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Sergio Busquets
Gender Male
Ethnic Catalan
Job Catalan Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC

2016 01 09 Retrieve

[Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets offers his take on the chippy encounter against Espanyol] It was an intense game with a lot of confrontation. But I don’t think there was anything outlandish. What happens on the field stays on the field

2017 08 15 Retrieve

[Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets defends Gerard Pique who scored an own-goal as Real Madrid thumped Barcelona 3-1 in the Spanish Super Cup] It was an unlucky incident. We lost 3-1 because we made a number of errors and they were very good at the critical points. We didn’t lose because of a single piece of play. It’s not the best way to express yourself and even less so from within the club, aimed at a player

We knew what could happen from the start of the game. We had a good first half, but after their goal we opened up and we couldn’t change things with the equaliser. When they have space, and on the counter-attack, they’re almost unstoppable. We don’t give up the trophy as lost. It’s difficult but we have to keep believing as a team. We have to be good defensively. Scoring three goals won’t be easy but we’ve done it there plenty of times

2018 08 24 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets says the Spanish footballers’ union (AFE) is united in opposition to La Liga’s plans to play one regular season game in the United States] We’re all united, the union is strong and as our president has said, we all think the same way on this. Together we are stronger and this [opposing the plans] is a path that we all want to take and we believe it’s what is best for football

2019 05 29 Retrieve

[The secret behind Liverpool’s incredible pressing and energy levels. The Reds overwhelmed Barcelona at Anfield to set up this weekend’s Champions League final] They were better than us. They went after the game from the first minute. I just want to say sorry to the supporters. After Roma we didn’t want this to happen again. But if you don’t press against a team like this and you don’t take your chances, then you’re in trouble. It’s hard to say anything else

[They had simply had no answer to Liverpool’s pressing game, their controlled aggression] They were smarter than us. They were faster

2019 07 26 Retrieve

[Barcelona stalwart Sergio Busquets believes Ousmane Dembele is getting closer to living up to high expectations at Camp Nou] He looks better. We’ve been here for a few days and it’s a long season, but the way he has started is positive. Everyone has a hard time going to a new club, with a different language and a different philosophy. Hopefully everything goes better because he has a lot to give and we expect a lot from him

[Antoine Griezmann’s arrival has further complicated Dembele’s bid to become a regular starter in attack] The signing of Griezmann is good for everyone. It will make us better as a team and will increase competition. The problem will be for the coach, who will have to choose [from a strong squad]. The important thing is to make the team solid. He’s fitting in well with the team, style and philosophy. The three new ones are integrating well, they are good team-mates. For us it’s a pleasure

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets spoke optimistically about Ousmane Dembele’s maturation during pre-season] He looks better. Everyone has a hard time going to a new club, with a different language and a different philosophy. Hopefully, everything goes better this year because he has a lot to give and we expect a lot from him

2019 09 08 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets says Frenkie de Jong has to adapt his game after moving from Ajax to Barcelona] He must adapt to a style of football other than that of Ajax. But he will be great, both now and in the future, he can be one of the best

[With Spain looking to make it six wins from six in Euro 2020 qualifying against the Faroe Islands on Sunday night, the game could see Ramos draw level with former team-mate Iker Casillas’ record of 167 international appearances] It is an incredible number of matches. He is one of the best in the world, and he is lucky to have been able to play so many, to go far in many tournaments. He has won two European Championships and the World Cup. It is an honour to have him here as captain

[At 31, Busquets is two years Ramos’ junior, but he was asked if the thought of retirement had yet entered his mind] You keep going year after year. It depends on how I feel and the confidence of the coach. I am only thinking about this season, to keep working to be better. Then there is the European Championship and that is what concerns me. From there, I would not know what to tell you

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Busquets will obviously be key to Frenkie De Jong’s development in Catalunya] He must adapt to a style of football other than that of Ajax. But he will be great, both now and in the future. He can be one of the best

2019 09 15 Retrieve

[Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets doesn’t believe Raheem Sterling should be compared to Lionel Messi] Look, Sterling is a player with a big profile and a big potential. But comparing him to Leo Messi seems very exaggerated and not positive for the player. What is true is that each one is playing a very big role in his club. He is a good player and can also have a lot of influence on the English national team

2019 09 25 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets accepts he will have to fight to keep his place in Barcelona’s midfield after returning to the starting side for Tuesday’s win over Villarreal] I’m fine. There’s a lot of competition in the centre of the pitch and there are players who are still out. The competition is good because it forces us to improve our level. I’m going to work hard to earn a place

[Busquets hopes Messi can return to full fitness as soon as possible] It’s inconvenient because he’s our best player, the best in the world. I hope it’s as minor as possible and that he returns to the team as soon as possible

2019 10 24 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets heaped praise on Barcelona’s record-breaking superstar Lionel Messi following Wednesday’s Champions League victory] He’s had a tough start to the season because of injuries. He’s fundamental to the way we play and a lot goes through him. He’s getting his rhythm back but it won’t take him long because he’s the best in the world

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets came on in the second half and struggled to put his finger on what had gone wrong when Levante shock Barcelona 3-1] There’s no explanation. It was a very even game and we did the most difficult part by going ahead. But they landed a blow and it did us damage. They had a burst of 10 minutes and they play with a lot of people in attack. On one of the goals, we couldn’t get the second ball. I think that the game was equal, but the result was excessive. We were on a good run before. There is a game in the Champions League soon and another in LaLiga

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[When teams concede free kicks on the edge of their own box they feel almost as dangerous as penalties with Messi standing over them] It’s clear that when it’s so close we have the advantage of having the best player in the world and the best free-kick taker in the world. He’s been improving and that’s an advantage, I hope he keeps scoring them

2019 11 09b Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets on Lionel Messi] We have a very big advantage, he’s the best in the world and also the best freekick taker in the world. He’s been improving bit by bit and it was difficult. Having him is a very big advantage

[Busquets scored a rare goal to round off Barcelona’s victory at the Camp Nou as they regained top spot in LaLiga Santander] I hadn’t scored in a while, although that’s normal. The important thing was that the team won. We were struggling in LaLiga Santander and the Champions League and it was important to stay top and go into the international break with calmness

We know where we are and, if we don’t win, that creates doubts… and even more so if we don’t play in the best way. It’s normal that there’s pressure [on us], this is the best club in the world

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Busquets fumes at VAR over Barcelona spot-kick controversy] If you set the bar so low for the first penalty, you have to give so many more penalties. VAR would have to have intervened in that final play. The penalty on Pique is so clear. I think the referee saw it, but he didn’t want to blow the whistle. I don’t know why VAR didn’t intervene. I would like to know their explanation, but it’s not going to happen

We knew it was special for Antoine Griezmann, because of his past. He did not want to celebrate the goal, which is respectable, but for us that goal, and his work as usual, has been very good for us

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets will certainly be looking forward to working with his new boss, having once presented Setien with a signed shirt that read] For Quique, with love and admiration for your way of looking at football. All the best

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Busquets refuses to criticise Valverde after Setien enjoys debut victory with a 1-0 win over a dogged Granada at Camp Nou on Sunday] We were a solid team. We had control of the ball. They created little against us. It’s true that we struggled when they dropped deep but, in general terms, the team played a good game. It’s not about comparing. Every coach has his style and his way of seeing football. You’ll see what Setien asks us to do. We’re not going to reveal it. We’re delighted with what Ernesto did and we’re delighted with Setien

[Setien also earned a cheer from the Camp Nou crowd for bringing on Masia graduate Riqui Puig, who found chances hard to come by under Valverde] He has a lot of things to mature, but it looks like he can be here [to boost the team]

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets agrees Barca were taking time to adjust to Setien’s tactics] I think the players have to adapt to the coaching staff’s ideas. There were good things in this game and others that need to be improved

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Messi row with Abidal not to blame for Barca’s Copa del Rey exit] We are just focused on the sporting side of things. We won in the league at the weekend but it wasn’t to be today. It’s a sad day for everyone. We didn’t want to go out. We have two competitions left; we have to keep on fighting. We have to continue. Everyone’s angry. We did things well.

[There was already a fresh feel to the competition, as the two-legged ties of the past were replaced with one-off elimination games up to the semi-final stage] We deserved to go through, but this is the new Copa. In one isolated moment, it can slip away from you. A fateful ending after all that happened. That’s football. One cross has ended up in the back of the net. We’d managed the game well; we knew how to suffer but one detail and you’re gone

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Barca’s squad will be stretched to the limit in the reverse fixture] Semedo and I were one booking away from a ban so we were always running that risk [of suspension]. We hope Pique’s injury is nothing serious but we will take on the second leg with what we have. We don’t have a deep squad because, unfortunately, that’s how it was planned

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets complain about Eric Abidal and squad planning after the 1-1 draw at Napoli in the Champions League on Tuesday] We’ll take [the second leg] on with what we are. We’re a small squad - unfortunately the planning was like this

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Sergio Busquets conceded his side did not do enough with the ball as Real Madrid player after leading the La Liga giants to a 2-0 victory at the Santiago Bernabeu] We lost control because we lost possession. We don’t know how to bring the ball out from the back when they press us man to man. Sometimes you’re not sure with a pass and you run a risk, although I think we have the players to carry it out. We all like to have the ball and I think we have the players for it. Every team suffers without the ball. We’re not the most defensive nor the most physical of teams

It was the opportunity to gain some distance and it wasn’t to be. We had a very good first half, but it changed in the second half. We struggled to play out from the back and they took their chance to come forward. They scored the opener in a disappointing moment for us

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Mythbuster: ‘Fraudiola’! Pep is nothing without Messi] The crucial moment of my footballing life was when Guardiola crossed my path. When you’re with Guardiola, you become a master in football

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Barca star Busquets doubts La Liga season will resume amid coronavirus crisis] I think it’ll be difficult to resume. I don’t think it can be done. At first, I wanted to see how it evolved and now it seems we’ve reached the peak. I’m waiting for good news. I think it will be difficult to resume because of travel, getting everyone together. That will be the problem

[Busquets went on to offer an insight into how he is coping with the enforced break in the campaign] This situation is difficult, to live it from the outside, and above all the uncertainty that it is generating. But I can spend more time with my children. I am not touching the ball very much, but we have a weekly pattern of exercises that the physical trainers have designed for us and that we do every day

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[The league has been working on a protocol establishing conditions for a return to training, which recommends that teams hold closed training camps at facilities, a move which Barca’s Sergio Busquets said he was against] The players have shown their utmost concern for the situation society is experiencing at the moment and in particular about the health conditions they will find themselves in when they return to normal activity