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Name Steve McClaren
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc McClaren’s ill-fated reign could not have got off to a better start – a confident, charismatic performance in a friendly at Old Trafford. However, it was common knowledge that McClaren was the FA’s second choice behind the Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari. This earned him the derogatory nickname ‘Second-choice Steve’ – a label that would come back to haunt him


Club as Coach Middlesbrough

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] At the end of United’s Treble-winning season in 1999, we were having a cup of tea at the training ground and he was already talking about what was needed for the season after. That’s how he’s been so successful!

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] What an unbelievable career he’s had, both on and off the field. I’ve been fortunate to work with some great players and he was one of them. He was a great player. He made the very most of his talents through sheer hard work, professionalism and always doing extra on the training field. He inspired his team-mates through his performances and he was a winner; he has won so many things through his career and that was infectious on his team-mates

2015 11 11 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] He was very competitive and occasionally he went over the mark, but that’s what winners do. He developed, he matured as he went along and he adapted his game, which you have to do playing for 20 years at the top level. He was a specialist in the right midfield position, an unbelievable passer, crosser and could score a range of goals as well. He was an inspiring personality to young players with his behaviour and his professionalism on and off the field. But ultimately he was a leader

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Steve McClaren pays tribute to Ehiogu, his former player he coached at Middlesbrough] I’m devastated for Ugo’s family. What a sad loss he will be to football. Ugo was a real leader and was going to be a very good coach. I only saw him a couple of months ago at a course at St George’s Park, looking fit and healthy, as always. I will remember Ugo as a real warrior on the field, but a gentle giant off it