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Silvano Martina
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Agent
Desc xxxx


Client Gianluigi Buffon

2019 07 04 Retrieve

[Gianluigi Buffon turned down offers from the Premier League in order to make an emotional return to Juventus] He had many offers, especially from the Premier League and from other large teams. I don’t name names, it’s not in my style but I think you won’t have problems understanding. Buffon has always made choices with his heart and never for his wallet. You can compare his return home to that of a husband who after an escapade can’t wait to hug his wife again.

[Martina insists a spell outside of Turin cannot be considered a betrayal on Buffon’s part] I don’t think it was a betrayal to go to PSG. He didn’t stay in Italy. It was a quick, immediate offer. As his agent I advised him to accept considering all this as a nice thing and also to consider that it would provide a comfortable lifestyle for his large family

[Adrien Rabiot is among those to have arrived at the Allianz Stadium, with the former PSG midfielder set to be reunited with a familiar face who helped to talk him into a move to Italy, while Aaron Ramsey has also linked up with Juve as a free agent] I think that Rabiot listened to Gigi with respect and sympathy. I consider Rabiot making the best choice. Ramsey is a great player, I can tell you he is happy, playing the best job in the world with the champions. The Welsh can only be filled with pride. Gigi loves technical players like Aaron

2019 07 05 Retrieve

[Gianluigi Buffon’s agent Silvano Martina has admitted that his sensational Juventus return was totally unexpected] The return to Juve was totally unexpected. We were evaluating other offers when the call came from Juventus. When I talked to him about it, that was just the ideal solution, both in emotional terms and for his family. Returning to Juve, for someone who has always been such a passionate Bianconeri supporter, really was the best he could’ve hoped for. Having said that, I am very glad he went to PSG. If he had just retired last year, he wouldn’t have been able to return to Juventus. It was a happy experience in Paris.

[Rumours circulated that Buffon’s contract included a clause that would guarantee him eight appearances in Serie A next season, in order for him to surpass Paolo Maldini’s all-time appearance record of 647] There are no clauses and we never even discussed them, he only came to Juventus in order to be Gigi Buffon. There is a younger goalkeeper there in Wojciech Szczesny who has done very well. Gigi takes a step back and is at the disposal of the team

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Silvano Martina says Buffon set for talks with Juventus over future] I don’t know what he will do. I don’t think he knows. We will meet with the club at the end of March and we will see. He is happy, he’s 42 years old, but seeing him doing so well, fit and healthy means that he’s looked after himself. He spoke many years ago and said that he would stop at 32, and I told him to wait once he got there. He had a beautiful season in Paris, Fabio Paratici often came to see his matches. He’s had many requests, but when Juve came calling, it was the best option for his family