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Name Sinisa Mihajlovic
Gender Male
Ethnic Serbian
Job Serbian Footballer
  Serbian Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org Serbia National Team
Club as Player Lazio
  AS Roma
  Red Star


Slobodan Milosevic Sinisa Mihajlovic support Slobodan Milosevic, the former Serbian leader being tried for genocide in The Hague
Zeljko Raznjatovic The warlord Zeljko Raznjatovic, aka Arkan, gunned down in a Belgrade hotel in 2000, was indicted for war crimes after leading his ‘Tigers’ paramilitaries on killing sprees in Bosnia and Croatia. When Arkan was shot, Mihajlovic paid for tributes to him in the Belgrade press, and bared his torso to Lazio fans to reveal the dedication, Tiger
Lazio The perception of Mihajlovic as a neo-fascist has often endeared him to many of Lazio’s hardline fans, but the relationship has often been shaky. On his arrival in Serie A, with Roma in September 1992, many Italian supporters jeered him for his Gypsy heritage
Rivaldo In 1999, when well beaten in the European Footballer of the Year voting by Rivaldo, Mihajlovic said he failed to win because he was a Serb
2013 11 21
Sinisa Mihajlovic took over Sampdoria

2014 02 15 Retrieve

[Sinisa Mihajlovic on Francesco Totti] I consider him my friend, though there was a period when we didn’t speak. It came after he did not come to my farewell game. I invited him and he did not even answer me. To me, respect is important. Now we have patched up the relationship and everything is fine. When Roma were coached by Zeman, I went to see training and Francesco, when he saw me on the sidelines, came up to me and said jokingly, ‘Who gave you permission to come here, to my house?’ I told him, ‘Do I have to ask permission from you? I come here whenever I want’. And we hugged. I consider Francesco the greatest Italian footballer of all time. Greater than Baggio and Rivera

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[Rise of the Underdog: How unfancied Red Star conquered Europe] I think it was the most boring final in European Cup history. Had we approached the match with attacking mentality, we probably would’ve lost, not because Olympique [Marseille] were necessarily better than us, but because their players were used to playing big matches like this one. We had a squad full of 21, 22, and 23-year-old kids. A few hours before the match, seven of us were shown tapes of Olympique matches. I remember Ljupko Petrovic telling us: ‘If we attack them, we’ll leave ourselves open for counterattacks’, to which I asked ‘So, what do we do then?’ His answer was: ‘When you get the ball, give it back to them. So we spent 120 minutes on the pitch practically without touching the ball

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Bologna don’t believe Zlatan Ibrahimovic deal is possible] He called me a few days ago and we’ll see what he decides to do in the summer. He certainly won’t remain at Milanv

2020 05 17b Retrieve

[Zlatan Ibrahimovic has confirmed he is leaving Milan after this season] Ibra treats me differently from the others, he watches what he says and how he behaves. That’s because dangerous people recognise each other!

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Ibrahimovic’s AC Milan career may be over after sustaining injury in training] He called me a few days ago and we’ll see what he decides to do in the summer. He certainly won’t remain at Milan, it remains to be seen whether he’ll join us or return to Sweden

2015 06 01 Retrieve

[Sinisa Mihajlovic has confirmed his departure from Sampdoria following the final game of the Serie A season, paving the way for a potential move to Napoli] Dear fans of Sampdoria, I come to you at a most difficult time, having to say goodbye. On November 21, 2013, I took over a team in a very difficult situation, low in the table, discouraged, and in crisis. I leave now with the team seventh, after having been third at the end of the first round of fixtures.

I don’t know if you will go into the Europe League, it depends on official documents. But, beyond the ranking, I am most proud of something else: to leave a team that today is self-confident, courageous, and able to face every opponent head-on.

It would be easy to stay here: I know I’m appreciated by the club and fans. But I think it would be unfair to my growth and perhaps also for the team. I set myself a goal, and I achieved it. Now I look for another challenge

2015 08 08 Retrieve

[Sinisa Mihajlovic responds to Pep Guardiola’s criticism of Nigel de Jong] Football is not ballet dancing

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] I consider Francesco the greatest Italian footballer of all time. Greater than (Roberto) Baggio and (Gianni) Rivera. Roma with or without Totti is not the same team. If he is not there, there is no lights

2017 01 07 Retrieve

[Mihajlovic rejects China move after wages give him ‘sleepless nights’] In December I received an offer to work as a coach in China, but I decided to turn it down because I don’t like leaving work half-done. To tell the truth, I did have a couple of sleepless nights thinking about the wages I could have had. But in life you make decisions and this was my choice.

You still have to respect those who go there for the money. A playing career is not so long, whereas that of a coach is a bit longer.

In China you can earn five or six times what you would get here in a single season and China no longer just signs washed-up players like they do in Qatar or the USA.

[Torino are away to Sassuolo on Sunday having signed attacker Juan Iturbe on loan from Roma, with Mihajlovic conceding the 23-year-old is a risky addition] He can play on either flank and do anything. He has got good stamina, pace and a strong shot. This is a gamble I hope to win. Two years ago he was at the centre of a bidding war and then lost his way. He is very eager, but must be given enough breathing space to not be judged at every tiny error. It is up to him to prove he can be decisive

2017 08 28 Retrieve

[Mihajlovic says Andrea Belotti showed he is worth €100m with stunner] Belotti is not yet at his best, but with that goal he showed he is worth €100m. It was a tough match. In the first minutes we closed them but we didn’t break through. Maybe the end result is too harsh, but the victory was deserved

2019 07 13 Retrieve

[Bologna coach Mihajlovic vows to fight leukaemia following diagnosis] Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we did some tests and discovered some anomalies that weren’t there four months ago. We said I had a fever and the hardest thing was to convince my wife that it was true: I have leukaemia.

I spent the night crying and I still have tears now, but I’m not afraid. I’ll go to hospital and I can’t wait to start fighting. I explained to my players that I will fight to win, as I’ve taught them to do on the pitch.

I’ll win this challenge, no doubt about it. I want to thank all of Bologna for making me understand that I’m a member of the family, and I’ll also need them to win this battle. But I’ll also need to see people not crying for me. I don’t want pity.

My father died of cancer, so I always get tested regularly. If we hadn’t performed these tests, I wouldn’t have shown any symptoms for a year.

None of us must think we are indestructible. All of us think, ‘It won’t happen to me’, but when it does, it’s a big shock. Your only hope then is to anticipate it, because if you discover it after two months or after a year, that makes a big difference.

So, if I, as a famous person, can go through this, I hope it can help others to get themselves checked, to prepare and to realise that it can happen to anyone. I was perfectly healthy in every way and yet here I am.

It changes your life in a moment. Everything changes in a moment. When you sleep and have a nightmare, you wake up, but for days you wake up and realise this isn’t a nightmare, this is real.

I hope, after winning this battle, I’ll be able to talk it over with you all and look back on this period. Nothing has been given to me in life - I’ve had to fight for everything. I’ll fight this, too.

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[Mihajlovic makes emotional return to Bologna dugout] I don’t need to see people crying for me. I don’t want pity. Let’s fight every battle for Sinisa and for the jersey. Let’s go, boys!

2019 11 29 Retrieve

[Quizzed again about mooted interest in Ibrahimovic] There’s a great rapport between us, we spoke a month ago and the last time 10 days ago. There is the possibility that he comes, it seemed to me that he was interested in my offer. Around December 10 he will make a definite decision. Right now everything is on stand-by. I’m perfectly aware that he has other offers from important clubs. If he does come, he is doing it for me

2019 11 29b Retrieve

[Bologna manager Sinisa Mihajlovic hopes to tempt Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Italian side] With Ibrahimovic we talked to each other a month ago, for the last time about about 10 days ago, now let’s see what happens. With Ibrahimovic we talked to each other a month ago, for the last time about about 10 days ago, now let’s see what happens

Before making any decision, however, he will call me but I don’t think it will happen before December 10. In the next few days we’ll hear but for now it’s all on stand-by

[Sinisa Mihajlovic explain his treatment and said he is hopeful of being able to return to the stadium for home matches against AC Milan and Atalanta in December] It was four and a half months hard, I was locked up in a hospital room, alone. My biggest wish was to take a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t do it. I never felt like a hero, but a man, so strong, with character, who never gives up, but always a man with all his frailties

These diseases cannot be defeated only with courage but also with care. who are sick, of leukaemia or of some serious illness, who must not feel less strong if they do not face the disease as I faced it. The only thing they must never lose is the will to live, to fight.

I spent two days on the pitch and I’m very tired, I take 19 tablets a day, from eight until midnight. But I hope to come out of it as a better man. In my previous life patience was not my forte but I also improved that and I enjoy every minute of the day

[On when he may be able to return to the dugout, he said] We reason day by day, in the first month I will have to do 2-3 checks a week. I can go to the training camp but not to the stadium even if I think I’ll be in at least one of the two matches, if not both, with Milan and Atalanta

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Sinisa Mihajlovic says Zlatan Ibrahimovic would have had more fun had he favoured a move to Bologna over a return to AC Milan] It is disappointing, because I think he’d have had more fun here. It would’ve been good for him, for the city and the club, with the team playing to help set him up for goals. I have no complaints, because he had said that if he’d chosen Bologna, it would’ve been for me. I realise there are other factors at stake, including family commitments. Ibra did call me before making his decision, so he kept his word and remains a dear friend. It just means I’ll have to beat him on the pitch now

I was convinced Antonio Conte would trouble Juve, but I didn’t think it’d be this much. He is getting 120 per cent out of his men, but I still consider Juventus to be a stronger team. Conte needs January reinforcements to keep this going. Juve still need to find their balance, as right now it isn’t Max Allegri’s team and not yet Maurizio Sarri’s either. Sarri is a top-quality coach, but he needs time and only Miralem Pjanic is really suited to his ideas in midfield. Lazio are making enormous progress and I’m very happy for them. Simone Inzaghi is the best coach of the new generation in Italy. It’s their best period with nine wins in a row, so they’d have to keep that intensity to go for the Scudetto. It’s difficult, but not impossible