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Son Heungmin
Spelling Son Heung-min
Gender Male
Ethnic South Korean
Job South Korean Footballer
Desc The 27-year-old is without a doubt one of the greatest footballers Asia has ever produced. The versatile attacker stunned Bundesliga at an early at Hamburger SV and then at Bayer Leverkusen which led to Tottenham Hotspur snapping him up for a huge amount in 2015. The Korean Republic international had a rather slow start to life in the Premier League but in the last couple of years, he has been truly phenomenal and has arguably even outclassed Harry Kane as the best player of Spurs. The 27-year-old has made 151 appearances till date in the Premier League and is also the highest-scoring Asian footballer in the Premier League with 51 goals also having managed 30 assists


Org South Korea National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur
  Bayer Leverkusen
  Hamburg SV
  FC Seoul


Father Son Woong-jung
Agent Thies Bliemeister

2018 03 03 Retrieve

[Son Heungmin speaks about expectations playing for Korea Republic] The pressure for the national team is actually more [than at Tottenham Hotspur] because they expect more of me. Hopefully, the pressure makes me better, as I am learning so many things. But many players from South Korea need to be better to make the team more successful. I am one of those players

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Son Heungmin gives the highest praise of Tottenham Hotspur team-mate Harry Kane] Harry Kane is, of course, a very important player for England because he’s the best player in the world

2018 12 05 Retrieve

[Son Heung-min talks about smiling] In every country I’ve gone to, if you smile at people, they are going to be happy. This is my attitude

[The fact that young soccer players across Asia are dreaming of emulating his career gives him goose bumps] At Tottenham Hotspur, we can share the pressure, but on the South Korea team, some of the players have more pressure than others. How many people have pressure like this? I’m such a lucky guy

[The North did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, but that does not mean Son hasn’t considered playing for a unified team some day] I dream of it. Of course people would be happy to see us playing together because we are one country

[Son’s first priority, though, is helping South Korea get through a tough World Cup group that includes defending champions Germany and well-regarded Mexico and Sweden] We are the weakest team in the group, so we need to work more than them. We need to run more than them - then we can surprise people

Four days ago, we played against Honduras and won 2-0. The press, everyone, was talking about we are doing well. Four days later we lost, and they’re being negative. But that’s football. And we just need to focus on our football

[He’s made less visible sacrifices too: his agent says that when he goes out in Seoul, he wears a cap and a surgical mask-commonly worn here when people are sick-to avoid being mobbed by fans. These are minor costs, though] I want to play football until my body says, ‘You can’t run any more, you’re dead’. Football is my happiness

2019 07 24 Retrieve

[Son Heung-min played down his importance to a squad he is proud to be a part of] It’s not just me, it’s everyone. It’s special being here with the team. I don’t care about being the main [attraction] or not. I’m happy to be here but I’m still learning, looking to be better day by day. Of course, I enjoy it but not too much pressure. I should enjoy this moment. I should be proud to work harder than before because the people are always watching me and expect more. I’m looking forward to being better with our team and with our staff. I’m always looking forwards

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Quizzed on whether a lack of attention bothers him] No, not at all. I’m not like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. I can only do my best and try to help the team with it. If I can do that, I will be happy

The Premier League is different. I do not want to compare this with the Bundesliga, because the Bundesliga has great quality, but in the Premier League everything goes faster and is much more physical. At the beginning I played and also scored some goals. Unfortunately, I injured myself and it was difficult to find a connection to the team again. I did not get any more games and wanted to go back to Germany because I felt very comfortable there. But the coach has always encouraged me. He was the right coach for me in this situation

[Pressed further on his conversations with Pochettino and wanting out of Spurs] I said I’d like to leave the club, but he really wanted me to do well at Tottenham. He gave me new self-confidence. The talks went so well that at some point I pushed aside my thoughts of change. What counts for people are titles. We have been close to winning a title so often. I hope that the time has finally come

[He said, with Spurs already 10 points adrift of the Reds after seven games] Liverpool will certainly lose points. I would not say that they play at a different level. I definitely do not want to give up. There are also 10 points to catch up. Especially if you look at how many games are left to play. Everything can happen

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Despite his form making him one of Europe’s best attacking players, Son revealed he was happy to not get the public attention like some of football’s other superstars] No, not at all. I’m not like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. I can only do my best and try to help the team with it. If I can do that, I will be happy

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[Tottenham star Son Heung-min has described South Korea’s recent clash against North Korea as very aggressive with the two nations drawing 0-0 in World Cup qualifying on Tuesday] It’s too bad that we didn’t win, but the match was very aggressive to a degree that I think it’s a huge achievement just to return safely without being injured. North Korean players were sensitive and aggressive.There was a lot of severe swearing

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Everton investigating alleged racist abuse of Son Heung-min during Tottenham clash] Everton is investigating an alleged incident of racist behaviour by a supporter attending today’s fixture against Tottenham. Everton strongly condemns any form of racism. Any such behaviour has no place within our stadium, our club, our community or our game

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s Son Heung-min has seen his red card against Everton overturned] Heung-min Son will be available for Tottenham Hotspur FC’s next three domestic fixtures after an independent Regulatory Commission upheld a claim of wrongful dismissal. The forward was sent off for serious foul play during the Premier League fixture against Everton FC on Sunday 3 November 2019

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Tottenham star Son Heung-min said he is really sorry for the incident that led to Andre Gomes’ horrific injury this past weekend] I didn’t want to celebrate because I wanted to respect the whole situation. I still feel really, really sorry about the whole situation. These have been some tough days and I realize how lucky I am, the people around me, the supporters, the club, the coaching staff, players, teammates, they have helped me a lot and have given me strong messages. Of course, Andre Gomes I wish he will get well soon, but it’s the right answer to keep working hard and perform like always with positive energy

[Son says he hopes that the victory can be used as a momentum boost for Spurs] We knew how tough it was going to be and how difficult the game would be. I think, before the game, we spoke and said we need to win to get into a good position and it’s up to us to get in this good position. I think the players did a fantastic job and gave a fantastic performance. That’s why we scored four goals in a difficult place. We’re very happy with the clean sheet as well and we’re more than happy to get the three points

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Tottenham winger Heung-min Son has revealed that he has contacted Andre Gomes to apologise for the late tackle] I just texted him to say best wishes to you, I’m really sorry for you, your family and your team-mates. He texted me back but I haven’t read it yet. I still feel really bad. Football is a sport where something [like this] can happen, [but] nobody wants to see this. I’m so sad this happened and that I was involved. It’s been a tough few days. Of course, Gomes got the injury, but people around me sent me really strong messages. My team-mates, fans, even from South Korea and Everton fans as well. I’m really grateful for all the messages. I want to pay them back on the pitch. That’s all I can do. I want to respect him [Gomes] as well, and this is how I show respect, by working harder

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Andre Gomes was on the receiving end of contact with Son Heung-min before running into a challenge by Serge Aurier, causing him to fall to the floor in agony. Son apologised to Gomes for the incident] It has been a really tough few days. I have realised how lucky I am with all the support I have had from the fans and my team-mates. I can say I’m really sorry for the accident and the situation but I had to focus for the team and I had to keep going and it was the right response to all the people who have supported me

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Heung-min Son admitted he was looking for a team-mate but was unable to find one before setting off on the 86-metre run which finished in a memorable strike] When I got the ball; I tried to pass it to Dele but I couldn’t find him so I put my boost on. I think it was the right time to put my boost on and after two or three seconds I was in front of goal, so I was a little surprised. To score a goal like this at home is very special. I was really really tired after running but I was focused on finishing. Imagine if you did so well before the goal and you missed the goal? I’d have been so upset. For me it’s difficult to say [if its the best goal of my career]. All goals are special, but I like to dribble and to score goals, so this one is special

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool use of Japanese’s Rising Sun flag cause offence in Korea] Liverpool is too much now. Recently there have been complaints as they posted images about the Club World Cup final with Japan’s rising sun flag. They finally posted an apology statement but it was only seen in Korea, which is ridiculous. The following day, they liked their Japanese account’s post which shows Klopp with the flag image. We should keep complaining to Liverpool, I’m going to complain to the Premier League, Football Association, and FIFA regarding Liverpool’s action

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Police reveal Chelsea fan arrested for racist chants against Son as Spurs promise enquiry into Rudiger abuse] During yesterday’s match against Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger reported hearing alleged racist abuse from an individual(s) in the South Stand. We are able to track every fan via the cameras and have spent many hours reviewing CCTV footage. We have engaged lip readers to study the footage and contacted Chelsea for further information from their players. We have also taken statements from other parties present at the time. The police will be reviewing our evidence alongside us. Please be assured we shall be exhaustively investigating this matter. This Club has a proud track record of anti-racism work across all our communities and we are determined to ensure that we conduct a thorough investigation. Any fan found to be guilty will receive a lifetime ban. At this time however we should point out that our findings are inconclusive and would ask that comment is reserved until the facts are established

2020 01 23b Retrieve

[Tottenham Son Heung-min dismisses rumours of squad unrest under Mourinho] Everyone is happy, the work is good. We are a group that is always positive. Of course, we want results to be better, we need more points, but we are more than happy. Unbelievably happy. We are lucky to have such a positive group

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Son Heung-min highlights his new team-mate’s contribution and effusive celebrations] Steven scored an amazing goal and did a good job. It was emotional because it was his first goal. I’m so happy for Steve to score on his debut. It was well deserved and with the emotion he showed it looked great

To win today, before the winter break, was very good for our confidence. sThe fans were so happy and the players as well after the game, so it was an important one to win

2020 02 04 Retrieve

[Son Heung-min has urged Tottenham to be relentless in their pursuit of Chelsea in the battle for a top-four Premier League finish] We have over 10 games now. We have a lot of games to play but at the end of the season, we will see what happens. We just try to be focused. We just try to get as many points as possible. Manchester City are so good and played so well in the first half. We had to defend all together but in the second half we came out strong. To win before the winter break was very good for our confidence. The fans were so happy and the players as well after the game so it was an important one to win

Steven scored an amazing goal and did a good job. It was emotional because it was his first goal. I’m so happy for Steve to score on his debut. It was well deserved and with the emotion he showed it looked great

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Tottenham reveals that Heung-min Son is to be sidelined after fracturing his arm] Heung-Min Son is to undergo surgery this week after sustaining a fracture to his right arm. The South Korea international suffered the injury during our win against Aston Villa on Sunday. Following surgery, our medical staff shall be reviewing management options for Son’s rehabilitation with the player expected to be sidelined for a number of weeks

2020 03 11 Retrieve

[Son Heung-min donate to South Korean victims of coronavirus] I wish that this could help that the virus won’t spread further, and especially to help to the people in a vulnerable situation to get help and protection

2020 03 29 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s Son and Bergwijn allowed to return to home countries] The club has given permission for both Heung-Min Son and Steven Bergwijn to return to their home countries. Both players will continue their individual rehabilitation and training programmes during their time away

2020 04 06 Retrieve

[Spurs confirm Son to complete military service in South Korea during Premier League coronavirus break] The club can confirm that Son Heung-min will commence his mandatory military service in South Korea this month. The forward arrived back in his home country at the end of March where he is currently in quarantine. Our medical staff are in regular contact as he concludes his recovery after fracturing his arm in our 3-2 win against Aston Villa on February 16 and continues to train. Sonny had surgery on his arm in South Korea before returning to the UK at the end of February to continue his rehabilitation, prior to the initial announcement of the professional game in England being suspended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Premier League has since announced that the 2019/20 season will only return when it is ‘safe and appropriate to do so’ and is under constant review. Son will return to London following the conclusion of his military service in May

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Coronavirus: Tottenham star Son urges fans to stay away as he prepares for military service] s large gatherings have been discouraged due to the Covid-19 virus and as we are working to comply with government policy, we will not be opening this event up to the public. This decision is being made to ensure the safety of the fans and reporters and to prevent any dangerous situations from arising. Thank you for your understanding. Heung-min Son looks forward to completing his military duty and doing his best at the training facility

2019 04 17 Retrieve

[Son thankful for VAR after wild Tottenham win over Man City] I have never seen something like this. It was tough and crazy but we are very proud of our team-mates. It was madness. Sometimes you are annoyed with VAR but today it is thank you. We fought together for 90 minutes. We showed unbelievable character and fight

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Tottenham star Son Heung-min completes mandatory military service in South Korea. A Marine Corps officer said] He received the ‘Pilsung’ prize which is one of five types of awards for best performers. All the courses were judged in a fair and strict manner, and his military training officers have said he went through the training faithfully

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[Heung-Min Son is now looking forward to starring for Spurs again in the Premier League after coming to the end of his mandatory military service in South Korea] It was a busy three months. It was a good experience. I couldn’t say everything that I’ve done but I really enjoyed it. Those guys were nice. The three weeks were tough but I tried to enjoy it. I don’t know how the people felt, but for me the three weeks have been long but it was a good experience, I enjoyed it. The first day when we don’t know each other was a bit weird but soon we got to know each other. We spent every day together in one room, 10 people very close, working together, we helped each other so the time was fantastic. Those guys, the first day and second day they couldn’t even speak to me but by the end they were joking with me and we were enjoying everyone together.

I’m physically fine, I’m working really, really hard to be at my maximum level and I’m nearly there. Now we can train together, we’re training more then the last two weeks and the players - Moussa (Sissoko) is back, Harry (Kane) is back, Stevie (Bergwijn) is back, everyone wants to play again and everyone is motivated

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Son Heungmin on his military service in Korea Republic] I couldn’t say everything that I’ve done but I enjoyed it. The three weeks were tough. On the first days no one knew each other so it was a bit weird, but soon we got to know each other. You have to spend every day together, there were ten people in one room so we got very close. We were working together, helping each other. In the first days the other guys couldn’t even speak to me but by the end we were joking and enjoying together

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Arsenal condemn fan for racist slur against Heung-Min Son] We are aware of a video on social media in which an Arsenal supporter uses a racist slur towards Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min during Sunday’s match. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination and we unreservedly condemn this unacceptable racist behaviour. Our records show that the individual involved is not an Arsenal season-ticket holder and does not hold any form of ticket membership. The platform in question has no official association with Arsenal