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Somaia Halawa
Gender Female
Nationality Ireland
Ethnic Irish
Job Irish Muslim
Desc She and her two sisters became the public faces of the international campaign to secure Ibrahim Halawa release


Org House of Halawa


|:————–|:————–| | Father | Hussein Halawa | | Brother | Ibrahim Halawa | | Sister | Omaima Halawa | | | Fatima Halawa |

2015 05 11 Retrieve

[Mr Halawa’s sister Somaia confirmed that embassy officials had told them by phone that their safe passage from the mosque had been guaranteed. However, she said they did not feel they could leave the building safely] There were thugs outside shouting that if we went outside they were going to kill us. There was also a curfew in place. We didn’t have the right to leave. We believed that if we left at that time, they had the right to arrest us

2015 12 13 Retrieve

[Recounting August 17, 2013, the day of their arrest] We went to join a peaceful protest against the Rabaa massacre days earlier, where 1,000 people or so were killed. At 5pm we reached Ramses Square but there were police officers and thugs on the other side. Every time we headed to a different street there were more, and they were shooting at us. To avoid this, we went to the al-Fateh mosque.

As we entered, all we could see was dead people around us. When we saw that the media was present, we felt calmer and safer. There was a feeling that no one could attack the mosque. But as soon as the media connection was lost, they attacked. [A rush of tear gas, live fire and rubber-coated steel bullets hit the mosque] Ibrahim had us surrounded in his arms. Everything was going to hit him first in the back. He was trying to protect us, even at 17

[Somaia says their mother ‘sees him behind two wired fences’ - a vision which has further depressed Ibrahim] He has said in a letter that he can see mum crying and that he knows she’s upset because she can’t touch me physically

2016 06 02 Retrieve

[The Halawa family insist his imprisonment is unlawful and unjust] We want to come together to show Ibrahim our support and that we haven’t forgotten him. We also want to call on an end to this nightmare. We call on more serious and assertive action to be taken to help free Ibrahim

2017 09 18
Ibrahim Halawa was acquitted of all charges

2017 09 18 Retrieve

[Somaia Halawa thanked all those in Ireland who had campaigned for her brother’s release over the last four years] I think I would like to have all the people who supported him to come to the airport for him to see how many amazing people he had behind him … to see how much support he had

2018 10 28 Retrieve

[Ibrahim Halawa’s case was part of a mass trial which went on to be delayed an incredible 28 times] The sad reality is my brother is dying in an Egyptian prison