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Simon Mignolet
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
Desc Mignolet was the right goalkeeper for the time he spent at Anfield, even if he might not have been as natural a fit either before or after. The Belgian joined from Sunderland in the summer of 2013 after impressing Brendan Rodgers with his displays for the Black Cats, starting every single game in the run to second place in his first season and racking up 155 appearances in total. Pepe Reina, the man who Mignolet replaced, played 121 times in the 2010s before ultimately being forced out by Rodgers


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Club Brugge
  Liverpool FC

2019 07 15 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp is expecting Simon Mignolet to remain at Liverpool despite the Belgian struggling for game time as back-up to £65 million man Alisson Becker. Mignolet had hinted back in March that he would be looking for a fresh start in the current window] This season, it was something quite easy to accept, but, obviously, I’d like to play. That’s why I keep working every day and try to keep on going on this path. I don’t know if an exit is possible this summer, I still have two years left on my contract

2019 08 04 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet has left Liverpool for Club Brugge in an £8.2 million deal] After completing successful medical tests, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet signs a contract for five years with Blauw-Zwart. Liverpool FC, Club Brugge and Simon reached an agreement on this today

: 2019 08 05 Liverpool have completed the signing of former West Ham goalkeeper Adrian following the departure of Simon Mignolet.

2019 08 14 Retrieve

[Mignolet earned major credit for his unerring professionalism, but even he found life difficult as understudy to Alisson Becker. Mignolet said following his debut for Brugge last week] I wanted that feeling again. I wanted to be important again on the pitch

2019 09 20 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet has admitted to losing patience with life at Liverpool long before he secured a move away from Anfield] After pre-season, I returned with the idea: now I am going to give everything here and I get nothing in return. However, that was the easy option: seeing out the remaining two years at Liverpool, making good money at a top European club and being a free agent at the age of 33. But another two years on the bench, that wasn’t in me. I had been at the end of my patience for the past six or seven months

[Even with it clear that he was surplus to requirements and that no regular game time would be afforded to him, Mignolet says Liverpool still made it tricky for him to get out] Not difficult? I don’t dare say that!

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet says he left Liverpool because he believed he had no chance of getting back into the starting side ahead of Alisson] If I could really fight for my place, I might have stayed. But if I had ended up in goal if Alisson picked up an injury, I would be allowed to push 10 shots out of the box. Then Alisson could immediately claim his place again, and even if he pushed the ball into his own goal, he would still stay [in the starting XI]. What sense did it make for me?

No, because I knew that the opportunity existed. I haven’t thought once: ‘Sh*t, now Liverpool is in the Premier League race and I’m gone’. Of course, I could have stayed with Liverpool to earn my money, challenge for the league title and the Champions League. However, as long as you are not on the starting XI yourself, a price feels different. So I would rather play in the starter at Club Brugge than grabbing the English title as a substitute at Liverpool

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[When people ask him if he regrets leaving Liverpool in the summer] No, I’m really pleased for them! I hope to God they win it! I never doubted them. They are such a good team, so well coached and with such good players. They deserve their success

I knew what I was walking away from. But I was comfortable with that. At Liverpool, we won the Champions League last season, and I know I played a part in that success even if I didn’t play the games. It will always be a very proud moment for me. But if you ask me honestly, I will say I prefer to win the Belgian League by playing every game. People have said I was an important figure in the dressing room at Liverpool, which is nice and is a compliment for sure. But I want to be important on the field as well, and hopefully at Brugge now I am both

[Mignolet played twice, once in the League Cup and once in the FA Cup. The last of his 204 Reds appearances was at Wolves in January] I think it got to the stage where I had to leave. I had been sitting on the bench for a year and a half, and with Euro 2020 coming up I knew that I needed to be playing regularly if I wanted to be part of the Belgian squad. The more time you spend on the bench, as a No.2 goalkeeper, the harder it is to come back and play at a high level. I believe that. Some people are able to accept being a backup, and that can work for them. But for me, I am not a character who wants to sit on the bench. I want to play, and this summer the opportunity came up to come back to Belgium and it was the right one

[He says of Alisson] He’s such a talent. There’s nothing he needs to be taught. You know when you get those people who are just natural at what they do? That’s him. What do they say, ‘You never forget how to ride a bike’? With him, it’s goalkeeping. He picked it up naturally and he never forgot it. That’s what makes him special. His footwork and his temperament are first-class, and I have to say I picked up quite a lot from him when I worked with him. He’s a good guy and a great goalkeeper

[Mignolet’s departure was an understated one] I’m not someone for big speeches. In the dressing room afterwards, I just shook the boys’ hands and said goodbye

[Club-wise, Brugge look well set to regain the Belgian league crown and Mignolet can enjoy the routine of regular football once more] I think a lot of people in Belgium maybe thought I was happy to sit on the bench, that I wasn’t prepared to challenge myself and compete. That wasn’t true, and never will be. I still have the hunger to play, and I want to show that. I think the benefits of my move were shown in the latest international break when I started the qualifying match against Cyprus. That was because I’m playing, I’m playing well and people can see that

2020 02 14 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet says Liverpool’s achievements this season are unbelievable] Why not? It started when I was still there and was only heading in one direction. Last season we won the Champions League and winning that first trophy was very important for the dressing-room. Once you have that in the bag, you build on it. The hunger is even greater to win trophies and you want to get your hands on the next one

The stability is there and, if you’ve got so much quality up front, with Sadio [Mane], Mo [Salah] and Roberto [Firmino], then you’re incredibly strong. They are still a relatively young team, and you also see what the reserves did in the FA Cup, so the basis is there to build for the long-term. I knew Liverpool would be challenging for trophies again, but what they’re doing this season is unbelievable and I hope they can win the league as quickly as possible

I sat on the bench for about a year-and-a-half. At 31, you’re in the prime of your career as a goalkeeper, so you want to be playing regularly. If I was going to sit on the bench for two more years, I would have been 33. Alisson is such a great keeper, even though I knew he might get injured or suspended.

So maybe I’d play five, 10, 15 games a year, but to then try to find a club at 33 and be a regular starter is difficult, so I took the chance to do it now. Although I was very happy to end my time at Liverpool by winning the Champions League, you always want to have more of a bigger hand in winning trophies. It’s so much nicer to feel a victory when you’ve been on the pitch, when you’re contributing on a weekly basis, which is what I do now

2020 04 30 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet claims to have no regrets at having left Liverpool for Club Brugge in 2019] When I moved over to Belgium, the first couple of weeks, I was in a hotel and organising things, trying to move and the first time when Alisson got injured, I was in my hotel room, filling in some documents, when I suddenly realised that my phone had about 20 or 30 messages. I didn’t know what had happened because I didn’t have Sky in my room. So then I saw that Ali as unfortunately injured. At the same time, I knew that could be the case because he had come back from a long season with the Copa America and of course there is always a risk. I chose to leave not for that because even if I had played [in Adrian’s place] 10 or 15 games, you know when Ali gets back with what he has proven and the level he is at, he will always go back to the starting XI. Even if you play 15 games and keep 15 clean sheets in an unbelievable manner, you would still go back to the bench and that is not the thing I wanted to do at the age of 32. I knew that was a scenario that could pan out, but I still would have made the same decision I did today

I had an unbelievable time. First it was like a great gift to me, I would say, to represent the club as big as Liverpool that is supported all over the world. When I arrived Liverpool was not in the same shape or position that it is today. When I arrived, the idea was to fight at the top of the Premier League and Europe and when I left, that is the position they are in. Probably now, Liverpool is the best club in Europe. I joined and I was there in the whole process of building the club to what it is now, so it was an unbelievable experience for me, personally to be part of that. Like I said, I thank the club for everything they did for me, the supporters I had and the games I played in. In my time, I played a lot games and I was proud to represent the club every time I did. We had some great moments there and to win the Champions League before I left the club was the icing on the cake

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Mignolet reveals Sunderland scrap between Mensah & Onuoha] John Mensah and Nedum Onuoha were two assertive players in the dressing room, not to mention aggressive. After one of them played a short return pass, the other decided to make amends and make him feel small at half-time. At least that was the intention. Our captain [Lee Cattermole] jumped in and Bruce was called from another room where he was with his coaching staff. Bruce said: ‘Let them have a proper fight. If they want to fight, let them fight.’ There was nothing more than a little pushing and pulling. Bruce said: ‘See now. You are a bunch of p*ssies in the dressing room and on the field.’

[Di Canio arrived with Sunderland fighting relegation, and he was less than impressed by what he found at the club’s training base] Paolo went mad when he first saw the players’ buffet, full of grease. He shouted in his funny English with a heavy Italian accent: ‘What is this? What is this? Is this a wedding?’ It was hilarious.

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Club Brugge goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has revealed that news of the side’s Jupiler Pro League win came out of the blue - and via a text message] We got a text message. You can’t really do too much. I drank a glass of champagne with the family and that was it basically. Yes [we feel like champions]. The only difference is that you obviously want to celebrate it on a pitch after a victory and celebrate with your team-mates, the fans, the staff and the club - but we have to accept what time we are in at this moment and that isn’t possible. For me that is more the downside. It was well deserved because we were miles ahead of the rest. We had basically played against every team twice apart from one and, after that, we had so many points that we were clear and were going to be champions one way or another

Liverpool deserve it. In the Premier League, things can twist and change at the end of the season but with the advantage they have got I don’t see anyone being champion other than my old teammates. I am not surprised with how well they have done. The basis was already set, the team was already formed and the performances were there also just before I left. I think everybody expected them to challenge at the top of the league and they have outperformed the rest of the teams. That would make them well-deserved champions

2020 05 30 Retrieve

[Simon Mignolet sees Premier League leaders benefitting from heartache] To be honest this season, already I think the basis was set in the winter time last season. We were winning every game at home, we were very tough to beat, we didn’t concede and we were very stable. But, I think if you win something then you get the confidence of trying to be or being unbeatable and looking forward for the next medal you can win. I also think losing in the Europa League final and then the Champions League final will have helped because going through that it’s not nice and it’s not easy, but I think you learn things like that also. It gets you ready for the next final you have to play and I think that also came in handy last year when we had to play a final against Tottenham, so I think now the team is mature enough to deal with that

[Mignolet was on the bench for that contest, as Alisson figured between the sticks, but the Belgian holds fond memories of a sixth European Cup triumph for the Reds] [It was an] amazing feeling. When I arrived at Liverpool the aim was to fight again both at the top of the English Premier League and in Europe. Before I left we won the Champions League. It was brilliant and I think we deserved it as well throughout the campaign. For example, the game against Barcelona. I think we deserved to be crowned Champions League winners and I’m very proud and happy that I was part of it.