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Club as Player Sporting CP [Head Coach]

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Sporting boss unsure about Bruno Fernandes’s future as Man Utd circle] I can’t guarantee any of these things because I don’t know. I’m already thinking about the game with Benfica and I’m thinking about using him [Bruno Fernandes].

[Despite claiming a 4-0 win over Norwich City on Saturday, the Red Devils are in need of reinforcements up front] That’s what it’s like at Man United, there’s always speculation and talk. I can only say we are working really well to improve the squad and when we find the right player for the right value, we’ll pounce on it.

I’ve really got the backing from the owners, from Ed [Woodward, executive vice-chairman]. I know we have resources if the right player becomes available for the right money, and they’ve been so good to me. So, it might happen, it might not, it depends on if we find one for the right value, but the backing is there

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Sporting head coach Silas said the extraordinary Bruno Fernandes is worth a lot more money that what is being reported] He is an extraordinary player, the best and most valuable in the league, as he was last season. I’ve heard someone say that he’s not worth the money you are talking about and it’s true, he’s worth a lot more. In addition to attacking he also sacrifices himself to defend. Bruno is the best and the most valuable. When we have such a player it’s normal for everyone to want him

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Sporting manager Silas believes Bruno Fernandes is one of the best midfielders around and says he deserves to play in the Premier League] I don’t know. For now I think so. I will prepare for the game with Bruno in mind, but from here on out I don’t know what could happen. He’s a player who wants to play in a league superior to ours. What player wouldn’t want to play in the English league? It’s hard to tell him: ‘don’t go’. Bruno deserves to play in those kind of leagues and the best is that one. If he is one of the best he has to be there

[the coach is confident his side will be able to recover from the loss of their star man] In that situation, we have to look for other tactics. There’s a lot of teams in Portugal that don’t have Bruno, don’t they? They look for other tactics. We will be missing out on some things and gaining in others. It becomes inevitable that we talk about [entering the transfer market]. We need people to help us, to make the squad more competitive

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Sporting CP head coach Silas could not confirm if Manchester United target Bruno Fernandes played his last match for the Portuguese club on Monday] I can’t confirm it [if Fernandes made his last appearance against Maritimo], I would like him to stay. Right now I don’t know if he will stay or not, but I would like to count on him at least until the end of the season. Bruno Fernandes is a different player, he sees things that no one sees. Being further back and seeing these movements, the defence begins to decline. Any team that had Bruno Fernandes in Portugal would suffer if they lost him. If that happens we will have to look for solutions

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Sporting CP head coach Silas says Bruno Fernandes can do even more, I’ve never seen a player like him] Was there any doubt that Bruno Fernandes was going to arrive at Manchester United and be what he is? He will do more. Imagine in a few months, when he is more integrated. I saw him training every day, honestly, I’ve never seen a player like Bruno, who spent an hour practising shots after training. I had to say ‘Bruno, that’s enough’. When he goes to a team like that, which is also good, it’s normal. He’s very outgoing, can adapt easily