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Sergino Dest
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA National Team
Club as Player FC Ajax

2019 09 05 Retrieve

[On Wednesday, Sergino Dest confirmed he is pleased to have gotten a chance in the senior camp, but would not commit to the future, including a call-up for the cap-tying matches in October] I’m happy for this opportunity. I’m happy that I’m here right now, but I don’t know for the future. You guys will see what happens at that time

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[USMNT defender Sergino Dest to consider switch to Netherlands] I haven’t decided yet on either one. I need more time. It’s a decision I have to make for my entire life, so I want to handle it with care. I need to think carefully, that’s why I left it alone this time. Hopefully I will have decided by next month but if I need more time I’ll take it.

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Ajax teen Sergino Dest does not necessarily see his future in England] I want to play at Barcelona or Real Madrid. The Premier League is good, but I don’t know if it fits my style. It is very physical

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[Ajax teenager Sergino Dest has chosen to represent the United States at international level] I have chosen to play for Team USA going forward. I have based this decision on my feeling, however, it was a tough one. Of course, it was a tough decision for me when the Dutch men’s national team showed their interest, but I have built up a very good feeling with Team USA over the last couple of years and I strongly believe in the plans and potential of U.S. Soccer. I am therefore dedicated to making the next 10-15 years a big success and will do my utmost to help the team play for titles

I have personally informed the national team coach Ronald Koeman because I respect him greatly and didn’t want him to learn from the press. He told me he was disappointed, however, he respected my choice, as in the end it’s my life and I have to live with the choices I make, good or bad

2019 10 28b Retrieve

[The American dream! Sergino Dest’s commitment a much-needed win for struggling USMNT] I have played there throughout the youth teams and they embraced me from an early age. In the Netherlands, you would play among the best players in the world and they have a great team. That would have been amazing. In the end, it was a decision based on feelings and emotions, and therefore, I chose Team USA

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Sergino Dest has set his sights on playing for Barcelona and in the Premier League after recently deciding to forego interest from the Netherlands to represent the U.S. men’s national team] I have a lot of goals still. I want to play one time in my career for Barcelona. That’s my biggest goal. I also want to play in the Premier League, the biggest league in the world. Right now, I’m not ready for it. I still have to develop a lot of things, but I think I have the potential to reach it

A lot of people, they were talking about my decision and some people said I was dumb. Some people appreciated it, but I think it’s a decision for me. It’s my life. I decide what I do in my life and if people don’t want that, that’s their problem. I talked with my family and my friends and they said, ‘you just have to follow your heart’. I said that I think America is the best decision for me. My whole youth, I played for the U.S. They believed in me. That’s why I chose them. They believed in me during the hard times, so that’s why I chose them

I believe in them. I think all the young players have developed very well. We’re going to have a different team in the future

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Ajax defender Sergino Dest’s decision to choose the USMNT over the Netherlands will become final] My whole youth I played in the U.S., so they believed in me and that feels nice. They believed in me in the hard times, so that’s why I chose them

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Sergino Dest admits his decision to commit to playing for the United States rather the Netherlands has drawn a mixed reaction from his Ajax teammates] Some of them, they didn’t like it. Some of them, they said just: ‘Congratulations: You followed your heart.’ So that’s always good. It’s a hard decision, of course, because you are for both of them. I just made my own decision. It’s my life. If it’s not working out well. I’m the one who is dealing with the trouble. I think I made the right decision. Now I have to make sure that I made a good one and show what I’ve got

[Like Dest, Earnie Stewart grew up in the Netherlands with a Dutch mother and a father who was in the U.S. Air Force] It’s always good to hear from people that are also Dutch-American, and they also have a story in the U.S.. My decision that I made, I listened to everybody’s advice, but it’s just a decision I’m making

[Dest also says his father would have backed him even if he had decided to represent the Netherlands instead] I think if I go play for the Netherlands, he would also be happy. He’s just happy when I’m happy. He’s a dad. They’re just like, ‘OK, if you want to make that decision then, it’s your life. You have to make your own decisions

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Sergino Dest could have eased into the true start of his U.S. men’s national team career] On Friday, we’re not going to lose. This is official, so it feels like there’s no way back any more. I’m proud. It’s an honour to play for the national team

It’s just a great feeling, to play your first official game for your country. I’m glad that I made this choice

I think I just don’t play with stress. I’m never scared to lose a ball. If I lose a ball, I lose a ball, but if you don’t play with confidence, you’re never going to play a really good game. That’s why I always play with confidence. If I lose the ball, that’s it

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Sergino Dest on himself] I just don’t play with stress. I’m never scared to lose a ball. If I lose a ball, I lose a ball. If you don’t play with confidence you’re never going to play a really good game

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Ajax full-back Sergino Dest has left the club’s training camp in Qatar because of concerns over the political situation in the Middle East] Sergino Dest has asked if he could leave Ajax’s training camp in Qatar. He didn’t feel comfortable. Ajax understands his request and has honoured it. The right-back will join Jong Ajax in Amsterdam

2020 03 16 Retrieve

[USMNT star Sergino Dest explains visit to Germany amid Bayern Munich rumors] I was there mainly because I have family there. I thought if Bayern is really going to get interested, I want to know a bit about how the club works. So I thought it would be nice to check it out. But it wasn’t that I was invited by Bayern, as suggested. There was nothing else behind it