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Sergio Ramos
Gender Male
Job Spanish
  Spanish Footballer
  Real Madrid Captain
Desc You either love him or absolutely hate ‘the bastard for what he did to our poor wee Mohamed Salah in the UEFA Champions League final that we would’ve won if Ramos wasn’t such a bastard’, but you can’t deny that the guy is a bloody good centre back


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid

2013 09 03 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos questions Real’s wisdom in allowing Mesut Ozil to leave] If it was up to me Ozil would have been the last person to leave

2015 02 28 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos on Spain’s glory] We were able to enjoy a unique period and an extraordinary generation of footballers. We were crowned world champions and were twice European champions. Let’s see if anyone else can match that

2015 03 28 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos on Iniesta] Iniesta is the boyfriend that every mother wants

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] I’ve always admired him because he’s the business. He’s an example to us all. Totti deserves all the applause he gets. He’s given so much to the game over so many years so it’s right that the fans should express their admiration for him

2016 05 26 Retrieve

Although Zidane has not been here for long we think he is a great coach and I think he has an enormous future ahead of him

2016 05 28 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos has no such bad memories of his first Champions League win, but does admit his 92nd minute equaliser against Atletico - before winning 4-1 - was not ideal] The first time is like when you make love: you always remember it […] but then it’s true that you can improve because to start with you’re a disaster. The first time always has a special taste. I was the protagonist for a great goal

2017 02 18 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos speaks about his shirt number] The 4 has given me a lot of luck and has accompanied me throughout my career with Real, but don’t think that I haven’t considered changing it for 93

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos discusses the French starlet] Kylian Mbappe is a great player with enormous potential. He is a fast player who unsettles his opponents and has abilities to score goals. He will battle with the best

2017 09 21 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane rues missed chances as Real Madrid lose at home to Real Betis] It’s not normal in these matches at home against sides who on paper would normally be leaving the Bernabéu with a different result. Hopefully it’s just a problem with being clinical. We did everything we could but there’s not been a ruthless side to our finishing. Another day it finishes 4-0 or 4-1 and everything is OK.

2018 05 25 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos, suggested that Klopp’s claim that Madrid were like a Swiss watch was an attempt to distract them] They’re like a Swiss watch too. We have to be focused on not conceding and reducing the danger of their world class players

[Ramos said that Madrid’s players were in great shape] Everyone is ready, there are no injuries, we’ve been training incredibly well and we have extraordinary motivation, we’re all like miuras [fighting bulls]

2018 05 31 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos comments on Zinedine Zidane who just announces his departure as head coach of Real Madrid] You’re going but your legacy can never be erased

2018 09 29 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos reacts to his club team-mate Luca Modric winning The Best FIFA Men’s Player award] I am as happy as if I had won it. He deserves it, he is an excellent player and has marked an important era in the history of Real Madrid

2018 10 29 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos, had made it clear that he did not welcome the prospect. Asked about the prospect of a manager like Conte with mano dura - an iron fist - arriving at the Bernabéu] Respect is earned, not imposed

[Although he did not name them, Ramos clearly referred to Vicente del Bosque, Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane, none of whom is authoritarian and who all had a close relationship with the squad, when he added] We have had success with coaches that I don’t need to name but you all know. Sometimes knowing how to manage a dressing room is more important than technical ability

2018 12 11 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos thinks the dominance from Ronaldo and Messi isn’t a good thing] They could create a Ballon d’Or just for those two [and award it to one or the other] depending on results, and another for the rest. It would be best for football

: 2019 05 27 Real Madrid have been hit with the unexpected bombshell that Sergio Ramos is considering leaving the club after 14 seasons with the capital club

2019 05 30 Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has announced he intends to stay with the club next season] I am Madridista. I want to retire here. I don’t want the fans to be left in any doubt. There has been too much speculation about my future and I wanted to reiterate my commitment to the club.

[When asked about his bond with club president Florentino Perez] My relationship with the president is similar to that of a father and son

[The announcement comes amid talk of a lucrative summer move to China] There is an offer from China and If I didn’t feel wanted (at Real Madrid) then it’s an alternative. But at present my deal is with Real Madrid and my plan is to see out my contract. The Ajax game created a great deal of tension that’s true and it was a time for us to reset things. It’s important that I feel wanted here at the club - by the fans, team-mates and, of course, the president

[After underlining his commitment to Real, Ramos said he wanted to speak publicly] So we can all enjoy the summer and ensure that my name is not in the headlines. I get annoyed to see stories circulating that are not true and that was the motivation for calling the press conference. It’s wrong that people feel when these situations arise with me and the club that it’s to do with money

[Perez said the Spanish international would not be leaving the Bernabeu on a free transfer in the wake of a prospective a move to the Chinese Super League] I held a private meeting with the president, where I informed him of the offer from China. This was a private conversation that has been leaked, and the result is the specualtion we’ve seen over the past few days. Once again, this was my motivation in holding this press conference

[The defender conceded he might be subject of boos by the Madrid faithful] The fans whistle as they want a reaction from the players. I’ve had it . Even Cristiano Ronaldo was whistled. Sometimes things don’t work out as we hope in the game of football

My intention is to construct a new Real Madrid with the president and start to look to the future. I still have the physical strength to play for the club. How long will this last? I don’t know … two, four, six years. When the time comes to move on I’ll do so but in a place where I never have to face Real Madrid

I’m not sure if I’d consider China as a future destination. I’ve always felt a warm welcome there, but I really don’t know if two or four years from now I’ll go to China, the United States or if I’ll stay as a coach

2019 05 30b Retrieve

[Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos has labelled Eden Hazard a top player] I consider Eden Hazard to be a really, really top player. I do not give advice to anyone, nor does it depend on me whether or not Hazard is signed, for example. This is an area outside of my domain. I’m the captain, and there are other departments to oversee the likes of recruitment at the club.

I still have the same desire to push for glory and win titles. I am optimistic about the immediate future of the club with the new players that will arrive. My intention is to construct a new Real Madrid with the president [Florentino Perez] and start to look to the future. I still have the physical strength to play for the club

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Real captain Sergio Ramos gave his blessing over Los Blancos’ incoming big move after announcing he is staying at Santiago Bernabeu, amid speculation that he would leave] I consider Eden Hazard to be a really, really top player

2019 06 09 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says Luis Enrique’s continued absence is not a problem for Spain] The subject of the coach is delicate and we have the utmost respect. His absence is important, Luis is the skipper of the ship, he has a lot of personality, he guides us very well. But we also have to reward his staff, they are very good professionals. We try not to notice his absence, we are going to try to let it not affect the group. He wants the team to win and not to talk about his absence. [Robert Moreno] leads the way while Luis Enrique returns and he does it very well, he is very capable, he is assuming the role in a humble way.

[Ramos broke the record for featuring in the most international victories for Spain] To beat a record is a huge joy, football is a collective sport but at the individual level you are happy. It is always a nice reward for work, perseverance. After beating a great friend like Iker, it was a tremendous joy, I still feel very excited and eager to keep going

2019 06 20 Retrieve

[Spain captain Sergio Ramos has paid tribute to former coach Luis Enrique after the ex-Barcelona man stepped down from his role as boss of the national team] Every victory of the national team will also be yours, coach. All our support and our encouragement

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos said the La Liga giants cannot lose like they did against Atletico Madrid, who incredibly won 7-3 on Friday] We’re obviously not feeling great right now. This has only just begun, they’re preparation games to get us up to the top level. There are many ways in which to lose, but we can’t be doing it like we did today. We played the game like a friendly, it’s a big margin and we head away frustrated. It’s a very poor result and we have to try and reach the levels we aspire to. This team’s ambition remains intact. We’ve won an awful lot but that’s in the past now. We have to forget about what happened last season, this is a pre-season campaign and it’s far too soon to draw conclusions and be assessing things. We have to keep training as we are every day and we’ll gradually reach our best to take on the challenges of the new season

That’s the difference in football. We played a friendly match and they went at it as if it were a final. We have to bring that intensity to every game. They got the better of us in terms of intensity, second balls, pressing, and they were sharp in front of goal today too. Ultimately, they are still our direct city rivals and madridismo will be frustrated like we are because you can’t go home happy after a loss. We’re getting in shape to try and reach our best and we’ll draw conclusions once La Liga has started and we’ve started to play competitive games

[Ramos, whose Madrid finished third in La Liga last season] I have absolute confidence and after so many years here, if I thought this team weren’t capable of winning things, I’d be the first to go. I have immense confidence in this team and in madridismo.

2019 08 18 Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos understood the decision by VAR to show Modric the red card after stamping on Denis Suarez] Everything used to protect football is good. Today the decision was against us. We ended up with one less man, I don’t think Modric went in with bad intention but he arrived late and the referee had doubts. He spoke to the other officials and reached that decision. VAR’s there to help us and if these decisions protect football then they are welcome

2019 08 25 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos said Neymar is among the top three in the world amid the Paris Saint-Germain star’s links to the La Liga giants] Neymar is a top player, among the top three in the world. Talking about signings is a lack of respect for this great team. These things are always talked about at Real Madrid and even more so when the transfer window is open. Players must be cold with these things

[Madrid have been busy in the transfer market, signing Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic, Eder Militao, Ferland Mendy and Rodrygo Goes, while seemingly keeping Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez] We’re going to move forward with those that we have. We all need to be connected. Reactivating players like Gareth Bale or James Rodriguez is another solution

[Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, however, is reportedly set to leave the Santiago Bernabeu as he seeks regular football] He’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The debate about the goalkeeper’s spot has always existed, but Real Madrid need two great goalkeepers and Courtois and Navas are two amazing goalkeepers. I would like [Navas] to stay because he’s also a great player, team-mate and he’s a friend

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos has revealed that referee Deniz Aytekin apologised to him for showing him a yellow card after his goal celebration in Spain’s 2-1 win over Romania on Thursday] I already talked to the referee. It was to dedicate the goal to my nephew, who also wears glasses to see like me. It was to tell him that there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses. I was going to the camera. The referee understood, he apologised and regretted it

[Kepa then justified his selection over David de Gea when he thrust out a leg to keep out a Puscas header as Spain made it five wins from five in Group F to give coach Robert Moreno victory in his first game since being named Luis Enrique’s permanent successor] We knew that it was going to be a complicated scenario. Any national match has a tremendous difficulty, and it has been that way. Despite having made a great first half to have more of an advantage, it has not been so. We must learn to kill off these matches, not to reach the end with fear of losing all three points

[Ahead of Sunday’s home game against the Faroe Islands, Ramos told his team not to take their eye off the prize] Winning away from home and achieving the goal gives you that peace of mind. But we have not done anything yet because we want to be first in the group and get to 30 points

2019 09 09 Retrieve

[Spain captain Sergio Ramos has declared his goal is to reach 200 international appearances after equalling Iker Casillas’s record on Sunday] Records are there to be broken. I hope that this momentum, enthusiasm and ambition always accompanies me and that I reach 200 games, which is the objective. You have to make it difficult

I’m flattered by Iker’s praise. I still have to overcome [his number] and I hope I can play for this country for many more years

[Ramos praised head coach Robert Moreno, who replaced Luis Enrique in June after the former Barcelona boss stepped down due to personal reasons before the death of his daughter last month] I think he is comfortable and we’re delighted with him. He knows the dressing room and our way of playing well. He can help us.

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos believes he has been misjudged by people and says he always plays with the right intentions] I respect everybody’s opinion and it is true that sometimes people misjudge me. When I play against a tough rival it is the most thrilling thing that can happen to me and something that I look forward to. When you have to go against a nice forward player or striker you have this nice duel and of course inside the right context where you don’t want to harm anyone, and with the right intention and the right heart. It is a game, you go to win and try to defend yourself but always inside you have respect

2019 09 10b Retrieve

[Blancos captain Sergio Ramos says Players like Manchester United star Paul Pogba are always welcome at Real Madrid] I think Real Madrid always has the door open for good players such as him. For me, Pogba is one of the great players. He is different and he has shown his value at Juventus and now Manchester United. I think he brings balance to a team. He has a great offensive influence and he has this amazing physique

2019 09 10c Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos labelled Gareth Bale a great player and backed his team-mate after a difficult off-season] I think Bale’s a great player and he’s been really important for the club in the years he’s been with us. You find many things in the press. Some are true, some are not. We live in this world and we have to try to be above all that. Regarding what has been said about Gareth, I think time puts everything in place. Regardless of what each player does in his personal life, I think it should be respected and not even talked about. We’re free to do what we want with our free time. Of course, professionally, you owe yourself to a team, to a club, and you try to be as honest as possible. Afterwards, it’s up to each person to go home with a clear conscience or not

[Ramos said of Zidane] He remains the same person. He keeps his essence as a manager. He has more experience. I would sum up in essence he is the same person, but better because he has more experience

[Ramos, who equalled the record for most Spain caps with his 167th international appearance in Euro 2020 qualifying, added] Of course after a winning streak for a long time, there’s a turning point. Yes, we stopped winning. But there isn’t a component of the team that is tired of winning. It is just something that happened and we have to reset and restart. We have new people in our team. We will always be a contender to winning. You are forced to win every year. We have to get rid of a bad season and we have more hunger to win and more hunger for competition. I think this will be a good year and we have to do things right from the beginning

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos has insisted that Toni Kroos is an indispensable part of the squad at Santiago Bernabeu] He is an indispensable member of our team who creates the right balance. From the start, he’s been awesome. He delivers solutions within our game and is an extraordinary passer who has assisted many of my headed goals

2019 09 23 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says Real Madrid were hungry and angry to win on Sunday] We have achieved the goal and managed to be calm for a week, after what has been said. Madrid is always hungry and angry to win. The team is always very optimistic. The team’s getting better. We are tied with Athletic on the table and we have to keep trying to improve as a team and above all take advantage of the occasions like today

We knew the difficulty of the game. It had been years since the team [Sevilla] did not win here. We have come with a very strong mentality, with the intention of committing the minimum possible errors

2019 09 23b Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos insists he is not bothered by rumours that Jose Mourinho could be set to return as Real Madrid manager] It doesn’t annoy me that his name is linked, that’s how it is. I don’t have to say if it annoys me or not, that’s the situation. Here, you lose a game and you have to change something. It’s difficult, but that’s the reality

[Ramos was also quick to point out that Zidane is still the Real boss] Everything that surrounds Real fills the newspaper covers and programmes and creates further speculation. In my opinion, talking about another coach is showing disrespect to our trainer. In this respect, we have shown that despite recent results we are with Zizou. Now you must remain calm. We repeat that we want to maintain good work dynamics and doubt in Real Madrid at this stage of the season would be crazy. Therefore, calmness and faith in this team and this trainer

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos says he would have become a tennis player if he wanted individual trophies as he delivered a dismissive appraisal of The Best FIFA Football awards] I’d prefer to not come here and for Real Madrid to win titles. If I’d wanted to win individual titles, then I’d have dedicated myself to tennis. When the team wins, we always win. It wasn’t a good season last year, but it’s a good sign that Real Madrid have players in the XI

[Ramos insisted when asked about Marcelo. The inclusion of Marcelo was particularly questionable, the Brazil full-back having lost his place as undisputed first choice at the Santiago Bernabeu over the past year, starting just 21 La Liga games last season] He’s one of the best in the world. Everyone is free to comment. It’s hard to please everyone

2019 09 29 Retrieve

[Zidane echoed the views of skipper Sergio Ramos, who had mixed feelings after keeping a third league clean sheet in a row] These games against Atletico are very physical. It’s one of the most difficult stadiums we have to visit throughout the season and it’s important to keep a clean sheet. But in attack it’s hard to create chances because they don’t leave much space. This point doesn’t mean a lot because we wanted three. The defensive side of the game is something we’ve been working on. Everything adds up and I think we’re enjoying a good spell

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos slams Real Madrid’s ‘laughable’ defending in Brugge draw] It is a bad result but the reaction was good. We cannot be happy - the first goal was a joke. But I am sticking to the positives - the players changed the game with their attitude in the second half. In the end it is not that I am happy to add one point - there was room to add three - but I’m happy with the reaction. It is not that we started badly, but then we were not concentrating on where the opponent could harm us. In the end I want to focus on the last 45 minutes. We can’t be happy but you always have to be thinking about the positive

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says he would not turn down the chance to play for Spain at the 2020 Olympic Games] It is early to talk about the Olympic Games. But anyone who had the chance and was called to play in the Games would not say no. It is something you cannot refuse. There is a lot of the season left and it is a very nice idea

[Ramos was speaking after Spain’s 1-1 draw away to Norway in a Euro 2020 qualifier, with the captain making his 168th international appearance. That moved him above former club and country team-mate Iker Casillas as Spain’s most-capped player but Ramos said he would have swapped the milestone for a victory, which would have secured La Roja’s place at Euro 2020] The personal is secondary. I would have changed the record for the victory. It is a pride to be the Spaniard who has worn this shirt more times, which I still hope to wear much more. It was a shame we drew. Norway have taken advantage of the last minutes, and in one play they tied us. I’m sad, because we would have liked to achieve the qualification

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Following the match, Sergio Ramos’s pride at the appearance record milestone was overshadowed somewhat by Norway’s late equaliser that spoiled Spain’s perfect record in Euro 2020 qualifying] The personal is secondary. I would have changed the record for the victory. It is a pride to be the Spaniard who has worn this shirt more times, which I still hope to wear much more. It was a shame we drew. Norway have taken advantage of the last minutes, and in one play they tied us. I’m sad, because we would have liked to achieve the qualification

2019 10 21 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos had previously said the players are only thinking about winning in Istanbul] We’re not looking at opinions from the outside. We are quite calm, inwardly. In the dressing room, we know we need to work. We just need to concentrate on our games and our plans

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos has become just the second player to score in 16 consecutive seasons in La Liga, joining Lionel Messi as the only two players to do so] Records are there to be broken. I hope that this momentum, enthusiasm and ambition always accompanies me and that I reach 200 games, which is the objective. You have to make it difficult

[Madrid captain has also found himself in legal trouble last week, as he confirmed he will appeal against a €1 million by the Spanish tax authorities. Ramos released a statement clarifying that the issue is] an administrative fine, not a criminal offence. Due to my non-conformity regarding the change of criteria from the Spanish tax office, and reiterating that I have paid the fine, I am exercising my right to appeal

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos acknowledged Real Madrid wasted an opportunity to make a statement in La Liga after their goalless draw with Real Betis] Nothing’s happening, that’s just football, it’s not easy. Today, Levante beat Barcelona, you can’t expect to win any game, whoever you’re playing against. Our league is the best in the world, we’re fortunate to be playing in it and we try to do our best.

Today was a good opportunity to become the leaders, with the other results. We fought for the result from the first minute but couldn’t take the goal. The attitude and work in defence was good. You have to give credit to Betis too, they’re a team who like to keep the ball and play football, it’s not easy. It’s a bittersweet feeling to get just one point, we’ve lost an opportunity to go first and take the lead

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo need to compete for their own Golden Ball] They could make a Golden Ball only for Cristiano and Messi, depending on the results, and another for the rest. In the end it would be better for football

[On his legacy] I feel proud. In the end it is something that nobody has given me. Behind those walls it is all about work, the sacrifice, the dedication and the constancy. Because it is not only a challenge to arrive at the top, but also to stay there. There are many things behind the scenes that people do not know about, success is no accident. Hopefully my legacy serves to inspire millions of children that when you fight for something, dreams are fulfilled and anything can be achieved

[He is reluctant to speculate on who could fill his boots with the Blancos] In the end, comparisons are never good. There is a very good production line at Real Madrid, you must always keep that national base. In the market there are good players and the team can sign them. [Matthijs] De Ligt is a defender with a lot of promise, he needs experience, but he is a player of the future

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Club captain Sergio Ramos was less philosophical about dropping points in a 1-1 draw at Valencia on Sunday] Despite scoring at the end, it tastes a bit bitter despite adding a point. When you don’t leave with the three points, you leave with that pity. I think we’ve controlled the match well, with balance. We had in front of us a rival who came into the match in good form. We can’t press for the full 90 minutes, but we’ve gone all the way. We’ve made a point that allows us to stay joint-top

2019 12 18 Retrieve

[Ramos claims VAR missed two clear Real Madrid penalties in Clasico stalemate] We saw them at the break and they look pretty clear. They’re both penalties, but we can’t change that now. VAR is here to help. It’s bad luck. On another day, it’ll be our turn to have a penalty that they don’t check

You can’t be happy when you don’t win, but getting something here is always positive. We saw a great Real Madrid today, with a lot of personality, on a very tough pitch. We went to steal the ball, which helped us create many chances. There were few mistakes and that’s the end result. We controlled the game quite well. We had more chances than them. It’s not easy to get the ball off them. The strategy of pressing high worked well. We’re going through a great dynamic in terms of play and we’re also good physically. It’s a shame the year is ending - we’d like this not to stop. Now, we have Athletic and hopefully we’ll continue like this after the holidays

2019 12 18b Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos jokes on Ballons d’Or] They could make a Golden Ball only for Cristiano and Messi, depending on the results, and another for the rest. In the end it would be better for football

I feel proud. In the end it is something that nobody has given me. Behind those walls it is all about work, the sacrifice, the dedication and the constancy. Because it is not only a challenge to arrive at the top, but also to stay there

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[captain Sergio Ramos criticised the failure of VAR to fix what he viewed as pretty clear fouls in Clasico] The Frenchman could have had two penalties in the first half but Hernandez Hernandez did not give either of them. On minute 17, Varane went to head a corner before Lenglet stood on his thigh muscle in the area, but neither the referee nor VAR [where (Ricardo) de Burgos Bengoetxea was in charge] deemed it a penalty. Two minutes later and following another corner, the central defender had his shirt pulled by Ivan Rakitic, which saw him end up on the ground in the penalty area. However, once again, neither the referee or the VAR system decided to award the penalty

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says Real Madrid will fight to the death to beat Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Supercopa final on Sunday] It’s ugly to talk about enemies, it’s a rivalry. I don’t see any team as an enemy, just as a direct rival. Everyone is free to think what they want. They’re a difficult opponent, with a great coach and a great team. They fight until the last ounce of hope. We are prepared and we will fight to the death for this title

[The Spanish FA (RFEF) have come in for criticism due to the revamped Supercopa tournament this year, with some claiming it has been engineered purely to benefit Madrid and Barca] The format doesn’t depend on us, but on the [Spanish Football] Federation, and they have done it well. The Supercopa has recovered its value, there are now four teams competing. It favours us this year as we were one of the invitees. Maybe next year, other teams will arrive to compete. It is very well organised. And if the clubs and the Federation benefit […]

[Ramos already has three Supercopas to his name, alongside his four Spanish titles and four Champions Leagues] One of the most important things to enjoy is ambition. We are excited to play another final. It is the fruit of the effort and hard work of everyone to enjoy a final against a rival who deserves to be here. The goal is to win the title

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Many joke that Neymar is purposefully skipping games around this time to spend time with his sister] I like to play with the best and Neymar is one of them. What we would have to negotiate is his sister’s birthday

2020 02 23 Retrieve

[Ramos hits out at referee following Real Madrid defeat: I asked if he had a personal problem with me] I don’t like talking about referees as they can make mistakes, but sometimes it makes you think. The criteria is different. They gave a penalty against me for an involuntary handball in the Supercopa de Espana. Today, there are two and they don’t give it. I’m annoyed with Hernandez Hernandez. Referees were more respectful before and captains could speak to them. The arrogance is something that you have or you don’t have. I asked [the referee] if he had any personal problem with me and, if he did, to tell me so we could work it out

We’re annoyed. The most decisive moment is arriving and we have to turn the page. We were leaders and now we’re second. Any mistake can leave you without a trophy. Then again, there were lots of things surrounding this game […] But we lost this game, not the referee and not VAR

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on ref row: I did not cross any lines] Referees were more respectful before and captains could speak to them. The arrogance is something that you have or you don’t have. I asked if Alejandro Hernandez had any personal problem with me and, if he did, to tell me so we could work it out. We’re annoyed

I don’t feel persecuted in Spain, but the philosophy is different in Europe, a bit more permissive in some things. The last game [Levante] was something personal, but generally I feel I have a good relationship with refs. I’ve never said anything out of place, nor never lacked respect for any referee. This is a democracy, and you can speak your mind, I don’t think I’ve crossed any lines

2020 02 25b Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos in no rush to discuss Real Madrid deal but calms any exit fears] The relationship with the club is magnificent in every way. So there is no rush on any side - mine or the club. I’ve never made extra demands, I understand the club’s policy with players of a certain age. If the club wants me to stay, I’ll stay, no need to worry. It seems they want to provoke a confrontation between the club and Ramos and it will not be like that

I have a lot of respect for Guardiola, a great coach, with so much experience. His numbers speak for themselves. Our big motivation is just we are playing in the Champions League, not the rival club or coach

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Sergio Ramos says Beating Barcelona brings ‘great joy’] It’s not just any other game. Despite there just being three points at stake, as there is in every game, El Clasico is a game unlike any other. Beating Barcelona would bring us great joy. What’s more, it usually has a really positive impact on the group in terms of morale. teams know that and it’s something that we have to deal with as best we can to turn it into an incentive that drives you on to victory

Right from the start of the week, the whole experience is different. It brings a lot of media attention, but that’s also what makes this game so great, La Liga, the players… The feeling you get is one that comes from inside, it’s really hard to explain

It’ll be very evenly contested, on account of the stage of the season we’re at and because there’s hardly any difference in terms of the points we have. It could be pivotal or not, depending on the result, but I think that there’s still a really long way to go in the La Liga season. There’s a lot of points to play for and anything can happen

It’ll be really important for us to win at home, in front of our fans, which is also an added motivation for us and will give us greater satisfaction if we win. We’re stronger with them behind us and that has to show. Let’s hope that we can make a statement and win at home. It’s true that La Liga is very competitive, but we’re going to be fighting for the title. We’re really excited by the prospect of winning it, and we’re therefore focused on performing to our best. La Liga gets more difficult by the year and it’s ever more evenly matched. Today you can’t go out saying that you’re going to win at every ground, because that’s not true. Any of the teams can cause you problems. That’s also what makes the Spanish top flight special and it makes it so much more exciting. It’ll give us even great satisfaction if we win the title

[Zidane has transformed Madrid back into trophy contenders] He’s an excellent coach, not only on account of his record and all of the trophies we’ve won under him. He spent many years here as a player and has a really good command of life in the dressing room. Not everyone is able to manage a dressing room, or at least not in such a natural way as he does. Regardless of whether they get more or less game time, he’s got all of the players motivated and that’s one of his big strengths. He knows exactly what he can get out of each of us and I see him as being the perfect coach for a team like Real Madrid. Here’s hoping that we can enjoy another era of great triumphs with him

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[The last face Real Madrid fans will want to see following the defeat to Man City midweek is that of Lionel Messi, who can effectively end their season] Sometimes the unease goes against us, but we’re in debt to the fans. It’s an added pressure that you carry by being a Real Madrid player

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[Ramos hopes Zidane remains with Real Madrid for ‘many more years’] Zidane is a fantastic coach. Not just because of the statistics and all the trophies we’ve won with him, but also because he was here for many years as a player. He works the dressing room very well. He’s privileged in that sense; he lived it as a player, and now he manages it as a coach. Not everyone can do it

As the years go on, you become more experienced, but you also think about things like El Clasico more than you used to. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just as excited about these games as I was years ago. I don’t play as if it were my last Clasico, I play as if it were my first, with the same ambition and desire to win. As we all know, it’s not a normal game. Even though it’s three points just like every other game, beating Barcelona is huge and a really big emotional boost for us. It’s the same for them

Our objective is to win, keep winning and not get tired of winning. That’s the Real Madrid philosophy. Given that we’ve already won a title this season, the Spanish Super Cup, we want to finish the campaign by winning some more. La Liga and the Champions League, we know it’s very difficult but we’re in the right frame of mind. In football anything can happen, but we have to fight until the end, keep up the final push and keep working as people expect us to. We’ll do all we can and hopefully we can to end the season lifting the trophies. Ultimately that’s what makes the difference in football

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[Sergio Ramos reveals secrets to his success at Real Madrid] The secret is hard work. It’s dedication and not losing focus or ambition. That’s fundamental. It’s tough, but if you can reset yourself every season to keep fighting, win trophies and to keep up that attitude of wanting to win new titles, that’s really important. Looking after myself and keeping in the best shape possible is always at the forefront of my mind. You learn new things every year so there’s always room to improve. That’s what you have to focus on, to keep improving to make the most of the situation you’re in

For me, representing and captaining this club is a privilege. It makes me very, very proud. Being here so many years is a growing process. You grow with experience; with all the games you play over the years. Good and bad experiences. It’s an honour to wear the Real Madrid’s captain’s armband and to know that you’re an example to thousands of children, to your team-mates. It’s a great responsibility, so I try to act as best I can, not only for my team-mates but also so that the whole Real Madrid family can be proud of their captain

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[Ramos reveals what he really thinks about Lionel Messi & how Real Madrid can defeat Barcelona in El Clasico] I have huge respect for him. I think he’s one of the greatest players in history and I have huge respect for him. I hope Sunday isn’t his day, that would mean we’ve done our job, and if on top of that we can get a good result even better. I wish him all the best as a fellow professional but only as long as it doesn’t affect us negatively! It’s hard, but he has my maximum respect, I think he’s one of the best

[When asked how his side can cause the Catalans problems] We’ve played them many times, so we know how to trouble them. Barcelona are a team who keep possession a lot. They’re most uncomfortable when you try to take it from them. Everyone knows that, not just Real Madrid. Putting pressure on them high up is risky but it causes them problems. Before it didn’t happen so much, maybe because teams gave them too much respect and they would play the ball out from the back really well. But I think that’s the key: pressure high up the pitch and try to steal the ball from them, that’s when they’re most uncomfortable. There’s always the risk that up top they’ve got very dangerous players who can be decisive in El Clasico. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, that we maintain our concentration from the first minute until the last and that things turn out as we want them to

It will be very tight. The points difference between both sides is minimal and the result could be decisive this season. But there’s still a long way to go, there are still a lot of points up for grabs and anything can happen. But a win would be huge for us, playing at home in front of our fans. That gives us extra motivation and satisfaction; together with them we’re stronger. Our rivals have to feel that, and so do we when we’re out there on the pitch. Hopefully we can make a statement with a win at home

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[Sergio Ramos hit back at Gerard Pique over his criticism of Real Madrid, saying he would sign up to win every El Clasico playing as badly as the Barcelona defender suggested] Everyone’s opinion is respectable. I sign up to win all Clasicos by making a first half as bad as he says. The approach was different. In the first half, we left the ball and in the second we decided to go. They were not so fresh and we started to generate chances

That’s right. After the latest results we wanted to claim [first] and what better way than at home and ahead of a great team like Barca. It was a unique opportunity to depend on ourselves. There are three important points but there is much left. We must have our feet on the ground

We scored the first goal, and worked hard to kill the game off. We have not always done that this season, but today we were able to kill off the tie

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[Sergio Ramos documentary] I’m excited to be able to show football fans what it takes to be a professional athlete, the responsibility of wearing Real Madrid’s and Spain’s armband and how to juggle that with a normal personal life

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[Mythbuster: Zidane is a lucky coach but not a great one] Not everyone is able to manage a dressing room. Or, at least, not in such a natural way as he does. Regardless of whether they get more or less game time, he’s got all of the players motivated and that’s one of his big strengths

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[Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on Radomir Antic, famed for coaching Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, has died aged 71] You made Atleti bigger, you made our rivalry bigger. Goodbye to a unique career: Atletico, Barca and Real Madrid among others. RIP

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Ramos targeting trophies at Real Madrid when football returns from coronavirus hiatus] Everyone’s health is not going to be put at risk. I am looking forward to playing again, returning to compete, playing in La Liga and the Champions League. I am hungry to end the season with a title, but first we have to wait for the people who know about all of this to make the appropriate decisions

We can’t think that everything has already been achieved yet, the seriousness of the matter is still with us. We have to comply with the guidelines in order to end this virus and give scientists the time to find a vaccine

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[Real Madrid captain Ramos ready for La Liga’s return] Getting going needs time, the country needs football as an economic support and the people need it as a distraction. I’m dying to compete again, for La Liga Santander to be normal again, we have to be disciplined so that we can eliminate this virus. I want to send a message of support to everyone who has lost a loved one, we’ll get through this and we have to come together

We have to go to Valdebebas in divided zones and following the rules, it’s a bit abnormal and complicated but the situation requires it. It will be La Liga who take decisions, Germany has set the example we have to follow. We like being with our families but we have to be flexible too

[Madrid were two points behind defending champions Barca with 11 matches remaining when the season was suspended due to coronavirus] I know the schedule of both teams perfectly. Without fans, making a prediction is a bit brave. Our objective is to be champions

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[After such a long break in play, Ramos is desperate to start playing regularly again as Spain looks to put the worst of the coronavirus pandemic] Getting going needs time, the country needs football as an economic support and the people need it as a distraction. I’m dying to compete again, for La Liga Santander to be normal again, we have to be disciplined so that we can eliminate this virus. I want to send a message of support to everyone who has lost a loved one, we’ll get through this and we have to come together

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[Ramos’ agent - his brother Rene - is convinced both parties want the centre-back to retire at the Santiago Bernabeu] Football goes around a lot but there are very good intentions on both sides. Hopefully he will retire at Real Madrid, it is his ream and I understand that it will be the desire of the club too. As of today, we have not spoken about anything but there is no need to be alarmed. The moment the club considers it, we will begin to speak

The chewing gum will be stretched as long as we can. Playing at the new Bernabeu would be the perfect retirement for him. Physically, he’s fine and he’s climbing the walls [ahead of La Liga Santander returning].

[Rene has, however, suggested that some did not grasp the meaning of his comments] My words were misinterpreted. What I wanted to say is that he will play until he and the club consider that he is fit to play for Real Madrid

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[Sergio Ramos sent a title warning to Barcelona after Real Madrid made a winning return to La Liga action on Sunday] I’m happy with the three points and to start playing again. It was a bit strange for everybody after a tough time for everyone, I want to send, as captain, high spirits to everyone. It has been a strange situation, not being able to go out of the house, but we always have to bring positive things out of bad things. To get football back is happiness for the whole country. Everything is returning to its natural place, it’s important for everybody - us as well - to get back out on the pitch. I think we did well, we worked hard over the last few weeks to come back and to keep the form that maybe we’ve lost over the last couple of months. We are back and playing in the best possible way, there are a lot of things we can improve but physically we were good. The first 45 minutes, we showed good intensity and got the goals to go ahead. A bit less intense in the second half, but that will be something for us to learn from and improve. In general, we were good, we’ve got things to improve and are happy to get the three points. We will now prepare for the next game in the best way

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[Barca are targeting a third successive top-flight crown, but Sergio Ramos has stressed that the entire Madrid squad are ready to give it everything in their bid to dethrone Quique Setien’s men] We’ve got 10 more finals. We worked hard over the last few weeks to come back and to keep the form that maybe we’ve lost over the last couple of months