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Name Steve Parish
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Crystal Palace Chairman
Desc xxxx


Org Crystal Palace

2019 04 12 Retrieve

[Eagles chairman Steve Parish has grown accustomed to seeing star turns in south London linked with moves elsewhere] There is so much said around our top players. I could lay out probably a thousand articles from the last seven years about where Wilf is going to go and when he is going to go. Wilf is focused on between now and the end of the season. Clubs have to match the ambitions of the players. We have to move this club forward. It isn’t just supporters that get excited by things improving, it is the people within the club, the staff, the players obviously included

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace have signed Everton’s Cenk Tosun on loan until the end of the season, a little over two years after the Turkey striker expressed relief about not ending up at Selhurst Park] We’ve enjoyed a great first half of the campaign and Cenk’s arrival will bolster our squad as we push for a top-half Premier League finish. Cenk has a proven record as a goalscorer and we’ve admired him for some time, so I’m very pleased to welcome him

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish thinks the measures proposed to allow Premier League games to resume amid the coronavirus pandemic would make them one of the safest places] The issue of player and staff welfare has to be treated with the utmost seriousness. We must bring the players with us, we must listen to them, we must put the health of them and their families front and centre whenever we play again. It should be not just about rendering it safe for them but also making sure they feel safe. However I’ve seen all the proposals for training and travel and while there are challenges, those proposals offer a level of protection to players, staff and officials that I believe will render Premier League football one of the safest places in society to co-exist, much safer than a journey to the supermarket at present

[Aguero’s City team-mate Kevin De Bruyne suggested the Premier League would return because of the financial aspect] But, yes, it is partly about the money. And we should all care about the money. I’ll tell you why. Nobody wins if the Premier League receives less money. Nobody. We are already facing losses no one can quantify - and if we don’t finish the season we are entering uncharted waters

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has admitted that the Premier League may not return in 2019-20] We would be derelict in our duty if we didn’t find a way to try and bring the game back. It may prove beyond us. The German example could provide a blueprint for us and clearly we can see some of the early challenges. They may prove insurmountable, but the concern for us is that if they prove insurmountable now then we may be in for a very, very extended period of not being able to play and that has huge ramifications for the game

Deciding it competitively would be best, obviously if we can play in our own stadiums that would be preferable for everybody, but for the moment that situation is with government and the authorities and not with us. The police have made it clear that they don’t think they can police every ground. I have enormous sympathy with [Watford chief executive] Scott Duxbury’s position. Having said that, I think it may well prove to be the least worst option. There are no easy answers, we have to work through it as a collective and I think we will come out with a consensus in the end

Football is entirely unimportant in the context of the public health crisis, that has to come first. We will want assurances as clubs that we are not taking resources away from anyone. We simply can’t take tests away from anyone who is more needful than us. We have been told so far that these are private facilities that are not being utilised for this particular public health crisis. We will all want more clarity on that, it is essential that that is the case