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Stephan Lichtsteiner
Gender Male
Ethnic Swiss
Job Swiss Footballer
Desc Has hardly impressed when filling in and at 35 is well off the pace of the Premier League. Contract expires at the end of the season and is almost certain to depart


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2011 10 20 Retrieve

[Juventus full-back Stephan Lichtsteiner believes the club are in for a success-filled season in Serie A as he looks ahead to their next match at home against Genoa] We have difficult games coming up [Genoa, Fiorentina, Inter and Napoli] and so we cannot really speak about the Scudetto now. But if we can continue along this path then I am sure we will achieve great things. We will have to be careful against Genoa as they have good strikers, but we are preparing well and I have faith

2017 06 05 Retrieve

[Stephan Lichtsteiner says Juventus still believe they can win the Champions League despite losing a fifth consecutive final] Dear Juventino. I found myself in a moment of sadness and I decided to share some thoughts with you. Despite the many titles won in the past six years, despite the many beautiful and unique moments we shared together… there’s still something missing, and I know I am not the only one who thinks so. In three years we have reached two Champions League finals, coming a step away from realising our dream. Close to the finish line. We Juventino now have wanted for over 20 years to bring home this cup. I personally have dreamed of it for 33 years

Losing again in the final… it really hurts… rather badly. And it is a very difficult time to deal with. Although we wrote a piece of unique history by winning six consecutive league titles, we are very down in the dumps! An immense frustration. But, dear Juventino… even now, this makes us strong and we never give up! We will rebuild and sooner or later we will win this title too! We must continue to believe it! Until The End!

2018 06 22 Retrieve

[Lichtsteiner defends Xhaka & Shaqiri’s controversial celebration] We had a lot of pressure, it was not an easy game for us. We have a lot of Albanians, so there is a lot of history between Serbia and Albania. It was a very tough game for them mentally

It was good. Why not? This is the history for them. The war between them was so difficult. I spoke to the father of one of our players who is Albanian, and he told me about this history. This is more than football. This is more than football because they have this period, this war that gave them both big problems. I understand them. I think it’s normal, it’s part of their life. There was also big provocation ahead of the game from them [Serbia], so I think it’s normal

[Switzerland play Costa Rica in their final group game, with a win guaranteeing their progress to the knockout stage. Lichtsteiner feels that beating Serbia was a huge help to their tournament goals, feeling that their European opponents offered a different challenge to Brazil following a 1-1 draw in their opening game] I’m very happy. We made a great step to get past the group, this was our objective. We had a tough first-half, we were not very good, but in the second-half, we came out and gave Serbia problems. It was different to Brazil. Brazil is a team with very different qualities. It is also a good team, this Serbia team

2019 05 14 Retrieve

[Arsenal defender Stephan Lichtsteiner expects to leave the club this summer at the end of his 12-month contract] I see it being quite difficult to stay but we are going to see what happens. I don’t know anything. The only important thing is the Europa League final now. I really want to win this cup and bring this club back to the top level, back to the Champions League and winning important titles

[Lichtsteiner had a solid Serie A career with Lazio and then Juve and was recruited largely as back-up for right-back Hector Bellerin] It is hard. Five weeks ago, we were in the perfect situation. We gave too many easy points in our away games. We were also a little bit unlucky but we have to ask more from ourselves. At the end, of course, with so many games and the Europa League and everything, we lost a bit of energy in the last games.

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Arsenal defender Lichtsteiner confirms Gunners departure] Dear Gunners, we were close to add an important chapter to this amazing club’s history. But to be close is unfortunately not good enough. This is hard to accept. I’m very disappointed. It was our objective to bring Arsenal back on the highest international level and to win trophies. Both belong to this great club. I wish my teammates, my coach and his staff, all hard-working employees and all Gunner fans simply the best! I’m confident our team can complete our mission next season! I loved to be a part of this club. ‘It was a great challenge and experience without a happy end, unfortunately. Thank you very much for your overwhelming support! It was much appreciated!

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Stephan Lichtsteiner says Unai Emery struggled with the top players during his time at Arsenal] I’d say [he is] a good trainer, a good coach, but maybe he struggled with the top players. With the big players, he hasn’t maybe the relationship to bring more out [of them] and get the top performances. Maybe that point I can say [something] negative, but the rest was almost everything positive

[Reflecting on his own personal experience of working under Emery last season] When a manager doesn’t play you for two months it is easy to criticise. That’s not my style. Over a long time it was really good, then the last two months [of the season] I didn’t really understand what had happened. The training was good, the team that we had last year was an amazing team, so it’s not my thing to speak badly about the coach because it is too easy now to say something against him

[It has been suggested that Xhaka will leave the club in January, but Lichtsteiner still hopes that the midfielder reaches a solution with Arsenal] I understand both sides, you know? I understand the fans, because there is an ambition and they want to win. They are not happy, of course, but I understand Granit also because this [reaction] is just human. He deserves more respect, because he gives everything for Arsenal. I see how he works, he is 100 per cent professional. On the other side, the bigger the club is the bigger the pressure. As a football player, you need to manage that pressure because it’s part of the game. It’s normal in football, especially when you are at a big club, this pressure, so it’s completely human what has happened with Granit but I hope for him, and for Arsenal, that they are going to find a good solution. It’s important for the team and for him also