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Name Stan Collymore
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Russia Today Host


Org England National Team
Media Russia Today [RT]
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Stan Collymore heaps praise on Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk] And by the time he hangs up his boots, we could be talking about him in the same venerable tones as Sergio Ramos if he gets the chance to win as many titles either at Liverpool or elsewhere. Van Dijk has to be worth at least £175m of anybody’s money and, while it’s easy to throw around statements such as ‘best in the world’, I really believe he is

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Aston Villa to honour former manager Ron Saunders against Leicester] Sincerest condolences to Ron’s family and friends. [This was] the man who made many Villans fall in love with a club and a team that gave us the very best of days: Wembley, Old Trafford, Highbury, which all led to one special night in Rotterdam. Rest in peace, boss

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Former Reds striker Stan Collymore on Jordan Henderson, along with fellow experienced head James Milner] I was with a lot of Liverpool fans who also wondered if Henderson should even be in the team, let alone be captain. But the pair haven’t just answered the questions about them, they have become intrinsic parts of the team and the dressing room. Any team that has lots of mercurial characters and youngsters need a glue to bind it together and those two have done that and then some for Liverpool.

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[World Cup winner and West Ham legend Martin Peters has died aged 76] Extremely sad to hear of the passing of West Ham, Spurs and England legend, Martin Peters. An English sporting icon and a lovely man who’ll be sadly missed

2020 04 04 Retrieve

[Stan Collymore astonished by Liverpool’s furlough decision during coronavirus pandemic] I don’t know of any Liverpool fan of any standing that won’t be anything other than disgusted at the club for furloughing staff. It’s just plain f*cking wrong.

Fellow football fans, furlough is for small business staff to keep those small businesses from going bump! Every Premier League owner has serious cash, and make money from skyrocketing values of clubs, so what aren’t you getting about YOUR owners dipping into THEIR pocket?

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Stan Collymore offers his verdict on season resumption plans] I’ve changed my mind and, if we do reach a stage where a line has to be drawn through the season, then I see no option but for the three teams at the bottom to go down

I say that with a heavy heart ­because it would mean my club, Aston Villa, being relegated with Norwich and Bournemouth. Although the caveat is we’d have to level the playing field by making sure all top-flight clubs had played 29 matches

That would mean Sheffield United versus Villa and Manchester City-Arsenal being played behind closed doors. And if Villa win, great, they stay up. But if they lose, they’re down – tough luck and lump it

I know people will argue the clubs signed up to a 38-game competition and that they shouldn’t be relegated if the season isn’t fulfilled, but we’re never going to get a perfect solution. I’d argue teams shouldn’t be in that position after 29 games, so they only have themselves to blame

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Stan Collymore suggests Philippe Coutinho should join Everton, West Ham or Wolves] If Frank Lampard signs Philippe Coutinho it could well be his first mistake at Chelsea. The Brazilian would help an Everton, a West Ham or ­possibly Wolves – tier-two ­Premier League clubs who aim to finish between sixth and eighth