keep the ball out of the net and he does that very well. I thought the substitutes helped us grow into the game. Jay Rod is a great pro and he chips in with a number of important goals

He’s been performing well all season. One of his biggest strengths is when he makes a mistake, he just gets on with it. He’s unorthodox in the sense that he makes saves you wouldn’t expect him to make. He’s well protected by his defenders and he’s respectful of those in front of him too. We’ve built a mentality and a resilience over some time

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was left frustrated after coming up against an inspired Nick Pope during the 1-1 draw with Burnley at Anfield] I’m very pleased, considering we hardly got into the game in the first half. We just about hung in there with the goalkeeper making a few saves. At half-time, I said even top sides find it hard to maintain that level for an entire game. I thought we were a threat from set-pieces all day and we took our chance.

The technical detail of football has advanced, but you still need a heartbeat and a group of people who care. I still think that’s so important in elite sport, and we’ve got it in abundance. I thought as the game went on, into the last 10 minutes, we looked really physically strong. There was a clear attempt to go and win the game and we were unfortunate at the end

I know the game could’ve been out of sight early on, but we dug in and created better chances in the second half. If there’s ever an advert for a team giving everything it has been us during this run of games and results. The players worked very hard to get something from the game and they deserve everything they got

I thought Popey was excellent apart from he had his shoes on the wrong feet because of his kicking. His job is to keep the ball out of the net and he does that very well.

Nick’s been performing well all season. One of his biggest strengths is when he makes a mistake he just gets on with it. He’s unorthodox in the sense that he makes saves you wouldn’t expect him to make. He’s well protected by his defenders and he’s respectful of those in front of him too. We’ve built a mentality and a resilience over some time

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[Sean Dyche says Nick Pope, James Tarkowski and Dwight McNeil worthy of England call] I’ve always said I’ve never got in the way of Gareth’s choosing of the side, I get on well with Gareth when I speak to him. Would I offer the obvious that [Pope] is playing very well? Yes. I think James Tarkowski as well is playing very well, amongst others, Dwight [McNeil]. Dwight’s getting towards a full season in the Premier League at 20 years old. After playing half a season last season he’s hardly missed a minute, to be fair to the lad. So there are three I’d certainly offer are playing well enough to be considered. Obviously Pope’s got some accolades and rightly so. Some by just doing the basics very well, which he did against Sheffield United, and then some making really big saves like he did on Saturday

I like what they do, I like their side. I think they’ve got a good mixture in the squad that they’ve got. Nothing but positives from me for what they try to achieve and how they go about it

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Dyche: We’ll always be punching above our weight] Well I don’t think it changes radically, we’ll always be punching somewhat above our weight. There’s a clutch of clubs similar-ish in the Premier League who are not going out there spending vast amounts of money, but we think we develop well

I think they are two different animals, quite obviously. So I don’t think I’m going to get involved in who’s got what, we just manage what we have got rather than worrying too much about what we haven’t got and try and create a team and a way of working that is effective enough to take points and win games.

That’s what it is, as simple as that. The ruling is nothing to do with me, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, all I know is that there is one less place available

2020 07 15b Retrieve

[Chris Wood’s 96th-minute penalty secured a 1-1 draw for Burnley to dent Wolves’ Champions League hopes] Another interesting twist went our way and we produced another good finish to a game which had its problems with the injuries. To come out with a point against a really good side from the challenges we’re having is really pleasing. Woody showed a great mentality and he grew into the game. When he missed the chance, it goes to show you what a strong character he’s got to step up and score the penalty. I was a long way from the incident, but I’ve looked back at it and it does look a clear case of handball

2020 07 17 Retrieve

[Dyche says it is another example of a rule change helping the elite and hindering smaller clubs like Burnley] I think it quite obviously favours the big clubs because they can keep more players happy and more players involved by making more changes. A lot of football often does. We all had to change the size of our home pitches to make sure they aligned with the big clubs who were in Europe. We all had to cut the grass the same length. So most things are pushed forward by the big clubs in the division. But equally the big clubs are part of what sells the division to the world. They are fantastic clubs in their own right, they have got amazing histories and a lot of prowess in football. It could be a slightly calmer situation for managers [of bigger clubs] with players who get slightly disgruntled than if they’re out of the team and out of the squad. We will look to deliver first, and if you can deliver a performance you often get the outcome you want. Having been through that [relegation] I still think there will be a pride and passion from them towards the game. We’ve got to safeguard against that by being ready to deliver another performance. So I think we go there open-minded, as we have done with all these games after lockdown. We’ve got to remind the players that is going to be needed. We don’t take anyone in the Premier League lightly, nor should we, because it is so tough going around winning games. We’ve had that unfortunate experience like Norwich. We went down the first time we came up and I think we finished win, draw, win. I know it sounds crazy but the pressure release is off. It’s done now and weirdly that opens people up a little bit