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Shay Given
Gender Male
Ethnic Irish
Job Irish Footballer
Desc Most famously remembered for his time with Newcastle United, Shay Given was an incredibly astute shot-stopper and one of the most consistent goalkeepers the Premier League has ever seen. Frank Lampard appointed Given as Derby County’s goalkeeping coach last year and described the Irishman’s playing career as ‘incredible’. His 113 clean sheets in England’s top flight - basically an average of one every four games - are a testament to that


Org Ireland National Team
Club as Player Stoke City
  Aston Villa
  Manchester City
  Newcastle United
  Blackburn Rovers

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] He’d break up play and keep things ticking over. Great energy, and another great leader, always commanding. People respected him, and he’d give you a rollocking if you weren’t doing your job properly, but it was always to help the team. He could play a bit, too

2016 02 04 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] His touch, his skill and his awareness were a level above other players, something you can’t teach. I was in goal when he scored an incredible goal against Newcastle, by knocking it round Nikos Dabizas. We just stood there looking at each other, amazed. He’s probably the only player who could have pulled it off

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[Quote on Cafu] His energy was unbelievable, the way he would just run up and down the flank all match - and great credit to him for doing it for so long, winning everything in the game. What an athlete

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount left his new team-mates at Derby County stunned upon his arrival at the Championship club in 2018] The first training with us left the players thinking: ‘Wow, who is this guy?!. xxxWe knew about him as a young prospect at Chelsea who had done well in Holland [on loan at Vitesse], but it is not until he is actually on the training ground that you really see what kind of player he is. He was some player for us. His finishing, power, pace and work rate was great. He is just desperate to be the best he can be. Of course, he has played so many games this season for Chelsea and he was one of our best players at Derby. Even at Derby, they thought what a player he is going to be from the first training session and he went on from there

Frank came into Derby and really hit the ground running. You could tell he was going to do well from the day he arrived. Now he has had Chelsea in a transitional period, but all the players he has brought through have been fantastic. People forget that he dealt with a transfer ban and Eden Hazard - one of the best players in the world - leaving in the summer. To do the job Frank has done at Chelsea has been brilliant. You hope he is there for many years. It is great for a young coach such as Frank to be given an opportunity like that and hopefully he can keep improving and get even better as well. He is a Chelsea legend as a player and he wants to be a Chelsea legend as a manager. His will to work and dedication is unbelievable. Hopefully he gets the right backing so he will be a big success

We are really like a Premier League club in the Championship. We need to, as staff and players, to try and get Derby into the Premier League. Before it was shut down, we were on a very good run actually. In the Championship, if you can go into a run in the last few months of the season then you have a chance of making the play-offs. We felt we had a chance of doing that. Wayne Rooney has been fantastic since he joined the club both on and off the pitch. What a fantastic captain and leader. He is still a brilliant player, and it is an honour to be with him in the same team. For the younger players at Derby, it is really good to learn from someone like him because it is remarkable what he has done in his career. Every day he is the last one on the training ground doing free-kicks and finishing drills. He is always working and improving. That just sets the bar for everyone else

It is like going into a game of football with no goalkeeping gloves and boots. CareGiven has been set up to try to get PPE to the frontline because these people are putting themselves in danger to help us. We talk about heroes on the football pitch but those working on the frontline a real heroes. Being called a hero from what you do on the football pitch can be over the top even if you play well. The real heroes are on the frontline as doctors, nurses and other specialists. You take it for granted sometimes that the NHS is there but these people are here to save our lives. They do it and that’s their job. I make saves in a goal and they save people’s live. They are heroes in my eyes. They deserve to work with the right equipment

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Shay Given says Man City players called Silva Merlin the Wizard] The players used to call him ‘Merlin the wizard’. What a brilliant player! What a career he has had! And he is a fantastic guy off the pitch. He is a perfect professional but he likes a laugh. We have had great foreign imports in the Premier League but he has to be up there amongst the best because he has been brilliant. Because of trophies he has won for Man City and Spain, he will go down as one of the greats, for sure. He is never flustered in possession and he always seems to have time on the ball. When you are watching the TV, you are thinking, ‘Why is no one getting close and tackling him?’ But he just has that natural ability of finding space and picking the right pass before anyone can get near him. That’s intelligence; a football brain. It’s something you are born with. He has worked extremely hard as well but I just think he is such a naturally gifted player

I think David had to change his game for Pep, and Sergio Aguero too. Pep is very demanding in terms of what you must do when you don’t have the ball, so maybe that’s why David and Aguero had to adapt more. Maybe, previously, they were more about doing their business on the ball but, under Pep, they have had to chase and graft. But David tracks back to the edge of his box, makes interceptions and that shows he is a team player. He will do what the manager wants

Liverpool had an unbelievable season. They were brilliant and it was a year where Liverpool’s points total (97) would have won the league nine times out of 10. But the run City went on was unbelievable and they won every single game towards the end of the season. There was no blip there. Liverpool can count themselves unlucky last year. But City have had a dip this season and it was caused by a combination of Kompany going in the summer and a massive injury to their most important defender, Aymeric Laporte. That’s a massive hole in any team, even the champions. They are fantastic going forward but you need a solid base to build from. I thought they should have tried to replace Kompany in the summer or even try to keep him for another year, but he decided to go back to Belgium. I felt someone needed to come in to strengthen that department as Laporte was a massive part of last season’s success as well. I haven’t seen a problem going forward this year but I have seen them conceding too many goals

Liverpool having Virgil van Dijk at the back, and them being so solid, only highlights City’s issues more. Van Dijk and Alisson have been a big part of changing Liverpool to an exciting goalscoring team to a less vulnerable team. Jurgen Klopp saw where they could tighten up and you can see the difference now

Brazilians weren’t renowned for their goalkeepers in the past but now you have Alisson and Ederson, who are up there with the best goalkeepers in the world. David de Gea is still among the top keepers for me. Ben Foster at Watford is older but he can keep his level and desire to stay at the top of his game. I have enjoyed watching Dean Henderson at Sheffield United; he has done brilliantly. But when you are coaching goalkeepers, you should always encourage them to learn from the best. You can coach them on the training pitch all day but it is important that they watch other top goalkeepers. So, right now, you invariably get them to look at the two Brazilians at the top of the Premier League

A lot of people would look at Pep as the top dog. Pep puts a lot of demand on players and he is the mastermind in my eyes. But, of course, there’s also Klopp. He’s top of the Premier League now and he is very charismatic, so, from a player’s perspective, you would want to play for him. [Marcelo] Bielsa in the Championship is excellent too, so, as a coach, you look at all these different managers and you try and learn from them. If you are a manager, you have to bring your own personality to the table. That’s what Pep and Klopp both do. They both place massive demands on their teams but have different ways of getting the best out of people. That’s the biggest thing in the game: man-management; getting the players to follow you

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Shay Given says Bale? Koulibaly? Newcastle could emulate Man City with right signings] It will take a few years. But with the right building blocks, the right recruitment and the right people in charge, then there will definitely be clubs looking over their shoulders. It’s possibly harder now compared to City with the financial fair play. I think they’ve tightened up since Man City have come in. But Newcastle have a decent team. If they add four, five, six really good players to that they could be in the top six or seven. Then if they add another six or seven players, they can get up there eventually. Newcastle already have the stadium. The city would be buzzing and the fans would be queuing out the gate to get in. Once you get one or two big names in the door, then there’s a few more thinking, ‘If he’s joining, I want to go as well’. It’s exciting hearing about some of the players maybe coming to the club. Gareth Bale got a mention the other day, Kalidou Koulibaly too.