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Name Shaun Goater
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Manchester City

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Shaun Goater says The title race will be finished if Manchester City suffer another slip up] City slipped up, but we certainly can’t afford to slip up anymore. I think it will be finished if City were to slip up again

Gabriel Jesus has been waiting in the wings for an opportunity. He scored a couple the other day. He’s got this window to solidify himself for a number of games and get some goals. He will be instrumental in the game

City should be well aware of Marcus Rashford. Pep [Guardiola] will be well aware of his ability, his form, his quality - and how to stop the threat of Marcus Rashford

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Shaun Goater says Pep Guardiola will regret not bringing another defender into Manchester City but is unlikely to admit as much in public] When you start a season, you don’t anticipate one of your main, key players would be out for six, seven months, and I think that’s what’s caught City. And they thought, well, if a player was injured, if he was out two or three weeks, you’ve got a kid that can come in and do a job. Obviously, Pep’s thinking is he could have Fernandinho that could do a job and I’m sure he also thinks even Rodri could do a job for two or three games. But when you’re thinking six or seven months, in hindsight, I think, yes, he should have signed a defender. And Pep probably believes that as well, but he wouldn’t share that!

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[Shaun Goater says Raheem Sterling’s dip in form has dropped him out of the Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo conversation] I think he’ll be certainly looking into that because without the chances falling to Aguero it doesn’t seem as though City are putting them away right now. I think Sterling’s going through a bad patch, and this has probably been two or three weeks, and we’re seeing Sterling miss a couple of chances he’s had in one-on-ones.

There have been chances with balls that just need to be put over the line, I don’t know from six, seven yards out and he’s missing them. In any other season, these would have been tap-ins and we’d have thought nothing of it.

Gabriel Jesus seems to hit form and then sort of go in and out of form. So I think he’ll be having a real good look at a centre-forward, certainly over the summer. But with Raheem Sterling, at the start of the season he was absolutely on fire and then Guardiola dropped him. So is it not Pep’s own fault really for his drop in form, because you can’t score a goal from the bench?

Yes, it’s interesting because when a player’s on form you want to play, but this is when the rotation comes in and resting players. And some games you could say yes, he warranted it to just leave him and keep him hot for the following game. But we’re now looking at it because it’s Raheem Sterling. I was one of those that was saying he needs to be part of that conversation when you talk about Messi and Ronaldo and these players. But his form, certainly in the last two or three weeks, has just dropped off that much that it’s nowhere near that conversation. But yes, Pep rested him in the early part of the season and now we’re probably looking back and thinking he should have just let him keep going

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Manchester City legend Shaun Goater says Juventus & PSG not as appealing to Guardiola as Man City] I think he will stay. I think the project at Man City is not complete. Yes, the two-year ban will have an effect but I also think that, outside of City, where does Pep Guardiola go? He was obviously at Barcelona and went to Bayern Munich. You think in Italy and other places, I don’t think Italy is as attractive as the Premier League. Again, when you see the games the crowds aren’t bouncing and there aren’t the capacities that you get in the Premier League. You could say that France and PSG is a possibility but again, I think that here is where he wants to continue and finish his business

2020 06 02 Retrieve

[Shaun Goater says Sane’s future in good hands whether he leaves Man City or not] I don’t think he will be worrying about his future because either way he knows his future is in good hands – whether that’s at City or whether that’s at Bayern. I think his thing will be to get out there, play his first game and give himself a good solid number of minutes – whatever that is, whether he plays a full game, or 60 minutes, or minutes off the bench, for him to feel assured within himself that he’s back. Only a player knows when you come back, ‘yeah I feel like myself’. But I have no doubts that he will still have a great career because he is an exceptional player. I hope that his future career is at City because I love what he does, what type of player he is. But for him, his mental state will be proving to himself that he is back at his best