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Name Steve Walsh
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
  Leicester Head of recruitment
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Leicester City [Head of recruitment]

2015 12 11 Retrieve

[Leicester Head of recruitment Steve Walsh on Riyad Mahrez] The first time I saw him was July 27, 2012 when Le Havre played against Arles-Avignon. That was a French second division game. I had actually gone to watch Ryan Mendes, who has joined Nottingham Forest on loan from Lille. Riyad was a bit raw but he had a great touch, he could kill the ball dead and go past people. I liked his positiveness. He would take the ball to the fullback rather than lounging towards him. He would go with pace, commit the defender, and either cross the ball or have a go at getting past him.

Some of his decision-making wasn’t great and also defensively he wasn’t the best. But you could see he had real talent. We had him monitored from then on in

He didn’t really know where Leicester was, like a lot of foreign players, but when he came over he was blown away by the facilities

Each player at the club gets a individual fitness programme. Part of Riyad’s is to do weights. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t go in pumping iron but he is certainly stronger than he was when he came. The fitness people at the club, such as Matty Reeves (head of conditioning), do a great job

Riyad can last the full match and has to be aerobically fit to do both sides of the game: attacking and defence. But we never want to stifle that creativity

In this league, you need people who can go past opponents because it is the only way of creating space. He has quickness in feet and has got a trick but can also with his body movement send defenders the wrong way. That is some real art

2016 05 14 Retrieve

[Leicester City Head of Recruitment Steve Walsh] I keep telling the same joke over and over again about Kante: No matter who we’re playing, we play three in midfield. We play Danny Drinkwater in the middle as a holding player and we play Kante either side!

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[Leicester City title hero Steve Walsh lands new job in MLS] I am very much looking forward to working with a team of like-minded professionals who are driven with the same purpose of making Charlotte MLS successful.

It gives me the opportunity to be part of something special and I am truly excited for the challenge. Our aim is to give the soccer fans of Charlotte a team of which they can be truly proud